The arcane book is the most basic spellbook, with no level 3 spells, and no familiar. It is also the only free-player spellbook with offensive spells that do not harm the caster.


Spells Bearbeiten

Some spells do Arcane damage. This heals imps and the arcane tower, and doesn't damage the caster. When a player uses either Shining Power or Lichdom, they can still use Arcane and Overlight or Underdark spells, respectively. Arcane spells/damage are not to be confused with arcane minions, which simply means the minions cannot be zombified.

Icon Spell Level Type Number of Charges Charge Time Initial/Recharge Maximum Damage Description
Datei:Arcane arrow.png Arcane Arrow 1 Arrow Infinite 0/1 10 Arcane per arrow, 40 total Fires four purple arrows. Cannot be fired at high power. Useful for digging holes through terrain.
Datei:Arcane Bomb.PNG Arcane Bomb 2 Arrow/Bomb Infinite 0/1 Bomb explodes in a weaker version of arcane flash which does 10 (However, just as much blowback) , then 10 Arcane for each of the three arrows, for a maximum of 40 Damage A bomb of arcane energy. When it explodes, it will use arcane flash, and then release three arcane arrows, which always start by going upwards, that will soon move towards a pre-selected target.
Datei:Arcane tower.png Arcane Tower 1 Tower Infinite 0/5 25 The arcane tower is healed by arcane magic. The tower starts with 25 health points but can have up to 100. It can also "gate" with the caster.
Datei:Arcane Energiser.PNG Arcane Energiser 2 Personal Infinite 0/5 N/A This will power up your arcane spells by 50%.
Datei:Arcane gate.png Arcane Gate 1 Targeted Infinite 0/5 N/A Teleports the Arcanist to the target position.
Datei:Arcane Portal.PNG Arcane Portal 2 Targeted 1 0/- N/A A two way portal that can send one person, object, or minion through it per turn. Fire walls and lightning do not go through. For a minion to go through, it must be at least as small as an Arcanist. As soon as one object has gone through, the portal will appear empty. It becomes active again at the beginning of anyone's turn, whether they are the owner or not. If the spell "Hurricane" blows something though the portal, it will continue to get blown after entering the portal. However, "Hurricane" will not affect anything that is already at the other portal. Once the caster dies, the portal will disappear as well.
Datei:Summon imps.png Summon Imps 1 Minion Infinite 0/5 N/A Summons 3 imps. Imps begin with 10 health and can use the moves Banish and Self Destruct. Imps gain health when hit with Arcane damage, or when another imp destructs.
Datei:Imp Destruction.PNG Imp Destruction 2 Targeted/Arena Infinite 0/1 250 Arcane per imp Any imps alive, including your opponents, will die and release arcane arrows, starting in an upwards direction (much like arcane bomb), and then moving to wards the pre-selected target. The number of arrows released by an imp is porportional to it's health, for example an imp with 78 health will release 7 arrows, an imp with 5 health will release 1 arrow, and an imp with 250 health would explode into 25 arrows. Because the most players is possible is 6, and the most imps a player can have is 4, and the most health an imp can have is 250, in theory, this spell can do up to 6000 damage, making it the spell with the most maximum damage. (Thorn bomb, with nature familiar, takes goes up to 6000, however it is literally impossible to take this much damage.)
Datei:Arcane glyph.png Arcane Glyph 1 Personal 4 0/1 5-10 Arcane per glyph Creates a ring of 10 glyphs around the caster that restrict movement and prevent the caster being knocked away. Do not damage the caster.
Datei:Arcane Sigil.PNG Arcane Sigil 2 Targeted 4 0/1 30 Arcane Creates a triangle of three Arcane Glyphs at a selected location, which can be useful for blocking holes or portals. On rare occasions, you can sigil into someone and hit them in the same turn, although this is extremely hard.
Datei:Arcane flash.png Arcane Flash 1 Personal Infinite 0/1 15 Arcane Creates a large ball of energy near the caster knocking everyone else away.
Datei:Arcane Zero Shield.PNG Arcane Zero Shield 1 Arena (Automatic) N/A N/A N/A This will render all damaging spells useless for the first turn of the game. However, you may use Den of Darkness, or the Swarm minion, both dealing 15 damage each.

Minions Bearbeiten

Icon Minion Initial health Maximum health Spells Number of Charges Charge Time Initial/Recharge Maximum Damage Spell Description
Datei:Summon imps.png Imp 10 250 Banish 1 0/- N/A Kills the imp, doesn't end the player's turn. May not be done more than once per turn.
Self Destruct 1 0/- Imp's current health (Arcane) Causes the imp to explode, dealing damage equal to its health to all players and minions in an area of radius proportional to its health.