All level 1 and level 2 spells in the Flame book is unlocked at the start of the game. However, Volcano and Summon Flame Dragon are members only spells. Many of the spells are more basic, ideal for players just starting the game.


Spells Bearbeiten

Icon Spell Level Type Number of Charges Charge Time Initial/Recharge Maximum Damage Description
Datei:Fire ball.png Fire Ball 1 Ball Infinite 0/1 50 Shoots a fireball, splash damage.
Datei:Fire arrow.png Fire Arrow 2 Arrow 4 0/1 50 A homing version of the Fire Ball.
Datei:Lava bomb.png Lava Bomb 1 Bomb Infinite 0/1 50 The most basic bomb.
Datei:Magma bomb.png Magma Bomb 2 Bomb 4 0/1 125 Produces exploding fragments which explode on contact with the terrain.
Datei:Flame shield.png Flame Shield 1 Personal Infinite 0/5 N/A Deflects certain aerial spells. It wears out until the caster's next turn if it deflects. It disappears after 5 turns.
Datei:Flame wall.png Flame Wall 2 Personal Infinite 0/5 50 Deflects certain aerial spells. It wears out until the caster's next turn if it deflects. Also damages players who touch the base of it. It disappears after 5 turns
Datei:Napalm.png Napalm 1 Bolt Infinite 0/1 60 Napalm Fires 12 napalm on the arena, that stay on the ground for 5 turns, and which will damage on contact for 5 damage each.
Datei:Napalm bomb.png Napalm Bomb 2 Bomb 4 0/1 25 + 75 Napalm Produces 15 napalm when it explodes. Napalm sits on the terrain for 5 turns, damaging anyone who touches it.
Datei:Rain of fire.png Rain of Fire 1 Targeted Infinite 3/5 125 (25 per fireball) Five fireballs are dropped at an angle in a basic air-strike line.
Datei:Rain of arrows.png Rain of Arrows 2 Targeted Infinite 5/5 75 (15 per fire arrow) Similar to Rain of Fire, but the fireballs home in, like fire arrow.
Datei:Volcano.png Volcano 3 Targeted 1 5/- 3000 Creates a mighty volcano, which gets increasingly stronger per turn. Shoots out napalm bombs, lava bombs and fireballs.
Datei:Flame dragon.png Summon Flame Dragon 3 Minion 1 5/- N/A The Flame Dragon is a mountable flying minion. It can use the move Flame Dragon Breath. It is immune to Napalm damage.

Familiar Bearbeiten

Datei:Familiar - Harpy Flame.PNG The Flame familiar is the Harpy Flame. To use it you must sacrifice 20hp per level, up to level 5. A level 5 Harpy Flame increases your spells' damage by 50%. It also increases the number of napalm emitted using the napalm spell.

Minions Bearbeiten

Icon Minion Health Spells Number of Charges Charge Time Initial/Rechage Maximum Damage Spell Description
Datei:Flame dragon.png Flame Dragon 200 Flame Dragon Breath Infinite 0/1 25 + 75 Napalm Fires a bolt of fire which deals an initial 25 damage followed by up to an additional 75 damage as it releases nalpam on impact.

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