Arch Mage
Arch Mage
Description Obtain a Rating of 4000 after winning 50 Rated games
Game Arcanists
Members? Yes Seasonal? No
Hidden? No Secret? No
Orb Points Orbpoints.png 1000 Orb Coins 10 Orb Coins.png 10

After claiming this achievement, you gain access to new costumes. Included in these costume sets is a trio of right-hand scepters that have different light effects depending on which scepter you choose:

  • If you wield the staff with a rounded gem on the end - a light corresponding to your secondary color will appear and shine on you if you have direct visibility to the upper left hand corner.
  • If you wield the large crutch with a heart-shape in the top-center - a white light resembling the head of a chain lightning attack will follow your Arcanist around at the upper head level.
  • If you wield the scepter with a beast skull decor on top - a spinning translucent disc with tiny arcane glyphs imprinted on it will follow your Arcanist much like the white light effect, though this effect is much more clearly attached to the scepter.

It is easier to achieve this achievement with low prestige, or no prestige at all. If your rating is lower than your opponents', you will get more rating and wands. Some people try to attain prestige hats before this, which isn't good idea.

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