Axing for Trouble
Axing for Trouble-large.png
Description Insta-Kill with the Dark Knight
Game Arcanists
Members? No Seasonal? No
Hidden? No Secret? Yes
Orb Points Orbpoints.png 300 Orb Coins 3 Orb Coins.png 3

Kill someone with the Dark Knight's attack, Charge, dealing 250 damage in one attack. If you don't have a Dark Knight you can zombify your opponent's DK, if they do have it. Also, please remember that this achievement is also available to F2P.

Position DK underneath your opponent, and aim upwards and a little bit to the side to deal 250 damage. There are also other methods to deal 250 damage with DK. Get DK on top of your opponent and make DK face the right. Now, click on his hand that is weilding the axe, then you click the top right of his hand to deal 250 damage.

You can practice with DK's Charge in the Sandbox before playing a Rated Game.

The min. health that your opponent can have when you kill them with DK is 200.

I killed my opponent, with DK, while he had 150 hp and got the achievement. This proves that somebody summoning a full famillar (being at 150, etc) and killing them with DK would count to get the achievement. Also, I killed my opponent that used Flight and had 130+ hp. So, I got DK on my Pegasus and made my Pegasus right underhim to only use Charge with DK. When I killed him and my Pegasus I got the achievement. This also proves that dealing a total of 250 and killing your opponent would count for the achievement too.

(This can be done in an unrated game.)

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