Up, Up and Up some more
Up, Up and Up some more-large.png
Description Launch yourself into space!
Game Arcanists
Members? No Seasonal? No
Hidden? Yes Secret? Yes
Orb Points Orbpoints.png 200 Orb Coins 2 Orb Coins.png 2

There is currently a video on youtube showing how to get this achievement, but these are the steps:

  1. Make an arcane portal with a slight overlap
  2. Use forest seed to cover the bottom half of each portal (Make sure that part of the upper portal is covered by tree!!!!!, also make sure that you can not move once inside)
  3. Both players get into same spot (via the arcane portal)
  4. Summon a total of 8 brine goblins (4 each)
  5. Each put on about 3 protection shields (optional)
  6. Use brine bomb directly beneath you do not put ANY power on it just click once quickly
  7. The resulting explosion will explode the Brine Goblins, launching the player into the air.

This achievement is available to Free Players, but would require the help of two members with brine goblins, one of the members going into the tree with the free player, casting brine bomb. Apparently you get it even if you die, potentially not if you fall in water.

NOTE: Both players and all 8 brine goblins must be on the same spot

Place portal as shown - Then tree as shown - Both players jump into exposed left portal, and also summon brine goblins into that same portal.

This achievement is also attainable by getting a level 5 nature familiar, using 5-7 protection shields, standing in a valley, using a vine bomb on yourself, using all 4 thorn bombs on yourself, then using nature's wrath. Obviously, there shouldnt be anything covering the valley, or else you'll just hit that. Make sure to put on the protection shield first, because the thorns dissapear by themselves after 20 turns. (doing no damage in the process) Also be careful not to blow up the thorns with the thorn bombs... Aiming upwards helps. Vine bridges can also help a little.

NOTE: I'm not quite sure if this will work all the time, or I just got lucky, but this worked for me. Also got me the Cyclone of Pain achievement at the same time.

Should look something like this. Maybe you'll have more or less protection shields or maybe you healed yourself back to full health after the familiar.

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