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The arcane book is the most basic spellbook, with no level 3 spells, and no familiar. It is also the only free-player spellbook with offensive spells that cannot harm the caster.

Arcanists Spellbooks
Arcane Flame Stone Storm Frost
Underdark Overlight Nature Seas Cogs


Some spells do Arcane damage. This heals imps and the arcane tower, and doesn't damage the caster. Arcane spells/damage are not to be confused with arcane minions, which simply means the minions cannot be zombified.

Icon Spell Level Type Number of Charges Charge Time Initial/Recharge Destruction Radius Maximum Damage Description
Arcane arrow.png Arcane Arrow 1 Arrow Infinite 0/1 Small 10x4 Arcane Fires four homing arrows.
Arcane Bomb.PNG Arcane Bomb 2 Arrow/Bomb Infinite 0/1 Medium 10x4 Arcane A bomb which explodes as a 10 damage Arcane Flash and then releases three Arcane Arrows which always start by going upwards.
Arcane tower.png Arcane Tower 1 Tower Infinite 0/5 Small 25hp Initial hit points: 25. Maximum hit points: 100. Buffed by arcane damage. Will "gate" with the caster. Absorbs glyphs.
Arcane Energiser.PNG Arcane Energiser 2 Personal Infinite 0/5 N/A N/A Powers up each part of the caster's Arcane attacks by 5 damage for 5 turns.
Arcane gate.png Arcane Gate 1 Targeted Infinite 0/5 N/A N/A Teleports the Arcanist to the target position.
Arcane Portal.PNG Arcane Portal 2 Targeted Infinite 0/5 N/A N/A Creates a two-way portal which will teleport one Arcanist, small minion (no larger than an Arcanist), or small object (projectiles such as a Comet, Meteor, or an expanded Mega Boulder, Flame Walls and Thundershock are also excluded) per turn. Only one may be active at a time.
Summon imps.png Summon Imps 1 Minion Infinite 0/5 N/A N/A Summons 3 imps. Imps are healed and powered by arcane damage. Without Imp Destruction, they will just release all their energy.
Imp Destruction.PNG Imp Destruction 2 Targeted/Arena Infinite 0/1 Small-Massive Total health of all imps (theoretical max 6000 or 9000 with Arcane Energizer) All imps in the game first do an extremely low power arcane flash, then are converted into a number of arcane arrows proportional to each's individual health. Unfortunately, they perish in the process.
Arcane glyph.png Arcane Glyph 1 Personal 4 0/1 Small 10x10 Arcane Creates a ring of 10 glyphs around the caster. It will only affect people and minions.
Arcane Sigil.PNG Arcane Sigil 2 Targeted 4 0/1 Small 10x3 Arcane Creates a triangle of three Arcane Glyphs at a selected location.
Arcane flash.png Arcane Flash 1 Personal Infinite 0/1 Large 15 Arcane Release a circle of energy around you with high knockback and land destruction.
Arcane Zero Shield.PNG Arcane Zero Shield 1 Arena (Automatic) N/A N/A N/A All damage on the first turn for each player is prevented This prevents all casting of damaging spells for the first turn of the game.

Note: the spells Den of Darkness, and the Swarms and Water Trolls minions are not considered as offensive spells, and can be still cast at the first turn.


Sprite Name Initial health Maximum health Spells Number of Charges Charge Time Initial/Recharge Maximum Damage Spell Description
ImpMinion.png Imp 10 250 Banish 1 0/- N/A Kills the imp, and creates a small hole under it (but does not do any damage). Doesn't end the player's turn, but may not be done more than once per turn. Can also create a small hole in a player, so bombs are able to go into a player. Not known if it is a glitch
Self Destruct 1 0/- Imp's current health (Arcane) Causes the imp to explode, dealing damage equal to its health to all players and minions in an area of radius proportional to its health. This damage buffs Arcane Towers and Imps but damages the imp's owner (unlike other Arcane damage). A fun easter egg in the game is if you get your imp's health to around 250, when you use self-destruct the imp will make a "nuclear explosion". Although this is cool to see it is just if not more deadly to use imp destruction to create a storm of arcane arrows.


  • Mod Thomas, as creator of Arcanists, has the ability to use the Arcane Master powers, which is a feature that only Jagex employees can use. 'Arcane Mods' will however never use those powers in rated games, because of the following advantages.
  • They start with 500 hp.
  • They get reduced damage from spells (equal to Stone Familiar level 3)
  • They have the size of a cyclops.

Picture of Mod Craddock with 3 freshly summoned imps. Clearly illustrates the size difference.

  • They almost do not suffer from knock-back effects.
  • Any arcane damage heals them.
  • They can only use the full Arcane Book, and 4 other spells of their choice. However, they have a much, much more powerful version of Arcane spells :
  • Any spell generating Arcane Arrows generates 10 of them. They also travel much faster in the beginning of their flight.
  • Their imps start with 100 hp.
  • They have an unique spell, Arcane Fountain (probably an improved version of Flash), that works like Flash, but any Arcane Tower caught in their Flash's radius is destroyed, generating their hp in Arcane Arrows, which go straight up, possibly hitting someone when they come back down.
  • Their Arcane Glyph spell creates more glyphs and has a higher area.
  • They also have access to the Arcane Familiar, which, for every familiar level, reduces enemy familiar levels by one.
  • With them in the battle, all the scenery turns purple.
  • They can however not use Flight or any tower.
  • The Arcane Book, is the only book that doesn't say in-game Book of X,
  • Arcane book
  • Book of Flame
  • Book of Cogs
  • Book of Seas
  • (Etc...)

Arcane Moderators like them mostly play free-for-all with 3 or more players will get in. They can pile these Arcane Moderators as they have very big advantage so piling is RECOMMENDED. Additionally, they are significantly weak to Book Of Seas. The reason is that their arcane fountain, initially, has the blast radius of the Paladin'sunder ability (although if it makes contact with any arcane tower it will certainly grow to a LOT more than just a mini-flash). As a result, it is nearly impossible for them to hurt full seas when they combine a maelstrom cave with a waterlord cave, as the mods cannot use arcane to hurt arcane tower, and the full seas is out of reach of arcane fountain. therefore, most mods either don't let the full seas make their cave (sit on them whilst stuffing arrows in their skull), they forbid seas from their games, or they get smart and use the basic fireball, and sometimes the ice ball, to remove arcane tower.



Arcane Arrow Action.PNG -Arcane Arrows- Arcane Tower Action.PNG -Arcane Tower- Arcane Portal Action.PNG -Arcane Portal- Arcane Glyph Action.PNG -Arcane Glyph- Arcane Flash Action.PNG -Arcane Bomb-

The highly destructive power of a fully-charged imp exploding.