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The Book of Cogs is a book based on high powered attacks and manipulation of other players' spells. It can only be used once a prestige hat has been purchased, and does not otherwise require wands to be spent.

Arcanists Spellbooks
Arcane Flame Stone Storm Frost
Underdark Overlight Nature Seas Cogs


Icon Spell Level Type Number of Charges Charge Time Initial/Recharge Destruction Radius Maximum Damage Description
Static Ball.png Static Ball 1 Ball 4 0/1 N/A N/A A throwable version of the static shield that lasts for two turns.
Static Shield.png Static Shield 2 Personal 1 3/- N/A N/A Generates a powerful static field which moves with the caster and, for the next three turns, freezes in place all spells that come into contact with it. The spells also move with the caster. The interaction of multiple such shields is complicated. The spells Thundershock and Sky Ray can go through the shield, however.
Mechanical Arrow.png Mechanical Arrow 1 Arrow Infinite 0/5 Small 4x10 + 15x10 This badly constructed arrow of copper flies lazily towards its target, bits casually falling off it as it goes.
  • Drops one gear (10 damage each) every second while in flight, and after 5 seconds, explodes, releasing 15 gears. If it detonates on an Arcanist or minion before it explodes it will deal up to 50 damage with high knock-back.
Cog Fall.png Cog Fall 2 Targeted Infinite 3/5 N/A-Small 50 Drops a heavy cog down from the sky that will smash the blazes out of anything beneath it. It will bounce around a bit, similar to a mega boulder. Once it has either struck an arcanist or minion, or it used all its bounces, it will become part of the scenery.
Calling Bell.png Calling Bell 2 Ball Infinite 0/1 N/A N/A Teleports the target to a random Recall Device on the map. If there is no Recall Device, the Calling Bell will do nothing.
Clock Tower.png Clock Tower 1 Tower Infinite 0/5 Small 75hp This mechanical tower can move around if you walk while within it. Jumping will destroy the tower. It is immune to Quake.
Cuckoo Clock.png Cuckoo Clock 2 Ball 4 3/1 Small 60 + 4x10 Fires off a small ball, which on impact shatters into smaller gears.
Blast From the Past.png Blast from the Past 1 Bolt 4 0/1 Small 5 Shoots a high velocity blast with a small radius and knock-back. Using this spell will not end your turn and is extremely useful. When fired onto or over a player with a fire shield, it will become inactive and leave the player open to further attack.
Clockwork Bomb.png Clockwork Bomb 2 Bomb Infinite 0/1 Medium 50 + 5x10 Throws a bomb, which, when it explodes, acts like a Cuckoo Clock. However, it won't explode on the turn you cast it, and when it will explode is random. Until it explodes, it behaves as solid terrain. Deals double damage to Towers.
Redo.png Redo 3 Arena 1 (total between all players) 5/- N/A N/A Send your foes flying through the eddies of time and space with this powerful spell, which resets all Arcanists' spellbooks to how they were at the start of the game, with the exception that everyone who had Redo loses it. Time for the fun to begin again.


The Timpiece Familiar for the Book Of Cogs.PNG

The Cog familiar is the Time Boost. It allows you to have an extra 6 seconds per turn per level. It is commonly used in 10 second games giving the user a distinct advantage.


Sprite Name Health Spells Number of Charges Charge Time Initial/Recharge Maximum Damage Spell Description
Recall Device Minion.png Recall Device 50 Recall Infintite 0/- N/A Sacrifices the Recall Device. Teleports you to the Recall Device's location. This minion's ability doesn't end your turn. It cannot be used if you are in the water.

Despite the description, you CAN use it in the water by pressing N and selecting Recall. However it will end your turn.

Steam Dragon Minion.png Steam Dragon 100 Rake Infinite 0/1 50 Deal heavy damage at close range with mighty steam-powered jaws. Fairly high knockback. Note that it will knock you off the minion if you are riding it when this is used.