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All level 1 and level 2 spells in the Flame book are unlocked at the start of the game. However, Volcano and Summon Flame Dragon are members-only spells. This book contains spells with moderate damage, many of which explode and cause full damage regardless of the distance from the actual point of contact.

Arcanists Spellbooks
Arcane Flame Stone Storm Frost
Underdark Overlight Nature Seas Cogs


Icon Spell Level Type Number of Charges Charge Time Initial/Recharge Destruction Radius Maximum Damage Description
Fire ball.png Fire Ball 1 Ball Infinite 0/1 Small-Medium 50 Basic ball spell.
Fire arrow.png Fire Arrow 2 Arrow 4 0/1 Small-Medium 50 Basic arrow spell.
Lava bomb.png Lava Bomb 1 Bomb Infinite 0/1 Small-Large 50 Basic bomb spell.
Magma bomb.png Magma Bomb 2 Bomb 4 0/1 Medium-Large 125 Cluster bomb which deals an initial 25 and releases 5x 25-point balls. Damage to single player is capped at 125 even if more damage can be dealt.
Flame shield.png Flame Shield 1 Personal Infinite 0/5 N/A N/A Deflects most aerial spells and melts falling snow. When its ability triggers, it wears out until the start of its caster's next turn. Lasts 5 turns.
Flame wall.png Flame Wall 2 Personal Infinite 0/5 Small 50 Like Flame Shield, but it is placed on terrain rather than moving with its caster. Arcanists or minions who touch the base of it will take 50 damage. Will deactivate after touched by an Arcanist or blocking a spell until the casters next turn. Moves with the terrain beneath it.
Napalm.png Napalm 1 Bolt Infinite 0/1 Small-Large 5 Napalm x12 Fires 12 napalm on the arena that stay on the ground for 5 turns and will deal 5 damage on contact with Arcanists or minions. Note that there is a small chance of napalm not doing damage on contact, seemingly rare and possibly a bug.
Napalm bomb.png Napalm Bomb 2 Bomb 4 0/1 Small-Medium 25 + 5 Napalm x15 Produces 15 napalm when it explodes.
Rain of fire.png Rain of Fire 1 Targeted Infinite 3/5 Medium-Large 25 x5 Five fireballs are dropped at an angle in a basic air-strike line.
Rain of arrows.png Rain of Arrows 2 Targeted Infinite 5/5 Medium-Large 15 x 5 A cross between Rain of Fire and Fire Arrow all of the arrows hit the targeted area unlike rain of fire.
Volcano.png Volcano 3 Targeted 1 5/- Massive 3000 Creates a mighty volcano, which fires fireballs, napalm bombs and lava bombs from the bottom of the map. Lasts 5 turns, getting more powerful each turn. This spell's power is increased dramatically with the Harpy Flame familiar. If the volcano is destroyed, the fireballs, lava bombs, and napalm bombs will shoot out from where the volcano was.
Flame dragon.png Summon Flame Dragon 3 Minion 1 5/- N/A N/A Summons a mountable flying minion which is immune to Napalm damage.


Familiar - Harpy Flame.PNG The Flame familiar is the Harpy Flame. Each level increases the damage of your flame spells by 10% over the base damage. The familiar also increases the radius of your flame spells and adds more projectiles respectively to Rain of Fire, Rain of Arrows and Napalm.


Sprite Name Health Spells Number of Charges Charge Time Initial/Rechage Maximum Damage Spell Description
Flame dragon minion.png Flame Dragon 200 Flame Dragon Breath Infinite 0/1 25 + 5 Napalm x15 Fires a bolt of fire which deals an initial 25 damage followed by up to an additional 75 damage as it releases napalm on impact.


  • The Flame familiar's sprite is actually a miniature version of the final form of the Harpy King Boss from another FunOrb game named Wizard Run.