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Seas book
The Seas spellbook requires careful aim and planning as many of the spells can backfire on the player, with bouncy water and minions that damage anyone they come into contact with.
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Spells Edit

Icon Spell Level Type Number of Charges Charge Time Initial/Recharge Destruction Radius Maximum Damage Description
Water Ball Water Ball 1 Ball Infinite 0/1 Large 60 Shoots a ball of fresh water. If it hits anything other than the water itself, it explodes into several water droplets travelling in the direction of the water ball. The droplets bounce around the terrain, dealing damage if they hit an Arcanist or minion. If the initial ball hits water it will create a splash with twice as many droplets.
Maelstrom Maelstrom 2 Targeted Infinite 3/5 Large 360 During the next three turns, the selected area will be sprayed with salt water from below.
Summon Water Trolls Summon Water Trolls 1 Minion Infinite 0/5 N/A N/A Summons two Water Trolls. Water trolls can walk on water, and do 5 damage to the first player or minion they touch each turn.
Hydration Hydration 2 Ball 2 5/1 N/A-Large 50 This spell gives Water Trolls more health, and makes them grow larger. When used once, the Water Trolls will have 100 health and hit 15. When used twice, the Water Trolls have 200 health and hit 30.
Deluge Deluge 1 Targeted Infinite 3/5 Small 90 This spell drops 30 fresh water droplets on the target.
English Summer English Summer 2 Targeted 1 5/- Large 580 This spell creates a rain cloud that sends down fresh water droplets over five turns.
Brine Bolt Brine Bolt 1 Bolt Infinite 0/1 N/A 60 Shoots brine salt from the player. If it misses, it piles up on the landscape. You can fire this spell at point-blank, unlike most other bolt spells.
Brine Bomb Brine Bomb 2 Bomb 4 0/1 Large 100 Releases brine salt in all directions when it explodes.
Summon Brine Goblin Summon Brine Goblin 1 Minion Infinite 0/1 N/A-Large N/A Has no spells. When it dies, it explodes and brine salt is released in all directions, just like a Brine Bomb.
Rain of Clams Rain of Clams 2 Targeted 1 3/- Large 250 5 Clams fall from the sky, and then bounce around, eating through the ground, until they explode. *Maximum damage can be over 250 if one (or more) of the clams ends up bouncing and "eating" up into the player. Damage can reach over 150 for just one clam in this case, but it is rare.
Ocean's Fury Ocean's Fury 3 Arena 1 5/- Massive 5000 Salt Water Massive waves of salt water droplets come from the left and the right of the map, vastly destroying the terrain.
Summon Water Lord Summon Water Lord 3 Minion 1 5/- N/A N/A The Water Lord is a mountable minion which can walk on water. Although he does have 500 health, more than any other minion, he does take additional damage from most attacks.

Familiar Edit

Seahorse The Ocean Familiar is the Seahorse. It allows the player and his or her minions to walk on water, and reduces damage taken when hit with any water spell. A player with a level 5 seahorse is completely immune to these three spells; Water Ball, Deluge and English Summer

Minions Edit

Icon Minion Health Spells Number of Charges Charge Time Initial/Recharge Maximum Damage Spell Description
Summon Water Trolls Water Troll 40-200 Dive Infinite 0/1 N/A This spell is targeted. When used, the Water Troll dives and then spawns at the selected location.
Summon Brine Goblin Brine Goblin 25 - - - 100 Self-destructs on death, flinging brine salt.
Summon Water Lord Water Lord 500 Water Ball Infinite 1/1 60 See above.
Summon Water Trolls Infinite 0/5 N/A See above.
Hydration 2 5/1 50 See above.
Dive Infinite 0/1 N/A This spell is targeted. When used, the Water Lord dives and then spawns at the selected location.
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