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Aog Bandos
Bandos is the god of war, leader of orks, goblins, orges and the like. He likes to fight for the fun of it.

Bandos and all its units are only available to Members.

Armies of Gielinor gods
Neutral Saradomin Zamorak Guthix Seren Bandos Menaphite Pantheon
Image Class Name Cost (Runes) Level Speed Strength Range Cost (Mana) Description
AoG Warrior
Goblin Free 1 5 5 1 50 Goblins live for war. They are not blessed with much intelligence, but great numbers of them can overwhelm their enemies.
Goblin Priest
AoG Helper
Goblin Priest Free 1 5 10 1 150 Confuses all enemy units within 2 tiles, removing the defensive qualities of the ground on which they stand.

Goblin religion is very basic 'Do what you're told on pain of death' so the role of the priests is quite a straightforward one. This doesn't stop goblin priests from becoming strong warriors and accomplished spellcasters. focusing on magics that strengthen their allies and weaken their enemies

AoG Warrior
Ogre Free 1 3 20 1 175 Even by comparison with other followers of Bandos, ogres are stupid, but they have a stronger sense of community than their green-skinned brethren. Ogres are big, hulking and immensely strong creatures.
AoG Warrior
Jogre Free 2 4 25 1 225 A breed of ogre adapted to living in the jungle, jorgres have tough hides to help them resist the poisons of jungle spiders, and to protect them from the bites of insects.
AoG Warrior
Hobgoblin 12 2 6 15 1 150 A warrior capable of intercepting flying units. The hobgoblin occupies the rung on the evolutionary ladder between goblin and ork, and so displays the best and worst traits of both races.
AoG Cyclops
AoG Warrior
Cyclops Free 3 3 40 1 500 Enemy units within 2 tiles are paralysed with fear, unable to move or attack.

Related to hill giants, cyclopes are distinguished by having just one eye in the middle of their faces, and some even have horns on their heads. Their gaze can be quite entrancing, so it is best to not look them in the eye. What they lack in depth-perception they make up for in club-swinging.

AoG Warrior
Ogress 12 3 7 20 1 200 Ogre men are bad enough, but their female counterparts are stronger still. They're also ravenous, and will eat anything or anyone that gets in their way.
Ogre Shaman
AoG Helper
Ogre Shaman 12 3 3 20 1 300 A shaman who conjures a cloud of smoke that prevents ranged attacks to or by units within it.

Ogre shamans are among the most powerful magic users in all of Gielinor. One of their nastier spells creates a thick, black smog in which other Bandosian units thrive.

AoG Warrior
Ork Free 4 5 30 1 275 Larger, stronger, faster and ever-so-slightly smarter than goblins, the ork is the staple soldier of any Bandosian army. Although they lack general intelligence, they have grasped the basic principles of tactical combat.
AoG Warrior
Mogre 16 4 4 30 1 300 An amphibious ogre. Mogres have developed the ability to breathe underwater, and now prefer to live in marine environments. They have retained the ability to breathe on land, however, and are no less deadly when they do come to the surface.
AoG Titan
Ourg 20 5 3 55 1 800 When moved a distance of one map tile onto a mountain, it destroys the mountain, converting it to open ground.

Ourgs are giants creatures with incredible strength and power - enough to bring even a mountain down to size - and their size alone will scare off most enemies. There are few ourgs in the ranks of Bandos's armies. so they tend to hold positions of command.

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