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Aog Guthix.png

Guthix is the nature god of balance, shaper of Gielinor. His followers are druids and the flora and fauna of the world. All Guthix units that cost runes are only available to members and are in italics; all other units are available to all players.

Armies of Gielinor gods
Neutral Saradomin Zamorak Guthix Seren Bandos Menaphite Pantheon
Image Class Name Cost (Runes) Level Speed Strength Range Cost (Mana) Description
AoG Wolf.PNG
AoG Skirmish.PNG
Wolf Free 1 8 10 1 150

Wolves are noble creatures of the earth that can be fearsome, but once their trust is earned they become faithful and steadfast allies.

AoG Druid.PNG
AoG Helper.PNG
Druid Free 1 6 10 1 150 Increases the combat strength of adjacent units by 5 points (which diminishes by 1 per turn) and cures poisoned units.

Druids form the bulk of the human followers of Guthix. They aim to life a life of balance, both taking from and giving to the land. In desperate times, they will fight to maintain balance in the world. The druids' knowledge of herbs grants them the ability to heal other units.

AoG Black Guard Dwarf.PNG
AoG Warrior.PNG
Black Guard Dwarf Free 2 4 20 1 175

The Black Guard are an organised dwarven militia, tasked with policing dwarf settlements when not engaged in combat. The Black Guard are typically responsible for manning dwarf multicannons.

AoG Void Knight.PNG
AoG Warrior.PNG
Void Knight 2 2 6 25 1 250

The Void Knights are the fighting force of the human followers of Guthix. Working mostly in secret, they exist to make decisive strikes against any foe who seeks to unbalance the world. For centuries, they have been fighting a secret war against an invading force of extra-dimensional pests.

AoG Mounted Terrorbird.PNG
AoG Skirmish.PNG
Mounted Terrorbird Free 2 10 15 1 200

To compensate for their small stature, gnomes have taken to training the beasts of Gielinor to aid them in combat. The terrorbird is the ideal creature for a mounted or shock unit, granting their riders great speed, and striking fear into enemies with their shrill ories.

AoG Dwarf Cannon.PNG
AoG Warrior.PNG
Dwarf Cannon 3 3 4 (0) 10 (20) 1 (2-7) 250 A troop of engineers who will build a single, powerful cannon on a designated map tile.

A truly impressive feat of Dwarven engineering, the multicannon is an extremely powerful and surprisingly mobile weapon that can fire heavy steel cannonballs accurately over great distances. When deployed this cannon deals fire damage, and as such can use the same fire weapons as a dragon.

AoG Gnomecopter.PNG
AoG Flying.PNG
Gnomecopter Free 3 10 20 1 450 A flying piece that moves quickly

Gnomes do not rely on animals to enhance their combat effectiveness, and with the invention of copters have gained a significant height advantage.

AoG Moss Giant.PNG
AoG Warrior.PNG
Moss Giant Free 4 4 40 1 400

One of Gielinor's elemental giants, moss giants are essentially walking piles of moss. It has been suggested that all moss giants' beards (also made of moss) are entities separate from the giants themselves.

AoG Battle Tortoise.PNG
AoG Warrior.PNG
Battle Tortoise 4 4 3 45 1 400

Where the terrorbird gives the gnomes speed, the battle tortoise gives them strength. Typically, three gnomes a rider, a mage and a ranger will ride atop the shell of one of these giant tortoises to create a formidable combat unit.

AoG Jade Vine.PNG
AoG Plant.PNG
Jade Vine 4 4 1 5 0 100 Can be commanded to grow onto adjacent open ground tiles, blocking them, but depleting its strength by half. Each tile containing a jade vine costs 10 Mana per turn. It can be commanded to whither and die. Enemies do not level up by killilng jade vines.

Jade vines are typical plants in that they exist only to grow, but they are atypical in that they grow with extraordinary speed and ferocity, and have limited awareness and a sense of self-preservation.

AoG Titan.PNG
Ent 5 5 4 45 1 700 When moved a distance of one map tile onto open ground, it plants a forest on that map tile.

Ents are trees so old that they have gained sentience, and now roam the woodlands and forests of Gielinor, protecting and nurturing them.

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