Guthix Awakens is the third single player campaign for Armies of Gielinor. This is the final days of the God Wars, where Guthix awakes from his long sleep and is angered by the war. This campaign shows of his units ending the God wars and chasing the other Gods out of Gielinor.

AoG Guthix Awakens Map

The Guthix Awakens' map interface, from where you can choose missions.

Tactics Edit

Units Edit

Wolf: Wolves are great for going long distances to destroy barbarians. At only 150 Mana, they are also cheap, though they are weak against warriors and only have 10 Strength. Great for en masse early in the campaign.

Druid: Boosts adjacent units by 5 points - so a barbarian boosted to 10 can capture a village in 1 turn. All combat units are greatly enhanced by this. The boost wears off at 1 point per turn if not renewed. An essential unit, especially later in the game.

Barbarian Spearwoman: One of the only ranged units, it can also  take over villages, towers, etc. just like a barbarian. A very key person to have, in case you dont have grapple hook.

Black Guard Dwarf: Handy until you get the Void Knight/enough Mana to summon one. 20 Strength, 175 Mana, but really slow. Not the ideal unit, however should be sufficient until copters and Void Knights are unlocked.

Void Knight: The void knight is a much stronger and faster warrior than the Black Dwarf Guard, and should be used in preference. it also has an advantage over the white and black knights by having 6 speed instead of 5, also having the advantage of crossing forests with no trouble.

Mounted Terrorbird: This unit is like an upgraded wolf. It is faster, stronger and only 50 Mana more than the wolf.

Dwarf Cannon: The only ranged unit Guthix has, and it counts as a warrior and not a ranger. This has its pros and cons - it is weak shooting against flyers and mages, but better than a ranger against warriors and rangers. Benefits greatly from Druid boost.

Gnomecopter: These are good at downing flying units, especially owls, locusts, and gargoyles, but watch out for rangers and mages. Good for blocking movement of units that cannot attack them.

Moss Giant: Strong but slow. It is great for killing lions and greater demons.

War Tortoise: Stronger than the Moss Giant, but slower. Useful if the enemy is very close to your portal.

Ent: One of the strongest units in the game. Although it is slow and very expensive, it can be used to slaughter anything in its path. Any open tiles it moves over become forested, so it can create barriers to enemy units. be careful though, as you can block a dwarf cannon's line of sight

Dagannoth: Amphibious and can attack flyers, but expensive at 30 strength for 400 Mana. Its special abilities can be useful in the right place.

Spells/Items Edit

Swamp Tar: Increases the range of the Dwarf Cannon by 2.

Grappling Hook: Allows one unit attack air units.

Potassium: Increases fire damage by 5. Works on Dwarf Cannons.

Magnesium: Increases fire damage by 10. Works on Dwarf Cannons. Replaces Potassium.

Bind: Immobilizes a single unit for one turn.

Snare: Immobilizes a single unit for two turns. Replaces Bind.

Forestation: This spell turns any open tile into a 3 by 3 forest area.

Missions Edit

Pack Mentality Edit


  • Difficulty: 1
  • Reward: Wolf
Starting Units
Player 7 Wolves, 2 Druids
Dire Wolves 5 Dire wolves
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Dire Wolves None

In-game description: Druid Astram: Seren's followers bring Dire Wolves - but White Wolf Mountain is not the wolves' natural habitat. An ecological imbalance could be disastrous! You must do whatever it takes to avert this possibilty.

Strategy: Move all the wolves around the druids to get them powered up, make sure to stay out of the guard's sight, 3 dire wolves will approach next turn, hit them with the boosted wolves, plan your actions to make the most amount of your wolves attack the enemy, then just take out the 2 guard dire wolves with the remaining druids and wolves.

Gold strategy: Attack the first dire wolf guard with one of your wolves, then move all druids and wolves as far towards the other dire wolves as they can, making sure to boost up the wolves, end turn. Another dire wolf should come to attack you while 2 others are on the road between the mountain and the forest, snare the one that's further ahead to make both of them stuck, then attack the wolf that attacked you and attack the wolf you snared, move your units towards the next guard, end turn. Attack again, and go for both of the wolves you can get, then move all units towards the guard wolf, end turn. Then attack the guard wolf until it's dead, the whole strategy shouldn't take more than 6 turns.

Notes: You may use Druids to finish off the dire wolves

The Beautiful North Edit


  • Difficulty: 1
  • Reward: Forestation
Starting Units
Player Atrew (15HP druid), Rief (15HP druid), 3 Void Knights
Saradomin 4 Saradomin Owls, 2 Paladins, 1 Barbarian Chieftain
Zamorak 1 Necromancer, 2 Werewolves, 1 Barbarian Chieftain
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Saradomin Paladin, Saradomin owl
Zamorak Necromacer, Werewolf

In-game description: Ewean, Sage of Guthix: This land is condemned, all the way from Forinthry to Sophanem. Let us flee north to await Guthix's awakening - quickly!

Strategy: Move all your units as far as they can go every turn, move the void knights around the druids and summon a wolf or 2 to go along with them. Don't attempt to capture any structures because Zamorak and Saradomin can easily kill you. A few enemy units will attack you but they are no match for your void knights. Keep moving your units as far as they can go and you should reach the exit within 5 turns.


Forest Grump Edit


  • Difficulty: 1
  • Reward: Bind
Starting Units
Player Ent, 3 wolves
Saradomin 3 Saradomin Rangers and Mages
Zamorak 3 Zamorak Rangers and Mages
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Saradomin Barbarians, Saradomin rangers, Saradomin mages
Zamorak Barbarians, Zamorak rangers, Zamorak mages

In-game description: As bitter war ravages the land, the gods observe uncanny cases of nature itself striking back...

Strategy: Use your wolves to kill all the barbarians that come. Wait for Saradomin and Zamorak to send their rangers and mages against each other. Soon, after you have built up an *army* of wolves and barbarians, Saradomin will capture Zamorak's portal. Do not attack it, because all the defence will go to that area. Your ent (in a large forestland that you create) is the LAST defence against mages and rangers, and should always be hiding in the woods, unless there is nothing to kill it. Whatever you do, DO NOT LET THEM KILL YOUR ENT, it is your lifeline. In the meantime, send 3 barbarians to capture Zamorak's portal (with a horde of wolves as well) when you see an opening, because they will attack the wolves first (they move faster), and they will not make more than 2 mages go that way. After that, use wolves AND your ent to attack the east portal, rushing works best because it stops spawning.

Alternate Strategy: You may also rush Saradomin by sending 3 wolves to a mage/ranger and stealing the portal, then slowly working your way through to Zamorak's portal. It is more successful if you do it right, but it relies heavily on building your own forces rather than Saradomin and Zamorak fighting, and you will have to defend both of your portals.

Notes: Almost always, Zamorak beats Saradomin. This is because Zamorak's turn is before Saradomin's.

You can surround lonely rangers and mages so they can't move or attack you

Evacuate! Edit


  • Difficulty: 2
  • Reward: Black Guard Dwarf
Starting Units
Player 3 Dwarf cannons (with flag trinket), 3 black guard dwarfs
Dwarven Leaders (Ally) Black Guard dwarf (13/20 hp), Alvis (leader), Korick (leader), Velenki (leader)
Bandos 6 Goblins, Hobgoblin, 7 orks
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Bandos Goblin, Goblin priest, Hobgoblin

In-game description: Dwarf Master Brehan: The gods are ravaging the land, and the last three clans have sought our protection from the oncoming orks. Help them escape!

Strategy: When you first start this stage, you will have no portals, but a few Dwarf Cannoneers equipped with a flag (allows the unit to capture one structure) and Black Guard Dwarfs. Use one of the Cannoneers to capture the portal, one to capture a village, and one for the tower. Afterwards you can place them around the road and transform them into cannons by clicking on them then the cannon icon (as long as they did not move/attack this turn.)

The object of the mission is to keep Bandos' armies off of the road so the Dwarven leaders can get to the exit.Use cannons to weaken the Hobgoblins to finish off with the Black Guard Dwarfs you control, and finish off the goblin priests with Black Guard, Cannons, or Wolves. Make sure you do not block the road or the Dwarves will risk going around and being grouped up by goblins. You can use forestation near one of the portals to block off the goblins for some time, and use bind on the first Ork to buy more time.

Cannon Formation:

. . . . C
C . . . .
. . . . C


It is possible to achieve a perfect score of 1250 in this stage. Ensure that the Dwarven leaders are not delayed (i.e. they move the maximal distance possible every turn) and sustain zero damage. Snare the leading Ork, and use your cannons to take out Hobgoblins before they get in range. Swamp Tar and Magnesium will be a great help.

Alarm Call Edit


  • Difficulty: 3
  • Reward: +5% Mana per turn
Starting Units
Player 3 Battle tortoises, 3 Gnomecopters, 8 Mounted terrorbirds, Thera (leader), Atrew (leader), Ria (leader) Rief (leader)
Zamorak 4 Greater demons, 4 Black knights, 7 Hellhounds, 7 Zamorak Rangers, 3 Zamorak Mages
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Zamorak Zamorak Mages, Zamorak Rangers, Greater Demons,Black Knights

In-game description: Almonred, Gnomish General: Our scouts bring intriguing news - what is this grand ceremony our druid friends are doing? Please investigate, and help if you can.

Strategy: Use Forrestation to block the gap by the Greater Demons, and bring the Druids and Terrorbirds around that way rather than trying to fight the Rangers and Mages to the south.

Send the War Tortoises to dispose of the Hellhounds, along with a Druid and Dwarf Guard you need to summon.

Otherwise purchase only Copters and use them to block the Greater Demons and Black Knights as the Druids and Terrorbirds get past. Snare is useful for blocking a Demon or Black Knight at some stage.

There is no need to attack the enemy units at all except the Hellhounds. You should win on the 8th turn having suffered almost no casualties (certainly less than 30, possibly less than 20, and potentially none!) for over 1300.


Beginning of the End Edit


  • Difficulty: 3
  • Reward: Druid
Starting Units
Player Druid, 2 wolves
Saradomin 4 Saradomin owls, 3 Monks, 1 White knight, 3 Paladins, 2 Saradomin rangers, 1 Barbarian Chieftain
Zamorak 1 Black Knight, 1 Barbarian Chieftain, 1 Zamorak ranger, 3 Werewolves, 1 Necromancer, 1 Skeleton
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Saradomin Monks, barbarians, paladins, Saradomin rangers, white knights
Zamorak Necromancers, barbarians, werewolves, Zamorak rangers, black knights

In-game description: These self-styled 'gods' must wish to reign over kingdoms of ruins! Our destructive guests are no longer welcome: see to their swift eviction.

Strategy: You should initially focus on Saradomin, and once you defeat Saradomin, then combat Zamorak. On your first turn, don't move anything. Summon two barbarians and place them next to your druid, and end turn. Next turn, start moving your druid and two barbarians to the cluster of villages and the tower to the south. Send your two wolves to intercept the units heading for the villages. Keep an eye on the two owls, and make sure they don't box your portal in. When the villages are captured, prepare a small force and swarm the Saradomin portal.Keep an eye on the river by Zamorak's portal, because he will send in Barbarians to capture your first portal. This is by far the hardest part of the level. To defeat the paladins, you will need at least two black guard dwarves. Keep sending units in, but be careful. If Zamorak captures the portal with skeletons, you essentially lose the game. Pile Black Guards onto the bridges and push towards the portals. You should eventually capture them.

Notes: Zamorak will start focusing on using necromancers after a while. Also, make sure to summon a wolf to intercept all the barbarians. Zamorak will send at you directly from their portal, going in a south-west direction. one wolf early on will be sufficient, but when Saradomin is gone, try to have at least two or three at all times until they stop summoning barbarians (which will happen when they are essentially cornered) You should get a Gold after 25 turns.

Zamorak will start focusing on werewolves after using the necromancers for a while.

The Locust Plague Edit


  • Difficulty: 3
  • Reward: Gnomecopter
Starting Units
Player 3 Gnomecopters, Pfaren (leader gnomecopter)
Swarm 10 Locusts
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Swarm Locusts, Barbarians

In-game description: Swarms of locusts have been blown here from the south, and the gnome Pfaren has been ensnared by this locust plague. Pfaren is a faithful follower and an ally to the us both. Please keep our friend safe.

Strategy: Gnomecopters destroy Locusts in 1 hit after being powered up (2 otherwise, unless the locust is on an open space), so this is a very easy scenario to win despite the apparent overwhelming numbers of Locusts.

Don't make anything except 2 druids and send them to the bridge. Let them block the walking path. If a gnomecopter or a druid gets poisoned put it next to a druid because they cure poison. Kill all the enemies. It will take about 7 turns before you've killed them all. If you've killed them put a gnomecopter on the portal. Then you will have completed the mission although you haven't captured the portal because the swarm can't do anything anymore.

Notes: Gnomecopters are important in future missions, so it is a good idea to get it early.

Elven Safety Edit


  • Difficulty: 3
  • Reward: Barbarian Spear Woman
Starting Units
Player Wolf, Barbarian chieftain, 3 Barbarian Spearwomen, Druid
Seren 3 Elven archers (guards), Elf lord (guard), Elf lady (guard), 3 Grenwalls, 2 Elven pikemen (guards), Barbarian chieftain
Opponent's Possible Spawns

barbarians, elf lords, elven pikemen, elven archers, Dire wolves, elven songstress (rare), Elf shieldmaden, elf lady (very rare)

In-game description: Seren should have known better than to resort to war. She sought to strengthen and protect her followers, but instead they have become part of the deestablishing force. It is time to send them home.

Strategy: Send all of your units, one at a time, through to the portal and villages. Start with the Barbarian Chieftain, so he can capture the portal. Use bind on the archer closest to the walls on the right side of the village in order to get past him while staying out of his range. Once you have the portal, summon black guard dwarves and if you have, void knights and gnomecopters. If you want, you can kill the archer closest to the right side of the walls of the village in the passage to help capture more structures.


Portal Edit


  • Difficulty: 3
  • Reward: Potassium
Starting Units
Player 4 Black guard dwarves, 2 Ents, Barbarian chieftain, 2 Void knights,1 Portal mage
Bandos 4 Goblins, 3 Hobgoblins, Yoykrad (Ourg, guard), 2 Cyclopes, 2 Ogress,1 Jogre, 5 orks,
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Bandos Barbarian, Goblin, Jogre, Ork, etc.

In-game description: Bandos is a creature out of balance unless checked by a strong opponent. You must be that strong opponent. Use your portal mage to create a portal, through which you may summon the help you need to restore the balance.

Strategy: Move only your chieftain to capture the villages and tower to one side of your starting location, then summon two more Barbarians and send them off toward the other side's villages and tower. Send the rest of your forces with the portal mage to create a portal as close to Bandos's portal as possible. This will place you in a strategically beneficial chokepoint directly between the twin villages and towers on either side of the map. Bandos will probably send all of his forces toward your main group, allowing your Barbarians to capture their target structures unopposed.

Once you have a steady supply of Mana, summon dwarves, or if you have them, Gnomecopters. Bandos can not summon any units capable of hitting Gnomecopters except Hobgoblins, and his flow of mana will be low compared to yours. Use your two Ents as your trump cards to kill off any troublesome units, and keep slaughtering everything that approaches your portal. As always, utilizing the Druid's ability will be beneficial.

Notes: Be wary of the Cyclopes' fear ability, which will immobilize units within two squares. Take them out when an opportunity presents itself to prevent surprise traps and losses.

March of the Giants Edit


  • Difficulty: 3
  • Reward: Moss Giant
Starting Units
Player 3 Moss giants
Saradomin Lion, Centaur, Saradomin mage, 2 Saradomin rangers
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Saradomin Barbarians, Paladins, Saradomin rangers

In-game description: All life on Gielinor must come together to end this war. May even the moss lift its giant bones from the ground in our aid.

Strategy: There isn't much of a strategy for this level. Your main enemies are the mage and the lion. Move the moss giants all towards your portal for defense. Also, use forestation for protection from the mage. Capture the surrounding buildings and the ones west from your portal. Your portal being in the south east corner. Send a black guard dwarf with them also.also send a barbarian north to capture those buildings. Make bgd to help the fight with the moss giants. Saradomin will exhaust himself to a paladin per turn. just cover the portal and kill all Saradomin units.

Notes: The saradomin mage cannot enter the trees, because if it does, it has no way of actually attacking you, and in the trees it only can move one spot, so lure in the mage, really close to the trees preferably, and use forestation to trap her, she is then one of the easiest units to kill as she will try crazily to get away from you.

Bones Edit


  • Difficulty: 3
  • Reward: Mounted Terrorbird
Starting Units
Player 3 Mounted Terrorbirds, Barbarian chieftain
Zamorak 4 Necromancers, Barbarian chieftain (9/10 hp)
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Zamorak Necromancers, Barbarians

In-game description: Necromancers corrupt the cycle of life. They seek to revive their slain brethren, to wake their weary bones for battle once more. Under my rule, the dead will remain dead.

Strategy: First, send all of your terrorbirds to kill 1-2 necromancers. Then capture the portal, summon a barb and a druid and capture all nearby villages, make sure you have 209 mp per turn, then send your barb chief with a druid and capture the nearby tower. Next, cover all of the nearby entrances leading to your portal with black guard dwarves, this will keep the skeletons from spamming your portal. then summon 4 dwarves, get them all up to 26 hp, and put them around your barbarian. After that, move them closer to the portal every turn. Finally, send your chief on the portal and put a dwarf in front of him so he doesn't get attacked.

Alternate strategy: Rather than sending your terrorbirds on a suicide mission against a few necromancers, hide them in the woods near Zamorak's starting villages. If positioned correctly, they won't be in danger of getting rushed by skeletons, but they will be in range of Zamorak's Barbarians when they arrive. Use the terrorbirds to kill as many Barbarians as possible. This will give you a huge mana advantage early-game, and by the time the Terrorbirds are defeated, you will be able to send a Gnomecopter to replace them and continue assassinating the Barbarians. Build additional copters to systematically take out the Necromancers. With only a couple of Black Guard Dwarves, your portal will not fall. It is possible to complete this mission without allowing Zamorak to ever capture a single structure.

Notes: Zamorak will try to be sly and send a barbarian around your defences, and when I said try, I meant try, because the barbarian won't move more than twice 1 turn(use the map to easily spot it), also, the Necromancers are NOT afraid of black guard dwarves with less than 25 hp, and so will attack them, and live to tell the tale (sorta).

Note: To block the portal, place a gnomecopter in front of it instead of on it.

Gnomecoptors are extremely useful because Zamorak only can use skeletons, necromancers, and barbarians which none of which can attack flying units. Try to place one to block the enemy portal when possible.

Pride of Saradomin Edit


  • Difficulty: 4
  • Reward: Snare
Starting Units
Player Barbarian chieftain, 4 dwarf cannons, black guard dwarf
Saradomin 4 lions, 5 centaurs, barb chief, 4 barb spearwomen
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Saradomin Lions, Centaurs

In-game description: Saradomin's lions are on the prowl! Defend your portals at all costs, and perhaps we might send Saradomin home with his tail between his legs.

There are 2 ways to win this - the easy way...which takes longer and will not get a Gold Score, or the hard way, which takes much less time, but requires great precision and can get you a gold medal.

Easy way:

Do not try to defend your initial portal. Send the Barbarian chief immediately to the portal in the centre of the town, and buy another barbarian and a Druid to boost it and send them to the town also, to start taking buildings as soon as possible. Buy one more barbarian from your initial portal on your 2nd turn too, as it can start capturing villages sooner than one from the town portal. Send the Dwarf Guard towards the town too.

Use Forrestation to block whatever appears to be the easiest path for the Centaurs, and Snare on the leading one as well to slow them down.

Bring all your cannon to the southern bridge, and align them beside the road on the town side of the river. You will need a "meat shield" to hold the Lions and Centaurs in place while your cannons pound them. Use a boosted cannon against the Lions, and unboosted cannon vs the Centaurs. You need to kill the Centaurs more than you need to kill the Lions, because the Lions can be blocked by Barbarians - the Centaurs will shoot them away and get through.

You may need a Void Knight too, as the Centaurs will probably get through your cannons at the start, so you need something to destroy them fast.

Alternatively set up the cannon on the nearest 2 greensward areas (grass & forrest) around the 2nd portal. This has the advantage of making Tortoises a useful troop type as the Lions will come close enough for them to reach in 1 turn, and it takes longer for them to get there. The down side is that it takes longer to proceed from there to capture the enemy portal, so you have to counter attack from the 3rd portal sooner.

Send a Barbarian to capture the 3rd portal as soon as you can. This is the easiest place to counter attack from, as the AI will have few troops covering this approach, if any. The AI does sometimes send a Spear Woman towards your villages this way, but not much more than that, and it does not try to take the portal.

Once you have the 3rd portal you can use Terrorbirds to cover the enemy portal (your former 1st one) and bring up Warriors, Copters and Barbarians as required to finish the job.

Notes: Also, once you have captured the 3rd portal sneak past Saradomin and steal their main mana supply.

Quick Way:

Killing all the enemy barbarians will also result in a victory, so killing the enemy barbarians before they capture your first portal is the key to this method.

Send the barbarian chieftain to central portal as above, raise 4 barbarains by your 1st portal and put on villages there. Use Forestation to block the closest Lion and try to hide the Dwarf Guard somewhere so it stays alive long enough to be useful - to the top of the map is a good place.

Send all cannons towards your 1st portal, and deploy them as close to it as you can get - you can be in range of your original portal using Swamp Paste from a woods tile on the far side of the river from it - this is important as it means you can kill any enemy barbarian that gets onto the portal.

When the 4 barbarians have captured the villages, send them to the 2nd portal to increase your mana per turn - raise a druid there to boost them.

As the Saradomin barbarians come up raise Dwarf Guards to kill them. This takes some skill and timing - only raise Guards when they can reach a barbarian and attack it the same turn you raise it. If you have sufficient mana then a Void Knight or Terrorbird can be used to reach further - especially when there is only 1 enemy barbarian left.

Jade Edit


  • Difficulty: 4
  • Reward: Jade Vine
Starting Units
Player 10 jade vines
Seren Elf lady, Elf lord, Elf shieldmaiden
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Seren Barbarians, Elf lords, Elf shieldmaidens, Black bears, Elven archers, Elven pikemen, Elf songstress

In-game description: Seren's followers refuse to see sense; they continue to unbalance my world! We must keep them from doing any more damage. I only hope they realise their folly - that they return home while they still can.

Strategy: Use the jade vines to block Seren's path. Capture all the towers. If Seren breaks through, set a blockade of the vine that separates your sides. Moss giants are the most helpful because Seren doesn't have mages. If they cut in make a moss giant or something to black the path instead. Since Seren doesn't have enough mana for complete invasion in all three spots find the one she leaves out and capture it first; capture the other 2 afterwards. The AI seems to randomly pick a portal to spawn the units.

Notes: Another strategy which can be used is to sacrifice all of your jade vines on the opening move so that they do not eat up all of your mana. Optional if you want to leave the center vines to block the Elf Lord. Vines on either side of your center portal should definitely be sacrificed, as they prevent barbs from reaching west and east portal. After you sacrifice the vines on either side of your portal, summon 2 barbs and 1 druid and send them to west portal, and then summon 2 barbs and send them to east portal. In this manner you can capture west portal faster and increase your mana per turn. Use of snare and forestation are helpful, once seren begin to close in on your portals.

Seat of Bandos Edit

Seat of Bandos

  • Difficulty: 4
  • Reward: Void Knight
Starting Units
Player Barbarian chieftain, dwarf cannon
Bandos 7 Orks, Blorgak (Ourg)
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Bandos Goblin, Ogre, Hobgoblin, Ogress, Ogre Shaman, Goblin Priest, Ork, Mogre

In-game description: The Seat of Bandos is surrounded by an impassable mountain range - but Bandos has spied your approach, and his minions are advancing. Be ready to invade the lair once they have created an opening in the mountains.

Strategy: Bring out 2 barbarians and a druid and send your chief west to get the stuff there and the druid and 2 barbarians to the east. Then quickly get to Guthix favor level 3 with as little mana used as possible. If you time it right you will be able to summon a gnomecopter right in front of the Ourg to stop him breaking the mountain. This will give you time to spawn gnomecopters and send them to eliminate the guards, but make sure to kill the barbarians near the 3rd portal first before the guard. After that, weaken the Ourg then let him break the mountain. Kill the Blorgak after the mountain is broken then send a few barbarians up to capture everything. By this time you should have a small units of gnomecopters. Have them block the portal or send them to elimante the hobgoblins. After you have captured the third portal send in the barbarians with the gnomecopters surrounding them take the final portal then kill any barbarians left alive.

Notes: DO NOT engage the bulk of Bandos's army when they only have just hobgoblins. Obtain gnomecopters before trying this mission. Once Blorgak smashes the mountain it should just stand there making it very easy to kill with the cannon. The AI will most likely summon only one mogre, so your gnomecopters should be able to kill it if it comes close to your portal.

Dareeyak Edit


  • Difficulty: 4
  • Reward: +5% Mana per turn
Starting Units
Player 2 druids, 2 wolves, terrorbird, dwarf cannon, void knight
Saradomin 3 Saradomin mages, 3 Saradomin rangers
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Saradomin Barbarians, Saradomin Mages, Saradomin Rangers

In-game description: Saradomin sought to create order from chaos, but the only order he has created is that of military law in the Dareeyak fortress. Storm the fortress and vanquish Saradomin's followers.

Strategy: This level may look hard, but but there is only a few resources in the fortress Saradomin is occupying. First, build your Dwarf cannnon, and put Potassium on it. Then move all of your forces to the right, to distract the Saradomin forces. Then summon a druid and 2 barbarians to take the two villages. Also use snare to hold the nearest Saradomin mage near the wall. Then wait for the mage near the Southwest part of the fortress to move to the north to engage. Then move your barbarian closer to the portal. The only source he has is the portal, in which he gains only 50 mana. So, he will only summon barbarians after he loses all of mages and rangers.

Gold Strategy: Set up your cannon so that it can take out any barbarians that try to capture the tower, but it should be out of reach of mages. Move your whole army east and north up the road, making sure that the druids boost the terrorbirds. Do not summon anything. Saradomin's forces will move east towards your army. Make sure that everything is out of range of the first ranger. On your next turn use the void knight to kill the first ranger, and weaken the mage with the terrorbirds. Kill any approaching barbarians with the wolves. You might suffer the loss of one druid, from the second ranger and the weakened mage. Meanwhile, summon a barbarian and a druid, and send them off to take the villages in the west, as well as an extra terrorbird to send with them in case the mage changes direction. Kill the second ranger with the void knight. Finish off the weakened mage and snare the next one. You should also use forestation in the gap between the two walls near Saradomin's portal, this will prevent the final mage from getting to you. At this point it is easy to finish the snared mage, and then the last one. You can summon gnomecopters to help, but you shouldn't need them. Clean up the rest of the barbarians and block the portal.

Notes: This can be difficult level, because warriors have an advantage over rangers, but mages also have an advantage over warriors. Flying units also have an advantage over mages, but rangers can take out flying units.

Hearts of Stone Edit

Hearts of Stone

  • Difficulty: 4
  • Reward: Grappling Hook
Starting Units
Player 4 Dwarf Cannons, 2 Druids, Moss Giant, Void Knight, Terrorbird, Wolf
Zamorak 3 Gargoyles, Greater Demon, Sea Slug
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Zamorak Barbarians, Greater demons, Gargoyles

In-game description: Zamorak's macabre gargoyles have been loosed from their cages, and they are poised to strike from afar. You must blast their hideous hearts of stone into winds of scattered sand.

Strategy: Make a formation:

. M . . . . . . . . W .
C D C . . . . . . C D C
. V . . . . . . . . T .

M = Moss Giant W = Wolf C = Cannon D = Druid V = Void Knight T = Terror Bird

When the gargoyles and Greater Demon come near your portal, kill them. Once you kill them all it gets a lot simpler. Make barbarians and capture the buildings.Use the cannons if demons get too close have terror birds to help defend barbarians. After you capture all the buildings on your side, make some terror birds (Zamorak would only be making barbarians at this point) and kill all the barbarians and cover/capture portal.

Notes: The demons and gargoyles will only be summoned if Zamorak gets 450 or 600 mana per turn, because otherways he will spend most of the mana on barbarians.

note:once they start making just barbarians then you can use something and clog up the bridge

Once you complete this mission, immediately do it again. Send the Moss Giant to the side with 2 Gargoyles. Use Druids as offerings, and give the Moss Giant Grappling Hook. The Gargs have a target priority for Druids, so it makes it real easy to kill them as long as you have Grappling Hook. If necessary, use Bind to protect your cannons. Use your Cannons to blast the chocolates out of the Demon.

-The mountains that surround most of the stage's villages are, in fact, two 'hearts of stone' , one north and one south of the river.

Evict the Elves Edit

Evict the Elves

  • Difficulty: 5
  • Reward: Dwarf Cannon
Starting Units
Player 2 Gnomecopters, 2 Dwarf Cannons, 2 Druids, Path Sprinter (30 HP terrorbird with flag trinket)
Seren 5 Grenwalls, 5 Falcons, Elf Lady, Elf Lord, Elf Songstress, 2 Elf Shieldmaidens, 3 Elven Archers (Guards), Riled Coyote (30HP dire wolf with +5 melee damage)
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Seren Barbarians, Black Bear, Elf Lady, Elven Archer, Grenwall, Falcon, Dire wolf, Elf lord

In-game description: I gravely feared I would see this day. Seren's followers have split into two factions - half have returned home, but half continue to wage war. We are left no choice: see to it that the elves harm my world no further.

Strategy: Try to spawn gnome copters as Seren's units tend to flee from them. Go for one of the side portals. Depending on your attack on the other portal, Seren may take it. After taking out the archers, the gnome copters shouldn't have much resistance after that.

Notes: It is possible to receive the Beep, Beep achievement on this mission by killing the riled coyote with your starter terror bird with flag trinket.

Shock and Awe Edit

Shock and Awe

  • Difficulty: 5
  • Reward: Battle Tortoise
Starting Units
Player Barbarian chieftain, 2 ent, 1 void knight, 4 mounted terrorbirds, 2 Black Guard dwarves
Saradomin 2 Lion, 4 Mage, 4 Rangers, 2 white knights, 1 priest, 2 paladins
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Saradomin Barbarians, Paladins, Rangers, White knights, Mages(rare)

In-game description: Saradomin fails to grasp that chaos is as important as order: without both there is no balance. Now you must practice chaos and order - you must use both the fast and the slow to achieve victory today.

Strategy: This may appear a very challenging level because of the large Saradomin starting force and the lack of mana income per turn. However, the only hard part is defeating the initial forces. Once that is done, you shouldn`t have any trouble.

First, capture the portal with your chieftain, and send two terrorbirds to the west to destroy any barbarians that threatens the 3 free villages. Have your main force stay in a tight formation. When the enemy force gets closer, use forestation and then move your ents, keeping the rest of your force in protection of the trees. Be careful of the mages, and do as much damage as possible. Try not to let any forces leave the protection of the trees. Meanwhile, have your chieftan capture the village next to your portal, and have him accompanied by another barbarian to move to the west, having the terrorbirds cover them. Also have a barbarian to seize the village to the east. When the enemy task force has been crippled and you have captured 5/7 of the villages, move your ents to just outside the two Lion's range. Get a gnomecopter up there as soon as possible, along with surviving forces from your initial force and barbarians from both village raids moving closer. Your ents should get the first blow, so if you are not properly situated to get it, lure the lions out. Have your gnomecopter cover the portal, and your ents deal with the lion. While doing this, have a few forces dealing with any stragglers.

Notes: You must NOT LOSE THE ENTS. Even if you have them unlocked, they are simply too expensive and valuable to lose. Also, the enemy will try to get barbarians to your portal as often as possible. Keep a terrorbird close by to deal with any.

God Wars Edit

God Wars

  • Difficulty: 4
  • Reward: Magnesium
Starting Units
Player Ent, Moss Giant, Dwarf Cannon, Gnome copter, 2 void knights, Terrorbird, Wolf
Bandos Graardor (80HP Ourg), 7Goblins, 2 Goblin Priests, 1 Barbarian Chieftain, 1 Ogre, 1 Jogre
Aviansie Wingman Skree (55 HP Aviansie), 8 Aviansies
Saradomin Brother Constantius (75 HP Priest), 3 Saradomin Mages, 2 Paladins, 1 Chief, 1 Saradomin Ranger,1 Centaur
Zamorak Pazuzu (65 HP Pyrelord), 2 Zamorak Mages, 4 Werewolves, 1 Zamorak Ranger, 1 Hellhound
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Bandos Goblins, Ogre, Jogre, Barbarians
Aviansie Aviansie
Saradomin Rangers, Mages, Paladins, Barbarians
Zamorak Rangers, Werewolves, Barbarians

In-game description: The time has come to lock my enemies in eternal combat. Aeternam will cast the binding spell - keep my enemies fighting amongst themselves until Aeternam reaches my temple.

Strategy: This scenario is not very well explained in the game. Each of the other commanders is trying to exit the game via their exit marker - their particular exit is the same colour as their bases - each is counter-clockwise from their portal. If a commander manages to exit they win, and you lose. Conversely you can only win if they are all destroyed before any exit. The easiest ways to stop them are to put a copter on their exit tiles, and then kill them.

The Bandos exit is by the Aviansie portal, and Commander Graador will move towards your portal - there is a gap in the walls just north of your portal he will try to pass through. You can block him every turn with a barbarian and cannon him to death - finishing off with any nearby unit when he is weak enough. If you summon a dwarf on your second turn you will be able to afford a copter to block Graador instead of barbarians meaning you take less damage.

The Zamorak exit is by the Bandos portal. Bandos should be able to spam Goblins to stop the Zamorak Titan (Pazuzu) exiting but often attacks with them instead. A Copter on the exit tile stops him until you can kill him with your Ent.

The Saradomin exit is by the Zamorak portal, and is perhaps the hardest to stop, as Brother Constantine does not come any nearer to you as the others do. Try slowing him with woods and bind/snare. Your starting copter can occupy his exit tile before he gets there, but you can also get the Void Knight, Terrorbirds and maybe the Moss Giant there to help kill him first if he is snared. Zamorak Rangers will concentrate on him until he is dead, so killing the Paladins and Saradomin rangers can help without having to attack the leader. If you use the copter to block the exit, you can time it correctly to get your copter away the turn before Zamorak kills him, saving points lost and using it to help against Pazuzu.

The Aviansie exit is by the Saradomin portal. Wingman Skree can be lured towards your starting position - putting the wolf and terrorbord adjacent to the Cannon will bring him. Attack him with the cannon with Potasium or Magnesium, and a Void Knight or Moss Giant with Grappling hook, then leave him for the Saradomin Centaur to kill. You can then destroy the Centaur on your next move. Whether you use the Giant or VK - the Giant inflicts more damage, but it is then too far away to be useful for the rest of the game vs Zamorak, Bandos & Saradomin to the north. A Void Knight inflicts less damage, and so takes more, but can get to the fight to the top of the map in time to be useful, as can the Moss Giant if you push it hard to get there.

An alternative is to shoot him right away, then when he flies towards the exit, snare him and let Saradomin finish him. However snare can be more useful for the Saradomin leader, and this method leaves the Saradomin Centaur alive.

Note: If you send your Ent directly towards Saradomin on your first turn, your cannon will be able to cover both against Aviansie and the gap Comander Graador will go through.

Note: On your second turn, if you place the gnome copter infront of Comander Graador for one turn it will slow him down enough for your Ent to get past him to Pazuzu without being attacked.

Note: this Mission is one of the hardest of all Campaigns and even harder to get gold on this map.

King of the Hill Edit

King of the Hill

  • Difficulty: 4
  • Reward: Swamp Tar
Starting Units
Player 5 Dwarf Cannons, 5 Black Guard Dwarf
King of the Hill Flametongue (King Black Dragon), 2 Flame Keepers (TzHaar-Kets)
Opponent's Possible Spawns
King of the Hill TzHaar-Ket, Red Dragon

In-game description: A formidable black dragon stalks these mountains, and its strength is such that even Zamorak's great demons dare not cross it. Drive this terrible monster from my land.

Strategy: You want to get the tower and two villages on the left but block the little road that's toward the flame keepers with cannons. When you get around 300 mana per turn your gonna want to start spamming Gnomecopters 2 for in front of the cannons and send a whole lot to Flametongue but don't get in his attack area (he attacks twice). Once you got a lot of Gnomecopters force him to the corner in the upper left screen then attack him with your Gnomecopters this does work after around 20 turns+.

Use Forestation to slow down the TzHaar-Ket attacks, although a line of cannons will blast any that do try - eventually the AI gives up. Use Snare to prevent Flametongue having 1 of his moves. He can be killed by 8 or 9 Copters, taking 18 turns. He cannot move if there are 4 units surrounding him.

Notes: Completing this mission gives the Scarecrow achievement. You absolutely NEED Gnomecopter for this part of the campaign. You may find that if you attack flametongue with just one gnomecopter it will make it's way up to the top right corner. Alternatively, you can use 1-2 gnomecopters to lure Flametongue towards your army of cannons, snare him when in range, and blast him to smithereens - you can get the gold medal in 11 turns. Also, although Red Dragons can be summoned by the AI, they never will be as the AI never saves up for them.

Note: you can also get a strong thing like a moss giant and give it grappling hook.

Note: Tzhaar-kets are much easier to kill than red dragons. The opponent usually only summons tzhaar-kets. If you block his portals, the mana raises above 750 mana! So take care you keep blocking once you started!

Fire Fighting Edit

Fire Fighting

  • Difficulty: 5
  • Reward: Dagannoth
Starting Units
Player 3 Ents, 2 Moss giants, 2 Black Guard dwarfs, 2 void knights, 1 barbarian chieftain
Zamorak 2 Pyrelord, 2 Greater demon, 3 Zamorak mage
Opponent's Possible Spawns
Zamorak Pyrelord, Zamorak mage, Greater demon, Barbarian

In-game description: In his lust for power, Zamorak is razing my forests to the ground. I trust you will ensure this rash strike meets with an icy reception.

Strategy: You want to get all the towers as fast as possible on your side. Once you have that, you can start spamming gnomecopters. You want to keep at least 2 ents because they can do damage to pyrelords if fully healed. When you have a lot of Gnomecopters taking over the enemy's side you want to get a barbarian over there but first put the Gnomecopter with the most health on the portal (best over at least 5).

Notes: It's a lot easier if you have gnomecopters before you do this part of the campaign.

2 moss giants can kill a pyrelord.

End of an Age Edit

End of an Age

  • Difficulty: 5
  • Reward: Ent
Starting Units
Player Meekadox (50 HP Druid, with flag trinket), 2 Portal Mages
Interlopers Zilyana (50 HP Icyene), Graardor (Ourg), Kalphite Queen (60 HP), Dag'eth (50 HP Zamorak mage), Dinsdale (80 HP Grenwall), 4 barbarian spearwoman, 1 barbarian chieftain

Opponent's Possible Spawns


Goblins, Hobgoblins

Bedabin nomad, Locust, Scabarite mage,

Necromancer, Skeletons, Black knight, Zamorak ranger, Zamorak mage, Gargoyle

Elf songstress, Elven archer, Elf lord

Monk, Saradomin ranger, Sarodomin mage, Lion, Icyene

In-game description: I have judged the trespassers who have caused this destruction, and my decree is final: these interlopers are to be banished forever from Gielinor. What is left of my world will rest in balance.

Strategy: Graardor is your first target, and you should move towards him as fast as possible. He is strong and can attack flyers, so use a "meat shield" of barbarians to isolate him once he starts moving, Dwarf Cannon to bombard from a distance, and Meekdadox can probably one-hit him. You only need 1 Druid, 1 Dwarf Guard, 2 cannons and 5 or 6 barbarians to achieve this. The Dwarf Guard and Meekadox can take care of any Goblins that appear. Set up the 2 Dwarf Cannon on Graador's side of the gap to the Kalphite Queen, but placed so they can shoot towards her too. Take care not to block the gap!

Set up 1 temporary portal next to the walls at the gap to the Kalphite Queen, and fight her with units purchased from here.

While attacking Graador, buy a copter as soon as you can (after getting Druid and Guard) and send it north towards Dinsdale and kill the Barbarian Spear Woman there to stop her capturing the temples. Having killed the Woman bring the copter towards the main fight or send it to kill the next spearwomen, remember to snare Dag'eth,then attack the spearwomen near Zilyana.

The Kalphite Queen will spawn Locusts and Scabarite Mages, be careful and make sure Meekadox doesn't get too close. Some Dwarf Cannons will make easy work of them.

Set up the 2nd portal near or just outside the gap to the KQ's area on the other side from the 1st one - this is close enough to all the other enemies.

Dag'eth has +3 range, so use Forestation directly between him and the Kalphite Queen to block him. It may be worthwhile sacrificing a unit to draw him forward off the road so you can cast it directly in him, but just blocking the 9 open squares closest to him is adequate. He can then be easily killed by Warriors and Terror Birds. Gnomecopters can also take him down as long as you hide them in the forest before trapping the mage so it cannot escape from the four gnomecopters

Zilyana is more difficult as you have limited options for attacking airborne units - Copters, Cannons, Dagannoths and the Grappling Hook. Several cannon hits will weaken her enough so that a Moss Giant with a Grappling Hook or a few Copters can kill her. Save your Cannon boosting trinkets for her. Remember that if she camps her own portal, lure her away from it as she will summon ridiculous amounts of centaurs if you leave her with a lot of mana.

Dinsdale is a very strong skirmisher with armour, so Warriors and Dwarf Cannon are the best bet. By the time you get to her you should be taking or have taken most of the Interlopers' buildings, so there should be few other enemy units to bother with.

Dwarf Cannon should be bought and deployed in groups of 3 or more.

Notes: One of the hidden limitations of this scenario is that you can only get Barbarians from your original portal because the enemy portals disappear if you capture them (instead of falling under your control), so you need to keep a supply of them constantly moving up as you use them for meat shields or they otherwise get destroyed.

Completing this mission awards the Twilight of the Gods achievement.

Saradomin's starting unit is named Zilyana, which means that she is most likely the same Icyene that Saradomin orders you to free in the 'Duex Ex' mission(even though her name isn't displayed, she is mentioned in the stage's description).

You do not need #11 as mentioned above in the picture for this mission.

Achievements for this campaign Edit

Image Achievement name Requirements Orb Points Orb Coins Members Only?
Beep, Beep Beep, Beep Defeat Riled Coyote with Path Sprinter. 200 2 Yes
Guthix's Silver Guthix's Silver Achieve a silver medal score on all missions in the Guthix Awakens campaign. 300 3 Yes
Guthix's Gold Guthix's Gold Achieve a gold medal score on all missions in the Guthix Awakens campaign. 500 5 Yes
Take a Chair Take a Chair Take the Seat of Bandos. 200 2 Yes
Scarecrow Scarecrow Drive Flametongue away. 300 3 Yes
Twilight of the Gods Twilight of the Gods Banish all other Gods from Gielinor, bringing the 3rd age to a close. 500 5 Yes

Trivia Edit

  • Initially when the campaign was first release, a lot of game crashes were reported because the game hit the memory capacity. This was patched two days after this campaign was released.
  • Several mission names have references: "Forest Grump" is most likely a reference to the film, Forrest Gump, "Elven Safety" is a pun on the phrase "Health and Safety", "Portal" is probably a reference to the game of the same name and "King of the Hill" is most likely a reference to the common game mode also named so or it could be a reference to the TV series so named, the latter being probably more well known. "Shock and Awe" is probably a reference to the American bombing tactics of the 1st Iraq war. "March of the Giants" is a joke on "The Last March of the Ents" from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. "Hearts of Stone" is a reference to the saying by the same name, which means "no mercy". "Dareeyak" is a reference to a Zarosian Fortress by the same name. "Pack Mentality"means a certain way of thinking shared by a group.
  • Path Sprinter is a reference to Road Runner and Riled Coyote is Coyote. The Achivement "Beep Beep" is a reference to what Road Runner usually shouts.
  • The mission "God Wars" has a very similar resemblance of the "God Wars Dungeon" from RuneScape. Your portal is the frozen door, the towers are where you kill the people to get to the boss room, and the temples are the boss room.
  • The mission "End of an Age" shows the symbols of the gods as the encampments.
  • The mission "Dareeyak" used to have Zamorak as the enemy, yet saying on the description "Saradomin's forces" and having Saradomin mages/rangers not Zamorak. This has been fixed.
  • Zaros' faction, led by Nex, is not involved in the mission "God Wars", as they were imprisoned in the Ancient Prison before this mission.
  • Flametougue is a three-headed dragon like the King Black Dragon, suggesting that there were more three-headed dragon species in the 3rd Age, and that they were most likely extinct.
  • The music that plays in the mission selection screen is a remix of the Runescape soundtrack "The Sound of Guthix".
  • The druids
  • Commander Zilyana and General Graardor taking part in End of an Age is lore fail because she should be frozen in the god wars dungeon by then.
  • The druids-leaders that play part in the campaign: Ria, Atrew, Thera, and Rief are all anagrams for elements (air, water, earth and fire respectively). They eventually became the Balance elemental.
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