Aog Neutral
Neutral units are either godless, or once followed now long-departed gods, and can be commanded in the name of any god.

All Neutral units are available to both Free Players and Members and so do not cost any Runes to buy or use.

Armies of Gielinor gods
Neutral Saradomin Zamorak Guthix Seren Bandos Menaphite Pantheon
Image Class Name Level Speed Strength Range Cost (Mana) Description
AoG Barbarian
AoG Skirmish
Barbarian 1 6 5 1 50 This unit can capture structures.

Barbarians believe staunchly that magic is a gift of the gods. They will attempt to destroy any who believe otherwise. Being barbarians, they will also destroy anyone that looks at them funny, or spills their mead.
AoG Barbarian
AoG Skirmish
Barbarian Chieftain N/A 6 10 1 N/A This unit can capture structures.

This unit cannot be bought. It is the unit you start out with at the beginning of the game, and is exactly like normal barbarians in all ways except strength, of which it has 10, instead of the 5 of a normal barbarian.
AoG Gorilla
AoG Warrior
Gorilla 2 4 20 1 250 (300+) How the lower simian races attained sentience is unknown, though the monkey god, Marimbo, probably had something to do with it.
AoG Aviansie
AoG Flying
Aviansie 2 6 20 1 400 (600+) The beloved of Armadyl, god of the skies, the aviansie are an honourable race of birdmen. Their ability to fly giving them a great advantage on the battlefield.
Barbarian Spear Woman
AoG Ranger
Barbarian Spear Woman 3 6 7 2-3 125 This unit can capture structures.

When foes refuse to get close enough for the barbarians to destroy them face to face, their women throw sharp sticks at the enemy until the situation resolves itself one way or the other.
AoG Tzhaar-Ket
AoG Warrior
Tzhaar-Ket 4 4 35 1 300 (450+) The Tzhaar are a race born of the volcano, made of rock and fire. They are a lumbering but honourable people; anger one and it will not soon forget. The Tzhaar-Ket, members of the warrior caste, make formidable opponents.
AoG Dagganoth
AoG Warrior
Dagannoth 4 6 30 1 400 (450+) An amphibious, air-intercepting warrior.

Ancient creatures of the deep, dagganoths are smarter and stronger than they might first appear. Their true numbers are hidden by the underwater abyss.
AoG Portal Mage
AoG Helper
Portal Mage 5 7 5 1 200 Opens a single portal for a single god's forces at a chosen location. Casting a teleportation node is no easy feat, and few wizards in Gielinor who have the ability to do so. Any faction that has portal mages on their side will have a distinct advantage over their enemies.
AoG King Black Dragon
AoG Flying
King Black Dragon 5 6 99 1-3 2000* King of the dragons, this three headed, black-skinned beast has the ability to breathe fire. Not many dragonslayers are hardy enough to survive an attack from this creature.
AoG Red Dragon
AoG Flying
Red Dragon 5 6 40 1-2 750* Flying, fire-breathing ranged unit

Once the King Black Dragon has joined the fight, the door is opened for his red-skinned relatives to enter the battlefield behind him.

If you play on the Frozen Wastes Map, red Dragons will actually be blue.

*Note: Red Dragons can only be summoned once a King Black Dragon is in play, and the King Black Dragon can only be summoned once by the first player, unless Draconic Chant is used.
+Note: Reduced price from update of 31 March 2010.

Deleted UnitEdit

Image Class Name Level Speed Strength Range Cost (Mana) Description
AoG Penance Ranger
AoG Ranger
Penance Ranger 3 5 10 2-3 100 The Penance are a race of strange creatures, a collection of oddities typically used by barbarians for combat training. If their numbers are not controlled, however, they can prove to be dangerous.

Replaced by the Barbarian Spear Woman in the update of 25/11/2009.

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