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Not not to be confused with Saradomin Strikes

Aog Saradomin
Saradomin is the god of lawfulness and order in all its forms. His followers are the purest of creatures. All Saradomin units that cost runes are only available to members and are in italics; all other units are available to all players.

Image Class Name Cost (Runes) Level Speed Strength Range Cost (Mana) Description
AoG Monk
AoG Helper
Monk Free 1 6 10 1 150 Heals adjacent units by 3 points and cures poisoned units. Buries bones on adjacent map tiles which increases the monk's maximum health by 1 point.

Monks may not be renowned warriors, but their faith gives them another kind of strength.
AoG Paladin
AoG Warrior
Paladin Free 1 6 10 1 100 Priestly knights, paladins are both great warriors and devout believers. They take their godly duties as seriously as their combat training.
AoG SaradominOwl
AoG Flying
Saradomin Owl Free 1 6 5 1 100 The wise and ever-watchful owl reflects perfectly the qualities of Saradomin.
AoG SaradominRanger
AoG Ranger
Saradomin Ranger 2 2 6 20 2-3 200 The rangers who fight for Saradomin loose arrows with unerring accuracy, in part due to their frequent prayers.
AoG WhiteKnight
AoG Warrior
White Knight Free 2 5 25 1 250 Upholders of peace and guardians of what is now Falador, the organization known as the White Knights boasts many strong and honourable warriors.
AoG SaradominMage
AoG Mage
Saradomin Mage Free 3 3 20 3-5 250 The various wizards and mages who follow Saradomin are well-practised in the magic arts.
AoG Lion
AoG Warrior
Lion 3 3 4 40 1 350 The princely lions exude grace and power, which is part of what makes them royalty among the big cats.
AoG Unicorn
AoG Skirmish
Unicorn Free 3 8 30 1 350 Proud and noble creatures renowned for their curative powers though a unicorn's horn can also do plenty of damage.
AoG Centaur
AoG Ranger
Centaur 4 4 9 25 1-3 300 Centaurs are mystical creatures not so often seen in the world. The lower half of their bodies is that of a horse; the upper half is that of a man. They are considered expert bowmen.
AoG Priest
AoG Helper
Priest 4 4 6 20 1 300 Heals adjacent units by 3 points and cures poisoned units. Deploys a single spiritual barrier at a chosen location which protects friendly units within.

Priests are the most devout followers of Saradomin, devoting their lives to prayer, and spreading his divine message. That gives them a strong link to their god and grants them the ability to create spiritual wards and protections.
AoG Icyene
AoG Flying
Icyene 5 5 8 40 1-3 800 A flying unit with long-range throwing axes.

Proud and loyal warriors of Saradomin, the icyene have a godly strength flowing through their veins, and beautiful wings that grant them the power of flight.

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