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Aog Seren
Seren is the crystalline goddess of elfkind and one of the first gods to bring her followers to Gielinor.

Seren and all of its units are only available to Members.

Armies of Gielinor gods
Neutral Saradomin Zamorak Guthix Seren Bandos Menaphite Pantheon
Image Class Name Cost (Runes) Level Speed Strength Range Cost (Mana) Description
Black Bear
AoG Skirmish
Black Bear Free 1 5 15 1 150 The black bear is stronger than its brown cousins found in the east, and will not think twice before mauling unsuspecting explorers who encroach on their territory.
AoG Flying
Falcon Free 2 10 5 1 150 Falcons are the ideal bird for carrying messages through the dense forests of Isafdar, as well as being a useful flying skirmish unit.
Elven Pikemen
AoG Warrior
Elven Pikemen Free 2 6 25 1 250 Foot soldiers of the elf army, these pikemen wield a large-bladed crystal halberd and wear strong yet lightweight armour. Pikemen are well-trained and formidable soldiers.
Elven Archer
AoG Ranger
Elven Archer 8 2 6 25 2-4 300 Elf archers wield crystal weaponry in the form of a longbow. This crystal bow does not require conventional arrows, but rather creates enchanted arrows of light. This allows the elves to rain death upon their foes with little need for resupply.
Dire Wolf
AoG Skirmish
Dire Wolf Free 2 8 20 1 250 Dire wolves are larger and meaner than the grey and white wolves that commonly fall under Guthix's banner. They show no loyalty to anything other than their packs, and will defend their territory without mercy.
Elf Shieldmaiden
AoG Warrior
Elf Shieldmaiden Free 3 6 30 1 300 Shieldmaidens wield crystal shields, often with a dagger or small sword, which they use to protect elf pikemen and archers. Crystal shields can soak up a lot of damage, giving the shieldmaiden's brethren an opportunity to triumph.
Elf Songstress
AoG Helper
Elf Songstress 12 3 6 20 1 300 Allies within 2 tiles of her song become equally effective in combat against all unit classes.

The crystals that elves use in almost every aspect of their lives are given shape by singing to them, which makes songstresses very important to elves. Elven weapons are also formed in this way, and when a songstress sings in battle she can boost the effectiveness of her allies, and even increase the morale of non-elf units.

AoG Skirmish
Grenwall 12 3 6 8 1 50

Grenwalls are odd creatures, and natural predators of timid pawya. They have the ability to fire their spines like miniature arrows, a weapon they use to strike their pawya prey before it can burrow to safety.

Elf Lord
AoG Warrior
Elf Lord 16 4 6 40 1 400 Even the higher echelons of elf society will engage in war when necessary. Although they are born into a higher station, they spend as much time learning the art of warfare as their subordinates, if not more.
Elf Lady
AoG Skirmish
Elf Lady Free 4 8 35 1 400 Female elves take an active part in all aspects of elf society, including hunt and war. They may not favour the heavier weapons used by an elf lord but they are formidable warriors.
Crystaline Shape-Shiftery
AoG Warrior
Crystalline Shape-Shifter 20 5 6 25 1-3 750 Can teleport onto a map tile occupied by an enemy unit, killing them in the process.

Crystalline shape-shifter are stealthy combatants, flattening themselves to the ground and moving undetected into the midst of the enemies' ranks, before striking upwards with a swift and deadly force.

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