26 February 2009Edit

The first update included:

  • A team battle mode, for a range of players between 4 and 8.
  • An option to manage a game's turn limit.
  • Changes to the interfaces that help display a unit's movements and attack abilities.
  • In-game information on different types of terrain.
  • Poisonous attacks will cause green splats.
  • Improvements for the in-game minimap.
  • New achievements.
  • Changes to prevent 'portal camping'.

14 May 2009Edit

The second update was originally projected for release in April 2009:

  • The trinket system, where players can purchase items (such as potions and spells) to use in-game.
    • Trinkets will be bought using runes, similar to units.
    • Trinkets will all be one-use only.
    • Multiple trinkets will be able to be held, with a certain limit usable per game.
  • Team chat
  • Prestige

13 October 2009Edit

A previously unannounced update introducing the Hallowvale Swamp map type, making the Kharidian Desert available to F2P, and new achievements

24 November 2009Edit

  • Zamorak single-player Campaign added.
  • The Penance Ranger has been replaced with the Barbarian Spear woman, but can capture just like her male counterpart.
  • Hotseat mode now has an AI option to practice and hone your warfare skills.
  • Pressing comma and full stop (“,” and “.”) in-game now allows you to cycle through your available units.
  • Seaslugs are now amphibious units.
  • We have expanded the Trinket options in multiplayer games to “Off”, “25 Rune Limit”, “75 Rune Limit”, “100 Rune Limit”, and “No Limit”. This should allow those of you venture into Trinket games to level the playing field a little.
  • Prestige is now awarded based on the number of Runes you have, you no longer have to buy them. For those of you have already purchased prestiges, you will be refunded in due course.
  • You can now only place one trinket on one unit per turn. I.e. You can only give a unit a shield or a sword this turn, but not both. You can still use another trinket on that unit but must wait for the following turn.
  • An inaccuracy in the instructions has been fixed, to correctly indicate that the monk heals 3 points per turn, not 2.

Future UpdatesEdit

The Saradomin and Guthix Campaign are scheduled to released in late 2009 to early 2010. New gods and units have also been confirmed to be in development but not release date has been confirmed.

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