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Aog Zamorak
Zamorak is the Mahjarrat-god of chaos, followed by all kinds of wicked, vicious men and beasts. All Zamorak units that cost runes are only available to members in multiplayer games and are in italics; all other units are available to all players. Zamorak is currently one of the three gods for which there is a single player campaign: see Armies of Gielinor/Zamorak Returns.
Image Class Name Cost (Runes) Level Speed Strength Range Cost (Mana) Description
AoG Werewolf
AoG Warrior
Werewolf Free 1 6 10 1 100 Werewolves have two faces: one is that of a man, albeit a hairy one: the other is that of a wolf man, a savage beast with an insatiable hunger for meat.
AoG Skeleton
AoG Skirmish
Skeleton Free 1 5 15 1 100 Undead skirmish unit that loses one health point per turn.

The remains of the fallen dead from centuries-old battles, imbued with dark energy by a necromancer to create terrifying and deadly warriors.
AoG Necromancer
AoG Helper
Necromancer Free 1 6 10 1 150 Raises the bones of the dead on an adjacent map tiles into skeletion warriors; adjacent skeletons are healed fully.

Necromancers are mages with power over death. Their magics allow them to raise and control armies of undead creatures. If bones are on a mountain or any other unaccesible place, the skeleton will appear on top of the mountain.
AoG Zamorak Ranger
AoG Ranger
Zamorak Ranger 2 2 6 20 2-3 200 Zamorakians will use any tricks they can to increase their chances of winning a fight, and the benefits of deploying ranged units are not lost on them. Their rangers are equal of any fielded by Saradominist forces.
AoG Black Knight
AoG Warrior
Black Knight Free 2 5 25 1 250 The Black Knights, also known as the Kinshra, were once allied to the White Knights, but theological differences caused a rift between the two organizations.
AoG Zamorak Mage
AoG Mage
Zamorak Mage Free 3 3 20 3-5 250 Not as well-schooled as Saradomin mages, but no less deadly, the Zamorak mages have turned to the forgotten, darker arts to gain their power.
AoG Hellhound
AoG Skirmish
Hellhound 3 3 8 30 1 350 Servants of the demon lords, hellhounds are dispatched by their masters to claim the lives of the cursed. Being demonkind, though, they don't always like to wait for the slow hand of fate to play its part.
AoG Sea Slug
AoG Skirmish
Sea Slug 3 3 3 10 1 100 A parasitic creature, which sacrifices itself in an attack in order to gain control of one enemy unit. (This ability only works on units that have the same (or less) health as the Sea Slug)

Was made amphibious in the update of 25/11/2009.

AoG Greater Demon
AoG Warrior
Greater Demon Free 4 4 50 1 450 Demons possess incredible power and capability for destruction.
AoG Gargoyle
AoG Flying
Gargoyle 4 4 6 30 1-3 600 A flying demon with long-range throwing rocks.

These magically animated stone statues are particularly difficult to kill and are rarely friendly.
AoG Pyrelord
AoG Titan
Pyrelord 5 5 3 50 1 750 When moved a distance of one map tile onto a forest tile, it burns down the forest, converting it to open ground.

Pyrelords may only be low demons, but as creatures of ever-burning flame with pyromaniacal leanings, they are dangerous beings, They have the ability to burn down forests.

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