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Platform games involve jumping. Lots and lots of jumping. Or, occasionally, rolling. Maneuver your way around three-dimensional worlds (usually represented by two-dimensional side-scrolling or vertically-scrolling views) and try your best to not fall off the edge of the world.

This page contains descriptions and listings of all FunOrb platform games in alphabetical order.

Available Game Genres
All - Action - Platform - Puzzle - Racing - Shooter - Sport - Strategy - Word

Descriptions of Platform Games[]

Game Title Game Description
Bouncedown thumbnail
A true study in equilibrium. Make yourself bigger or smaller, bounce high into the air or fall through the clouds, all while sliding along the proverbial tightrope between being impaled and burned alive. And maybe grow some spikes now and then.

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Tor Challenge thumbnail
Tor Challenge
Like a Jackie Chan movie, take the fine tradition of Asian monks and drown it in Gummi berry juice. Choose your avatar wisely, for if the body and the mind are not in harmony, you will make a very lovely throw rug on the master's floor.

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Torquing! thumbnail
Imagine Marble Madness...except with hamsters. There really is no better way to describe this. If you grew up on the NES, your memories of "Aaaaaaaaah! *splat*" will come back to you in a flash. Roll your hamster around environments filled with precarious drops and plenty of goodies to collect, and cry with joy for every gyroscope you find. Yes, gravity does work.

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Vertigo 2 thumbnail
Vertigo 2
Let's hope you don't have acrophobia as you ever-so-carefully plummet downwards to your paint buckets, try not to land on spikes, or any electrically active wires. Then, jump back up, trying to get off of that terribly messy glue, and paint the town purple!

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Wizard Run thumbnail
Wizard Run
Harness the power of the stars to beat down waves of rabid, twisted fauna and rescue your master from their clutches. But with this great power comes great responsibility, and it requires much more strength of will to capture the enemy than it does to destroy it.

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