Genre Strategy
Release 27th February 2008
Multi-player Yes

Chess is a classic strategy game that was released on the day of FunOrb's release.


Chess is a turn-based game, and can be played in either 2D mode or 3D mode,where the only differences are in the way the pieces are rendered; it defaults to 3D mode, but some players find it easier to distinguish the pieces in 2D mode. It uses a standard chess board. Players who are playing chess can chat with their friends on RuneScape and the multi-player FunOrb games. There is a lobby for players who want to play chess together, and there is a hotseat mode, where two players play on the same computer.

Movement of the pieces

Pawn moves 1 square directly forward, provided that square is unoccupied. If there is an opponent's piece 1 square diagonally forward, the pawn can move there and capture the piece. On it's first move, if the square directly in front of it is unoccupied, it can move 2 spaces forward.

Rated Games

Every multiplayer game has a player rating, which determines the player's average score. When playing a rated game, the winner will gain rating, while the loser will lose rating. Each player has separate ratings for different games. One cannot choose their opponent in a rated game, and it cannot be played in hotseat mode.

When choosing the parameters for a rated game, note that multiple time lengths may be selected at once. Selecting multiple lengths may reduce the wait time to be paired in a rated game while providing more influence on the game length than simply selecting "Don't mind".


Total Achievements: 11
Total Orb Coins: 29
Total Orb Points: 2900
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Image Name Requirement Orb Points Orb Coins Members? Sorter
Challenger Challenger

Play 10 rated games

200 2 No AG
Champion Champion

Win 10 rated games

300 3 No AI
Chess Defender Defender

Perform the king's castling move in a rated game

100 1 No AB
Master Master

Win 25 rated games

500 5 No AJ
Newcomer Newcomer

Play 5 rated games

100 1 No AF
Chess Pacifist Pacifist

Win a rated game without taking any pieces

500 5 No AE
Quick Mover Quick Mover

Win a rated game in no more than six moves from both players combined

200 2 No AC
Royalty Royalty

Promote a pawn to a queen in a rated game

200 2 No AA
Safe Mover Safe Mover

Win a rated game without losing any pieces

500 5 No AD
Samhain Sovereign Samhain Sovereign

Win a rated game with the Halloween skin

100 1 No AK
Victor Victor

Win 5 rated games

200 2 No AH
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If a person resigns before the sixth move of the game is made, the other player will get the "Quick Mover" achievement, and potentially the "Safe Mover" and "Pacifist" achievements as well. The only other method of getting all three of these achievements at once is through the "Fool's Mate" checkmate. The only typical method of getting "Quick Mover" would be "Scholar's mate."

During the 2008 Halloween Event, there was much ranting by players who could not identify which chess piece was which when they changed their appearance for 2 weeks.