Ok .. Step 1: It is clear you need to get the silver key. Be careful once you get the key you need to move up once. Move right once to let boulder fall. move left once wait for all the bombs to blow! then collect the first crystal before the ball drops in! Once the balls drops in along with all the rocks exit throught the top!

Stand in front of the GOLD KEY, wait for the ball to pass the right gold box, once it does collect the gold key!

3. Now you need to be fast! follow the ball along the left side ( be careful do not get to close) but get as close as you can. move the as the ball drops keep going knocking the rock right to block the ray gun.

4. knock over all the remaining rocks left , except the last rock it goes right. This should block the other ray and having a leveled rock layer. (do not block the bombs by the red key) ok heres were you have to be really fast ! once you get the red key collect all the crystals the red safe open and run up to the cyan key before the bombs blow! you have like 4 seconds.

5. collect the cyan key , wait for the rock and boulder to clear once it drops run to the last crystal and good ob :)!

No. Name Members Only?
Tutorial levels
Doable levels
Insane levels
Theoretically Possible levels
Bonus levels
Two Player levels
Three Player levels
Arcade levels
1 Flee Yes
2 Clover Yes
3 Gates Yes
4 Panic Room Yes
5 Infested Yes
6 Quick! Yes
7 Teleport Around Yes
8 Splodge Yes
9 Bomb Rays Yes
10 Treasure Rider Yes
11 The Key is Key Yes
12 Sticky Hedges Yes
13 Try to Flee Yes
14 Boom Boom Boom Yes
15 Spider's Den Yes
16 On The Run Yes
17 Laser Gun Yes
18 Dodge Ball Yes
19 Chain Reaction Yes
20 Rain Yes
21 The Americas Yes
22 Boom Yes
23 Tight Yes
24 Doohickey Yes
25 Chains of Madness Yes
Crazy Crystals A22 Boom