Part 1: South America : Rock slide -

1. Stay in a fluent motion - Grab silver key , move right once, wait for the bomb to finish exploding in front of you (2 seconds), move left once, down 4 spaces to collect gold key (stay in the middle). Come up collect both of the crystals then the red key .

2. Stay in front of the cyan key ( Do not Collect it , if you do you will be stuck) let the rocks finish falling, then collect the cyan key. Do not move let the rocks finnish falling. Then you are free from the first part.

Part II : Breaking America's Borders - 1. Do not collect the crystal by the three rocks ( last thing you do to complete level)

2. I took a page off Frogger to play this part. Watch the repetitions in the shock balls. Stay behind one that you know has passed you. watch the one in front of you make sure it passes to get to the crystals. (this takes your skill) I even used the portals to get back to the start quickly. Collect all crystals.

3. Collect the crystal by the three rocks

No. Name Members Only?
Tutorial levels
Doable levels
Insane levels
Theoretically Possible levels
Bonus levels
Two Player levels
Three Player levels
Arcade levels
1 Flee Yes
2 Clover Yes
3 Gates Yes
4 Panic Room Yes
5 Infested Yes
6 Quick! Yes
7 Teleport Around Yes
8 Splodge Yes
9 Bomb Rays Yes
10 Treasure Rider Yes
11 The Key is Key Yes
12 Sticky Hedges Yes
13 Try to Flee Yes
14 Boom Boom Boom Yes
15 Spider's Den Yes
16 On The Run Yes
17 Laser Gun Yes
18 Dodge Ball Yes
19 Chain Reaction Yes
20 Rain Yes
21 The Americas Yes
22 Boom Yes
23 Tight Yes
24 Doohickey Yes
25 Chains of Madness Yes
Crazy Crystals A21 The Americas