This level is nothing but being Super FAST... you hav to make such a tight squeeze its hilarious. 1. run completely across do not stop in a fluent motion after collecting the last one on the straight shot go up one . left one run right then down then up collecting all on the vertical line then squeeze into the crystal below the ray gun ( do not hit any of the other three crystals or you will fail this level. after that go back collect the other crystals you left then collect the last three crystals under the two rocks

No. Name Members Only?
Tutorial levels
Doable levels
Insane levels
Theoretically Possible levels
Bonus levels
Two Player levels
Three Player levels
Arcade levels
1 Flee Yes
2 Clover Yes
3 Gates Yes
4 Panic Room Yes
5 Infested Yes
6 Quick! Yes
7 Teleport Around Yes
8 Splodge Yes
9 Bomb Rays Yes
10 Treasure Rider Yes
11 The Key is Key Yes
12 Sticky Hedges Yes
13 Try to Flee Yes
14 Boom Boom Boom Yes
15 Spider's Den Yes
16 On The Run Yes
17 Laser Gun Yes
18 Dodge Ball Yes
19 Chain Reaction Yes
20 Rain Yes
21 The Americas Yes
22 Boom Yes
23 Tight Yes
24 Doohickey Yes
25 Chains of Madness Yes
Crazy Crystals A23 Tight