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Dungeon Assault
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Genre Perpetual-world Strategy
Release August 13, 2008
Multi-player Yes

This page is for objective, encyclopaedic content. There is a separate forum page to discuss tactics and strategy.

Dungeon Assault is a perpetual strategy game. The aim of the game is to increase your renown by successfully raiding other players' dungeons and by defending your own. Players earn treasure for successful raids, which is used to buy traps and monsters to defend their dungeon, and to hire monsters to form a raiding party.


For those more interested in the mathematical probabilities of raiding, please visit the Probability subpage.

Raiding other Dragons' dungeons is the main source of renown and treasure. Players must first recruit a raiding party from the Stable. Then they can select a rival Dragon's dungeon to raid. There are three possible results from a raid.

  1. The dungeon defeats the raiding party. The raiding player loses renown, and if the dungeon rooms were particularly dangerous, possibly some raiders as well.
  2. The Dragon awakes while the party is trying to steal gold. No renown is gained nor lost for this. However the Dragon may eat some or all of the raiders, and if any of your raiders lost stats or killed in the dungeon rooms, they are so.
  3. The raiding party successfully steals some gold from the dragon. This results in a gain of renown and treasure for the raiding player. However, this does not "cure" your raiders, so if they get damaged from other rooms, they stay that way.

If the raider successfully reaches the hoard room of the target dungeon (i.e. it is not defeated by the dungeon, as per option 1), it will also pick up a bounty of the dungeon, if it has one. The maximum bounty of the dungeon is equivalent to 5% of the user's renown, with a maximum cap at 500 treasure for all players. A rough amount is shown in a number of gold bars next to username, with no gold bars representing no bounty. The bounty, if it is taken after a successful raid, will eventually regenerate to its maximum amount again, increasing every eight hours, assuming it is not raided in that time. The bounty is completely separate to any gold or renown you earn by stealing from the hoard itself, i.e. taking the bounty will not earn renown, only the amount of treasure specified in the bounty.

If the dragon does wake up, no gold is stolen, and the dragon may eat none, some, or all of the raiding party. If the raider is eaten by the dragon, or fails a room that is lethal, then instead of being incapacitated, it will die. After the raid, you will not be able to use that raider again. However, you can revive them by paying half of their original cost. Once they are revived, they will not have any more stat reductions. Note that it takes just as much gold to revive than to heal a handicapped raider.

In addition to the gold amount and chance of waking the dragon, the window also displays the renown & treasure rewarded if the party makes a successful steal. Both values, renown and treasure, are based on the amount of gold. Every 10 gold earns 1 renown. Treasure is also derived from gold, but its a bit trickier. Each player has a personal conversion rate based on both raiding and defence success ratios. The best rate is 10 gold earns 1 treasure, just like renown. However, some players are closer to the worst rate of 40 gold to 1 treasure, as the penalty to this "hidden stat" is harsh, and its recovery is difficult.

Sometimes, the amount of gold one can take is limited, on the grounds that "your raiders cant carry that much". You can find how much gold each raider can steal in the Raiders section.


When in a raid, there are always several possible actions.


Order your raider to engage the monster in combat.
This option appears when a monster is found. The raider's Sneak is rolled against the monster's Detect first, and the winner of the roll will make another roll of its own Attack against the raider's Defence. If the attacker wins, the fight ends. If the defender wins, he then becomes the attacker and rolls his Attack against the opponent's Defence. This carries on until one attacker wins.



Order your raider to disarm the trap.
This option appears in place of the Advance option when encountering traps. First, the raider rolls his Sneak against the trap's Detect to see if the raider is detected. If the raider is not detected, the trap is disarmed. If the raider is detected, the raider rolls his Dodge against the trap's Snare. If the raider wins the roll, the trap is disarmed. If not, the raider will be incapacitated, trapped, or killed in some cases.


Order your unit not to use a special ability, i.e. an Orc Shaman's Offering special ability



Order your raider to engage the monster in combat.
This is identical to Advancing, except that the raider loses 1 Defence and gains 1 Attack for the duration of the fight, and always gets detected. You try charging and sneaking at the same time and see how well you do!



Order your raider to attempt to leave the room. The monster in the room will not be defeated. You can send in another raider or find another way around the monster.
If the raider attempts to flee he first has to survive the monsters attack. If he survives the raider's Dodge is rolled against the opponent's Snare. If the raider is successful, he escapes, as though the player had never went into that room, except that its contents will be revealed. If the raider fails to dodge the monster gets another attack, until either the raider is incapacitated/killed or the raider escapes.

Special Ability


Some raiders and some dungeon rooms have special abilities. There are two types of special abilities: active and passive. Active abilities require the use of this button to activate, and usually are single-use, but there are exceptions. Passive abilities are constantly in effect, and does not require any action to be taken. All dungeon room special abilities are passive.


Raiders can be classified into roughly five categories. Each category matches the strategy you should be employing the raider in. Matching the raiders 2 highest stats with the category below should give you an idea of how to use them.

  • Brute Strength - DA Atk.PNG & DA Def.PNG

These raiders are the slayers of monsters. They are often your best bet to take out any monster, but are especially good at slaying monsters who have high detect or snare and low combat stats. These raiders are typically very weak to traps of any kind, so be careful when leading with them.

Examples: Orc Warrior, Ogre Thug, Cave Troll, Mercenary Knight, Ogre Brute, Black Knight, Sorceress
  • First Strike - DA Atk.PNG & DA Snk.PNG

These raiders strike a balance between slaying monsters and beating traps. Their strategy for beating monsters is to sneak up on them and win on the first hit. As such, they are best slaying monsters with low detect and defence. For traps, they again use their sneakiness, dodging isn't often a strong point. As you might imagine, if they are detected, whether by monster or trap, these raiders are almost certainly done for. They are weak to rooms with high detect and stone golems.

Example: Beastman, Orc Blademaster, Dark Elf Assassin
  • Scout - DA Def.PNG & DA Dodge.PNG

Scouts strike a balance between monsters and traps, but also flee from monsters better than any other type. When confronted with a trap, Scouts depend on their dodge to get by, often their sneak is much lower. For traps with lower snare than detect, this is a very good strategy. When confronted with a monster, you can choose between fleeing or fighting. Unless the monster has good snare, this raider is good at shrugging off the hit and running to let another raider have a shot. This is a good raider to lead with. Mostly scouts will flee from battle and switch to a brute strength (see above) to deal with the monsters

Examples: Saurus Slink, Goblin Scout, Ranger of the North
  • Trap Disarmer - DA Dodge.PNG & DA Snk.PNG

These raiders are how you get past traps. These raiders are typically very weak to monsters of any kind, so be careful when leading with them.

Examples: Saurus Spawn, Thief, Spy, Daemonette
  • Balanced - DA Atk.PNG, DA Def.PNG, DA Dodge.PNG, DA Snk.PNG

These raiders have similar levels of all four stats. Each individual stat is lower then that of a raider at a similar price, so the total number of all four stats is roughly equal.

Examples: Goblin Runt, Saurus Warrior, Priest, Chaos Champion
  • Special

When a raider doesn't fit in one of the other categories, or its stats are very low by comparison, it often has a special ability designed to make up for it. These special abilities are often good enough to be the only reason you'd bring in such a raider.

Examples: Witch, Dryad, Dwarf Renegade, Enchantress, Berserker, Zealot

When a raider has a stat lowered by a dungeon room monster, it can be healed to full condition by paying half the original cost. If the raider gets killed by a dungeon room monster or the dragon, it can also be revived at the same price.

There are 30 different raiders to choose from to make your raiding party. Raiders in italics can only be purchased and used by members. Only 8 raiders can be in your stable at any one time, and only 4 can be taken into a raid itself. "Charging orb" means this raider is only available when one or more orbs are charging. Once the orb(s) is/are charged, this raider isn't available anymore until new orbs are charging. Charging an orb requires a minimum of 750 renown.

Gold stealable is classified based on the current stat of a raider. A dead raider reaching hoard room cannot take any gold. The gold stealable by a raider is the sum of all four stats times 100. For example, a goblin runt with 0 attack can only take 300 gold. (Goblin runt cannot reach 0 defense as that will instead kill it.)

Icon Name Required Renown Treasure to Hire DA Atk.PNG DA Def.PNG DA Dodge.PNG DA Snk.PNG Ability Gold stealable
Goblin Runt.PNG Goblin Runt 250 0 1 1 1 1 - 400
Goblin Cleaver.PNG Goblin Cleaver 250 10 2 1 2 1 - 600
Orc Warrior.PNG Orc Warrior 250 15 2 2 1 1 - 600
Saurus Spawn.PNG Saurus Spawn 250 20 1 1 3 2 - 700
Ogre Thug.PNG Ogre Thug 350 30 3 4 1 0 - 800
Saurus Slink.PNG Saurus Slink 450 35 1 3 3 1 Passive - Pit Immunity - Will never fail to disarm a Pit Trap, Hidden Pit, or Bottomless Pit. 800
Beastman.PNG Beastman 650 40 4 1 1 3 - 900
Witch.PNG Witch 750 50 2 3 2 3 Active - Harden Raider - The Witch imbues another raider with the resilience of oak, doubling their defence in the next room. (Single use.) 1000
Dryad.PNG Dryad 1000 55 1 3 2 4 Active - Gift of the Trees - The Dryad channels the power of the great forests that were once her home to double the sneak of a raider in the next room. (Single use.) 1000
Cave Troll.PNG Cave Troll 1250 60 4 4 2 0 Passive - Toughness - If killed, they revive with 1 less defence. 1000
Goblin Scout.PNG Goblin Scout 1450 80 1 4 5 2 Active - Retreat - Goblin Scouts can flee from a room without fighting or activating any monsters or traps. (Single use.) 1200
Saurus Warrior.PNG Saurus Warrior 1650 85 3 3 4 4 - 1400
Orc Shaman.PNG Orc Shaman 1850 90 5 3 4 1 Active - Offering - Can sacrifice any goblin or orc to save himself when he is about to die or be incapacitated. 1300
Mercenary Knight.PNG Mercenary Knight 2000 100 6 5 1 1 - 1300
Orc Blademaster.PNG Orc Blademaster 2150 110 7 1 1 5 - 1400
Thief.png Thief 2350 115 3 3 6 5 Passive - Thievery - Decreases the likelihood of a dragon waking when stealing that dragon's gold. 1700
Ogre brute.PNG Ogre Brute 2450 120 6 7 1 0 - 1400
Priest.PNG Priest 3100 145 5 5 3 3 Active - Revive - Can revive one of your raiders if he dies. The raider is then teleported back to your stable. (Single use.) 1600
Dwarf renegade.PNG Dwarf Renegade 3300 150 3 4 2 2 Active - Circumvent - Can defeat any room. (Single use.) 1100
Minotaur.PNG Minotaur 3500 160 5 7 5 0 Active - Scout - Reveals what is behind the next door. (Single use.) 1700
Spy.PNG Spy 3750 180 2 3 8 8 Active - Reconnoitre - Reveals the contents of any two rooms at the start of the raid. (Single use.) 2100
Enchantress.png Enchantress 4000 190 1 6 4 6 Active - Glamour - Monster Attack and Defence halved in the next room. (Single use.) 1700
Zealot.png Zealot 4250 200 8 2 7 0 Passive - Intimidate - Enemies fought with zealot in the party have -1 attack, but allies suffer -1 sneak. Effect is cumulative i.e. a party with 2 zealots will have opponents' attack reduced by 2, and sneak reduced by 2. Effect also dependent on surviving zealots i.e. if a zealot is incapacitated/killed, the effect is reduced by a magnitude of 1 (sneak and attack reduced). 1700
Ranger of the North.png Ranger of the North 4500 210 4 7 7 5 Passive - Ferocity - The ranger's attack is doubled for the first round of each combat. 2300
Berserker.png Berserker 4750 220 10 0 0 0
  • Passive - First Strike - The Berserker always gets the first strike.
  • Passive - Fragility - Any attack which would stun a usual raider will kill the Berserker.

Berserkers must kill enemies the first try, unless the opponent has 0 attack (made possible through zealot ability). This makes a Stone Golem impossible to defeat with a Berserker.

Black Knight.png Black Knight 5250 240 8 9 4 1 Passive - Armoured - Ignores first defeat in each combat. This still applies when fleeing. This is the raider equivalence of a stone golem's special ability. 2200
Dark Elf Assassin.png Dark Elf Assassin 5500 250 8 5 5 9 - 2700
Sorceress.png Sorceress 5900 & Charging Orb 270 7 6 2 2 Active - Dark Arts - The Sorceress can use the Dark Arts to readjust the balance between attack and defence. (Single use.) 1700
Daemonette.png Daemonette 6300 & Charging Orb 280 6 6 9 9 Passive - Fire Immunity - The Daemonette is immune to dragonfire and so cannot be eaten by the dragon. 3000
Chaos Champion.png Chaos Champion 7000 & Charging Orb 500 10 10 10 10
  • Active - Master of Chaos - The Chaos Champion can sacrifice any other raider to pass any room.
  • Passive - Fickle - If the player fails a raid, the Chaos Champion will abandon the player. Includes raids where the dragon wakes up.

Dungeon Rooms

There are 30 different dungeon rooms to choose from to guard your dungeon. These rooms are meant to prevent other raiding parties from reaching your hoard room. Rooms in italics can only be purchased and used by members. "Charging orb" means this room is only available when one or more orbs are charging. Once the orb(s) is/are charged, this room isn't available anymore until new orbs are charging. Charging an orb requires a minimum of 750 renown.

Dungeons have a total of 49 rooms, with 4 entrances and a hoard room in the centre that cannot have a room built on it. The other rooms can have rooms built on them. The hoard room always has 2 entrances leading into it, except in unlikely cases of having 3 entrances. The 'default dungeon', what the player starts off with or has after an orb of mastery charge, is empty save for a few low level traps i.e. Giant Rats, Snakes, Pits and Rot Worms. If a room is built upon an existing room, the former room will be refunded for half its original price, however a profit cannot be made in doing so.

Icon Name Type Required Renown Treasure to Buy DA Atk.PNG DA Def.PNG DA Snare.PNG DA Detect.PNG Ability
Tripwire Bell.PNG Tripwire Bell Guardian 250 10 0 0 0 2 Increases the detect of all rooms in the dungeon by 1 if triggered. Disarms upon success.
Giant Rats.PNG Giant Rats Monster 250 10 1 1 1 1 -
Snakes.PNG Snakes Trap 250 10 0 0 1 1 -
Pit.PNG Pit Trap 250 20 0 0 1 4 -
Rot Worms.PNG Rot Worms Monster 250 20 1 1 0 2 Defeated raiders permanently lose 1 attack. Raiders having 0 attack simply get incapitated.
Nails.PNG Nails Trap 350 30 0 0 2 2 Trapped raiders permanently lose 1 defence. (If defence is reduced to 0 the raider dies.)
Troglodytes.PNG Troglodytes Monster 450 30 2 2 1 1 -
Imp.PNG Imp Monster 550 35 2 1 1 3 -
Giant snake.png Giant Snake Monster 650 40 2 3 1 1 -
Hidden Pit.PNG Hidden Pit Trap 750 50 0 0 3 6 -
Vampire Bats.PNG Vampire Bats Monster 850 50 2 3 1 3 Defeated raiders permanently lose 1 attack and 1 defence. If defence is reduced to 0 the raider dies. Raiders having 0 attack and not 0 defense will not die.
Giant Spider.PNG Giant Spider Monster 950 60 2 3 4 1 -
Teleport DA.png Teleport Trap 1100 60 0 0 4 3 Disarms upon success, can only disable one raider.
Skeleton Sentinels.PNG Skeleton Sentinels Monster 1250 70 2 4 0 3 The skeletons will rise again when the raiders leave the room. They are ideal to place just before the last room of a dead end, as the raiders will have to fight them again on the way out.
Hidden Nails.PNG Hidden Nails Trap Around 1600 80 0 0 3 4 Trapped raiders permanently lose 1 defence. (If defence is reduced to 0 the raider dies.)
Spectre.PNG Spectre Monster 1400 85 2 2 2 5 Defeated raiders permanently lose 2 attack. Raiders having 0 or 1 attack simply get incapitated.
Crusher.PNG Crusher Trap 2000 110 0 0 7 3 Raiders that are trapped are instantly killed.
Banshee.PNG Banshee Monster 2150 110 5 4 6 2 If the Banshee detects a raider, its scream will increase the Detect of all adjacent monsters by 2. Defeated raiders permanently lose 1 attack. Raiders having 0 attack simply get incapitated.
Hall Of Glass.png Hall of Glass Guardian 2425 110 0 0 6 0 When triggered, the Detect of all monsters in the dungeon is raised by 2.
Pit Demon.png Pit Demon Monster 2450 120 6 6 0 2 The attack of this monster is lethal.
Corrosive Slime.png Corrosive Slime Monster 2750 140 6 8 0 5 Each time a raider crosses this room, it may be attacked by the slime, or it may be able to sneak past unnoticed.

Basically, this means that first there is Sneak vs. Detect roll, if you win, you get past the room. If you fail, you have to fight the room. Also, if you fail to kill it and instead sneak by it, you will have to face it again if you choose to go through its room again.

Stone Golem.png Stone Golem Monster 3000 140 4 8 0 7 Raiders must successfully attack the Stone Golem twice to defeat it, but note that you still only have to dodge it once to flee. (This means it will always kill a berserker.) This is the room equivalence of a black knight's special ability.
Hidden Darts.PNG Hidden Darts Trap 3200 150 6 0 4 6 This trap is poisonous, and can be lethal if the player fails a Defence roll against the room's Attack. A raider with good dodge can ignore the need to do the defence roll since defence only applies if trap triggered. This room's attack IS affected by Zealot ability.
Razor Construct.png Razor Construct Monster 3500 180 7 7 1 1 Defeated raiders permanently lose 2 Defence. (If defence is reduced to 0 the raider dies.)
Whirling Blades.png Whirling Blades Trap 3900 185 0 0 7 7 Trapped raiders permanently lose 3 Defence. (If defence is reduced to 0 the raider dies.)
Vampire Lord.png Vampire Lord Monster 4200 190 5 4 4 7 Every time this monster kills, its Attack and Defence increase by 1. The attack of this monster is lethal.
Bottomless Pit.png Bottomless Pit Trap 5500 & Charging Orb 220 0 0 4 8 This trap is lethal, even if an ability would normally prevent death (i.e. cave troll's ability).
Hell Beast.png Hell Beast Monster 6200 & Charging Orb 220 9 5 5 8 The attack of this monster is lethal.
Poison Gas.png Poisonous Gas Trap 6500 & Charging Orb 230 0 0 8 6 This trap is lethal.
Demon Lord.png Demon Lord Monster 7000 & Charging Orb 300 10 6 5 10 If this monster's Attack is at least twice as high as the Defence of the raider (5 or lower defense) it encounters, the entire party will flee in terror!

The attack of this monster is lethal. If your raiders retreat normally (other than the goblin scout's ability) then it will still count as the entire party fleeing in terror!

Orbs of Mastery

Orbs of Mastery require one week to activate. If you charge multiple orbs at the same time then they will activate one week after you bought the first. The force of an orb activation changes the layout of your Dungeon, replacing its monsters and traps with a default dungeon (i.e. with a few snakes, rot worms, giant rats and pits). Any raiders in the stable are also lost. The effect is permanent on the account. The price of each type of orb is raised with each orb of that type you purchase, and each orb has several levels which the effects will stack on.

For every new orb of the same type that a player buys, the Orb will increase in cost by 10% of the original price, so 2 Orbs of Preservation would cost 250 + 275 treasure, 3 would cost 250 + 275 + 300 treasure and so on.

Players keep access to any unlocked rooms and raiders after any reset. Rooms and raiders with the "Charge Orb" requirement require an orb to be charging to purchase. After reset, these will be unlocked but inaccessible until you start charging another orb.

Icon Name Required Renown Base Cost F2P Limit Effect
Orb of Preservation.png Orb of Preservation 750 250 Unlimited The amount of treasure lost by resets is reduced by 5%. This does not stack additively but compoundly: 20 of them reduce losses - not by 100% - but by only 64%.
Orb of Majesty.png Orb of Majesty 1500 500 5 Your initial Renown after the next reset will be increased by 100.
Orb of Brilliance.png Orb of Brilliance 3000 1000 5 You gain an additional 1 Renown per hour.
Orb of War.png Orb of War 6000 2000 5 Raiders cost 5 treasure less.
  • Limits only apply to free players. Members can charge unlimited Orbs of Mastery.[1] Note: Once you charge 100 Orbs of War, even as a member, there is no benefit to buy any more.
  • For information on how much treasure you will lose in relation to how many orbs of preservation you charged, see this page.
  • Orbs of War have no practical use after 100 orbs have been bought. See this page.


Completing some requirements will unlock a title the player can use alongside his or her name, and once selected the title will appear on the Dragons & Raids list with your name.

Title How to get
<insert name here> the Feared Feared Raider Achievement
<insert name here> the Stalwart Defender Dragon Achievement
<insert name here> the Vengeful Vengeful Dragon Achievement
<insert name here> the Tyrant Tyrannical Dragon Achievement
<insert name here>, Master/Mistress of the Game Heroic Raider Achievement
<insert name here> the Warrior Dungeon has been reset by an Orb of Mastery 1 time
<insert name here> the Veteran Dungeon has been reset by an Orb of Mastery 2 times
<insert name here> the Elder Dungeon has been reset by an Orb of Mastery 3 times
<insert name here> the Venerated Dungeon has been reset by an Orb of Mastery 5 times
<insert name here> the Ancient Dungeon has been reset by an Orb of Mastery 10 times
<insert name here> the Immortal Dungeon has been reset by an Orb of Mastery 25 times
<insert name here> of the Orb Charged at least 1 Orb
<insert name here> the Wise Charged at least 2 Orbs
<insert name here> the Cunning Charged at least 3 Orbs
<insert name here> the Potent Charged at least 5 Orbs
<insert name here> the Mighty Charged at least 10 Orbs
<insert name here>, Master/Mistress of the Tower Charged at least 15 Orbs
<insert name here> the Magnificent Charged at least 25 Orbs
<insert name here> the Unbound Charged at least 50 Orbs
<insert name here> the Fierce Have had 2 orbs charging at once
<insert name here> the Cruel Have had 3 orbs charging at once
<insert name here> the Fell Have had 4 orbs charging at once
<insert name here> the Terrible Have had 5 orbs charging at once
<insert name here> the Savage Have had 6 orbs charging at once
<insert name here> the Raging Have had 7 orbs charging at once
<insert name here>, Bringer of Wrath Have had 8 orbs charging at once
<insert name here>, Lord/Lady of Chaos Have had 9 orbs charging at once
<insert name here> the Undefeated Have had 10 orbs charging at once


Total Achievements: 45
Total Orb Coins: 166
Total Orb Points: 16600
[Secret Achievements] | [Hidden Achievements] [Halloween Achievements]

Image Name Requirement Orb Points Orb Coins Members? Sorter
Goblin Chieftain.png Goblin Chieftain

Raid a dungeon using only goblins.

100 1 No AA
Orc Warlord.png Orc Warlord

Raid a dungeon using only orcs.

100 1 No AB
Raider Newt.png Raider Newt

Complete 1 raid.

100 1 No AC
Raider Lizard.png Raider Lizard

Complete 5 raids.

100 1 No AD
Raider Drake.png Raider Drake

Complete 10 raids.

200 2 No AE
Raider Dragon.png Raider Dragon

Complete 20 raids.

200 2 No AF
Feared Raider.png Feared Raider

Complete 5 raids in succession

300 3 No AG
Heroic Raider.png Heroic Raider

Complete a raid without any raider being incapacitated or killed.

200 2 No AH
Defender Newt.png Defender Newt

Defend your dungeon from 1 raid.

100 1 No AI
Defender Lizard.png Defender Lizard

Defend your dungeon from 5 raids.

100 1 No AJ
Defender Drake.png Defender Drake

Defend your dungeon from 10 raids.

200 2 No AK
Defender Dragon.png Defender Dragon

Defend your dungeon from 20 raids.

200 2 No AL
Vengeful Dragon.png Vengeful Dragon

Kill 50% of the raiders raiding your dungeon.

200 2 No AM
Tyrannical Dragon.png Tyrannical Dragon

Kill 100% of the raiders raiding your dungeon

300 3 No AN
Cartographer.png Cartographer

Successfully raid and clear all rooms including entrances in a dungeon where the dragon has more than 4,500 Renown

300 3 No AO
Renowned Dragon.png Renowned Dragon

Reach 7,000 Renown

100 1 No AP
Persistence.png Persistence

Successfully raid a dragon after failing it previously

100 1 No AQ
Bounty Hunter.png Bounty Hunter

Collect a bounty from 5 dungeons consecutively

300 3 No AS
Great Raider.png Great Raider

Successfully complete 500 raids

100 1 No AT
Great Defender.png Great Defender

Successfully defend your dungeon from 250 attacks

100 1 No AU
Plunder.png Plunder

Successfully steal over 2000 gold from a player in one raid

100 1 No AV
Consummate Dragon.png Consummate Dragon

Achieve all of the 'Dragon's...' Achievements

1000 10 No AW
Glorious Raider.png Glorious Raider

Successfully complete 1000 raids

500 5 No AX
Glorious Defender.png Glorious Defender

Successfully defend your dungeon from 500 attacks

500 5 No AY
Gold Standing.png Gold Standing

Reach 10,000 Renown.

100 1 No AZ
Dragon's Engineering.png Dragon's Engineering

Defend your dungeon with traps worth over 3000 Treasure

300 3 No BA
Dragon's Empathy.png Dragon's Empathy

Defend your dungeon with monsters worth over 3000 Treasure

300 3 No BB
Ransack.png Ransack

Successfully steal over 5000 gold from a player in one raid

300 3 No BD
Arcane Mastery.png Arcane Mastery

Charge at least 20 Orbs of Mastery at the same time

500 5 No BE
Majestic Raider.png Majestic Raider

Successfully complete 2000 raids

1000 10 No BF
Majestic Defender.png Majestic Defender

Successfully defend your dungeon from 1000 attacks.

1000 10 No BG
Platinum Standing.png Platinum Standing

Reach 20,000 Renown

500 5 No BH
Dragon's Determination.png Dragon's Determination

Successfully raid the same dragon 3 times consecutively

300 3 No BI
Dragon's Daring.png Dragon's Daring

Successfully steal a dragon's gold twice consecutively, with an 80% or higher chance of waking it

300 3 No BJ
Dragon's Triumph.png Dragon's Triumph

Collect a bounty from a dragon with at least 15,000 Renown, successfully stealing its gold with a 90% or higher chance of waking it, using only raiders available while charging an orb without any of them being killed or incapacitated.

1000 10 No BK
Aristocrat.png Aristocrat

Collect all titles

300 3 No BL
Dragon's Wrath.png Dragon's Wrath

Steal 1000 gold from that player who last raided you

500 5 No BM
Dragon's Hoard.png Dragon's Hoard

Hold 20,000 Treasure at once

500 5 No BN
Dragon's Riches.png Dragon's Riches

Have earned a total of 1,000,000 treasure

1000 10 No BO
Creature of Habit.png Creature of Habit

Never go more than 7 days without raiding a dungeon throughout a whole year

1000 10 No BP
Dungeon Assault Bronze.png Dungeon Assault Bronze

Achieve a top 200 place among the Dragons of Renown

300 3 No BQ
Dungeon Assault Silver.png Dungeon Assault Silver

Achieve a top 30 place among the Dragons of Renown

500 5 No BR
Dungeon Assault Gold.png Dungeon Assault Gold

Achieve a top 10 place among the Dragons of Renown

1000 10 No BS
Draconic Heist.png Draconic Heist

Successfully steal a dragon's gold with a 90% or higher chance of waking it

300 3 No BC
Price of Greed.png Price of Greed

Lose 4 raiders when a dragon wakes

100 1 No BT

All information for these achievements is stored on their respective pages, along with walkthroughs and tips for many of them. So, if you notice a mistake, or have a good strategy, go there!

Did you notice a missing achievement? You can help the FunOrb Wiki by making a page for it. Simply type the achievement name in this box to make a page for it.<createbox> width=30 break=no prefix=Dungeon Assault/Achievement: preload=FunOrb Wiki:Achievement Articles/Preloader buttonlabel=Create page </createbox>


DA Cursor.PNG
  • Dungeon Assault is currently the #10 most played game on FunOrb.
  • This game is the first game on FunOrb to change the user's cursor when playing the game.
  • This is the only multiplayer game that has no lobby, and does not show your friends list / ignore list, etc.
  • You can always successfully steal gold, even with +50% penalty and 100% chance of waking dragon selected. This is probably used to stop people making accounts to get free renown by failing to raid their main account.
  • The English intro was read by Mod Korpz, Head of FunOrb.[2]
  • When the new dungeon assault dungeon designer first came out, both the confirm and cancel button tooltips said "Exit without saving".
  • When the runes going around the edges of the logo are translated, starting at the left and going clockwise, it reads: "gibbendueafnaeieinulteiagreatgam" (this text is hidden from view by the title) "raptardbebetteritiititeidfaeidf". You find the words, "A great gam[e]", and "Tard! Be better!". However, this may be coincidental.
  • In the French version of Dungeon Assault, more titles are available due to the fact that there are more male and female variants of titles.
  • While the banshee tooltip says -2 Attack, it really only takes away one, as the description at the bottom says.
  • Unlike other multiplayer FunOrb games such as Arcanists, the list of Dragons of Renown does not distinguish paying members from free players, making it difficult for higher-ranked free players to raid successfully as they are always at a disadvantage to members' dungeons.
  • Your ratio of treasure to gold stolen when raiding is reset from 1 to 10 when your dungeon is reset by an orb of mastery.
  • On the 3rd September 2009, the game received an achievement expansion.
  • This is currently the game with the most achievements worth 10 Orb Coins and 1000 Orb Points, in a total of 7.
  • When you quit out of Dungeon Assault and then go check the hiscores and ratings out-of-game, you'll be directed to the 'Dungeon Assault' Ratings page. Along the left side is the column of games for single-player hiscores and multiplayer ratings, but Dungeon Assault does not appear there. This can be recreated also via URL manipulation.
  • You can no longer use the mouse wheel to look through the Achievements in-game.