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Flea Circus
Genre Puzzle
Release 27th February 2008
Multi-player No

Flea Circus is a single-player puzzle game released on 27th February 2008.


This game can be played using only the mouse. Players must guide a certain number of fleas from one point to another by placing three different items on the map: walls, left slopes and right slopes. The keys 1, 2, and 3 provide a quick way of changing the current item.

A comparison of the original Flea Circus to the current one, showing graphical changes and minor differences to the map.


Flea Circus' scoring system is simple - 100 points for every flea that reaches the exit plus 1 point for every 0.02 seconds of time bonus remaining when you complete the level (50 points a second).


Italic = Members only

Classic Set
Level Level Name Fleas Required To Pass Level Maximum Possible Fleas
1 Beginning 5 20
2 Candle 10 15
3 Eagle 8 20
4 Galaxy 20 20
5 Penguin 10 20
6 Plate 20 20
7 Winter 20 20
8 Splendid 25 25
9 Itch 12 12
10 Yoyo 12 12
11 Radio 20 20
12 Wooden 20 20
13 Brave 15 15
14 Teleport 15 15
15 Bounce 19
16 Shallow 20 20
17 Elephant 19
18 Chord 25 25
19 Fright 15
20 Zigzag 20 20
21 Anything 20 20
22 Change 15 15
23 Blanket 15 15
24 Paint 18 18
25 Sheep 23
26 Windmill 22
27 Bronze 18
28 Turnip 15
29 Crowd 25 25
30 Brush 18 18
New Set
Level Level Name Fleas Required To Pass Level Maximum Possible Fleas
1 Tutorial One 5 20
2 Water Feature 5 20
3 Bombs Away! 5 20
4 Transporters 101 5 20
5 My Biggest Fan 5 20
6 Gravity? 5 20
7 Disappearing Trick 5 20
8 Enlightened Journey 5 20
9 Recession 5 20
10 Spider-Flea Lunch 8 20
11 Raising Expectations 5 20
12 Sinking Flea-ling 5 20
13 The Sharp End 5 20
14 From A to Flea 20 20
15 It's a Breeze 5 20
16 Golden Fleas 5 20
17 Switch-a-Flea 5 20
18 Maze 5 20
19 Rickety Bridge 5 20
20 Bang! Oops... 5 20
21 Tower 5 20
22 Theory of Gravity 5 20
23 Spring to Action 5 20
24 Out With a Bang 16 16
25 Flea, Fly, Flow, Flum 5 20
26 Sole Trader 1 1
27 Hidden Traps 5 20
28 DeathTrap 5 20
29 Fly Or Die 5 20
30 Bombardiers Fleas 5 20
31 Complication 20 20
32 Sierpinski 5 20
33 Rise From Above 5 20
34 The Unexpected 20 20
35 Fan Trap 20 20
36 Confusion 5 20
37 Twisted Path 16 16
38 No Flea Left Behind 20 20
39 No Chain Reactions 5
40 Castor and Pollux 20 20
41 Ratchet 32 32


Image Name Function
Entrance After the countdown at the start of each level, fleas will pour out the bottom of this item.
Basic wall.gif
Basic Wall Simply gets in the way of the fleas. One of the three items that can be self-placed.
Left slope.png Right slope.png
Slopes Allows the fleas to climb up and down. There are left slopes and right slopes, which are the other two items that can be self-placed.
Balloon.png Landingpad.png
Balloon & Landing Pad A balloon will carry a flea upwards until it hits a landing pad. They are single-use and will not stop until it hits the landing pad, regardless of any obstacles in the way. They are always aligned vertically, and on levels with both Anti-Gravity switches and balloons, the balloons will usually have a landing pad both below and on top of it. If there is no landing pad (for example if it has been destroyed by a bomb), the flea will continue to fly off the level and die.
Spring When a flea touches the top of a spring, it will fly upwards until it hits another item, then it will fly back down and hit the spring again.
Trapdoor When a flea touches this item, it opens and the flea falls through. Quite similar to having a recessed wall in its place.
Bomb from flea circus.png
Bomb When a flea touches this item, any items in the 8 spaces around the bomb will be destroyed, as well as the bomb itself. Does not harm fleas.
Water Will drown any flea that touches it. Similar to spikes. Always directly above a wall tile, though the bottom of it can be exposed in the level "Anything", and will still kill if touched from the bottom.
Fan Blows any fleas that are horizontally next to it in the direction that is away from the fan, and holds them onto the nearest item, unless it is a slope, in which case the fleas will climb up the slope and away from the fan's hold. To let the fleas go, put an item between the fan and the fleas. These are never aligned horizontally.
Spider from flea circus.png
Spider Eats any flea that goes under it, but touching it from the side is safe. Always directly below a wall tile. A flea that is blown under it by a fan will not be eaten.
Teleporter Always come in pairs: never more, never less. Will teleport any flea that touches it from one teleporter to another, except if a wall if placed in the way of its destination, in which case it acts like a normal wall. If one teleporter is blown up, the other also acts like a normal wall.
Recessed wall.png
Recessed Wall Is like an empty square, but items cannot be placed in its space. Also see under Green Switch
Anti-Gravity If a flea touches it, the gravity is reversed. Every flea flies upwards and every other item works upside-down. Balloons bring fleas downward and springs make fleas fly downward. The Classic level Itch is played almost completely with anti-gravity.
Barrier and blue switch.png
Barrier & Blue Switch Barriers act exactly like normal walls, but can be removed by blue switches.
One touch wall.png
One-touch Wall Act like normal walls, but disappears if a flea touches its side. The flea that touches it will bounce off and move in the opposite direction after destroying it.
Bridge Allows a flea to walk over them like walls, but disappears after 1 flea walks over it. The rest of the fleas fall through. Act exactly like walls if touched from the side or bottom.
Green switch.png
Green Switch Turns all recessed walls in the level into normal walls. Any flea in a recessed wall will be crushed to death in the process.
Spikes Skewers any flea that touches it from above or the sides. Acts like a wall if touched from the bottom.
Exit Any flea that touches it is "saved". The objective of each level is to save a certain amount of fleas. Cannot be entered from the bottom if you are playing the old version of the game.


Total Achievements: 16
Total Orb Coins: 52
Total Orb Points: 5200
[Secret Achievements] | [Hidden Achievements] [Halloween Achievements]

Image Name Requirement Orb Points Orb Coins Members? Sorter
Flea to the Circus.png Flea to the Circus

Complete the first five levels of either set

100 1 No AA
Circus Performer.png Circus Performer

Complete the first ten levels of either set

200 2 No AB
Circus Act.png Circus Act

Complete the first twenty levels of either set.

300 3 No AC
Circus Master.png Circus Master

Complete all levels of both sets

1000 10 Yes AD
Golden Fleas.png Golden Fleas

Destroy the golden walls on level 'Golden Fleas'

200 2 Yes AE
Master Flea.png Master Flea

Save all fleas on level 1 of the classic set

100 1 No AF
Lord of the Fleas.png Lord of the Fleas

Save all fleas on level 3 of the classic set

200 2 No AH
Flea Lunch.png Flea Lunch

Save all fleas on level 4 of the classic set

300 3 No AI
Fleadom.png Fleadom

Save all fleas on level 5 of the classic set

300 3 No AJ
Flea while you still can.png Flea while you still can

Save all fleas on level 2 of the classic set

100 1 No AG
Flea over troubled waters.png Flea over troubled waters

Complete level 12 of the New set without any fleas drowning

200 2 No AK
Frequent flea-er.png Frequent flea-er

Get all fleas in the air at the same time on any level

200 2 No AL
Sensi-flea.png Sensi-flea

Complete the first five levels of either set without restarting

200 2 No AM
Thought-flea.png Thought-flea

Complete the first ten levels of either set without restarting

300 3 No AN
Flea thinker.png Flea thinker

Complete the first twenty levels of either set without restarting

500 5 No AO
Philoso-flea.png Philoso-flea

Complete all levels of either set without restarting

1000 10 No AP

All information for these achievements is stored on their respective pages, along with walkthroughs and tips for many of them. So, if you notice a mistake, or have a good strategy, go there!

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  • The original Flea Circus could be found on the Jagex website for a very long time - even though there was no link to it. More recently, it was removed. It can still be played, however, at Most changes between the original and the current versions are purely cosmetic, although there are some minor differences which do not affect gameplay.
  • The level Flea, Fly, Flow, Flum is deprived from the fairy tale "Jack and the Bean-stock" when the giant makes his first appearance.