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FunOrb is a website run by Jagex, dedicated to small, Java-based browser games. It earns money with a "freemium" model: most players play for free, and Jagex earns money by displaying advertising to them, and some pay a monthly subscription for various benefits.

FunOrb was launched on 27 February 2008 in English and German with 18 games, a small number of which were updated versions or sequels of games from the original Jagex website. It was initially aimed at the "time-pressed" gamer market and updated every 14 days. Jagex have since moved towards having less frequent updates and larger, more complex, new games aimed at time-rich players. Brazilian Portuguese and French have been added to the language line-up, and work is ongoing to launch the site in some other European languages.

According to a J-Mod post on the official RuneScape forums, FunOrb is now a discontinued project, and will no longer be updated.

On 9 May 2018 Jagex announced that FunOrb would be closed down on 7 August 2018, stating that "advancements in software and hardware have made it increasingly difficult to access and play the games on the portal, and that’s ultimately led to our decision

On 7 August 2018 funorb got removed, however some games remain preserved.

List of Games[]

Release Date Name Genre Single Player Multiplayer
21 Apr 2010 Ace of Skies Action Yes No
27 Feb 2008 Arcanists Strategy No Yes
15 Jan 2009 Armies of Gielinor Strategy Yes Yes
17 Dec 2009 Bachelor Fridge Strategy No Yes
27 Feb 2008 Bouncedown Action Yes Yes
08 Oct 2008 Brick-À-Brac Action Yes Yes
27 Feb 2008 Chess Strategy Yes Yes
02 Dec 2014 Confined Shooter Yes No
07 May 2008 Crazy Crystals Puzzle Yes Yes
22 Oct 2008 Deko Bloko Puzzle Yes Yes
27 Feb 2008 Dr Phlogiston Saves the Earth Shooter Yes No
13 Aug 2008 Dungeon Assault Strategy No Yes
03 Jun 2008 Escape Vector Action Yes No
27 Feb 2008 Flea Circus Puzzle Yes No
27 Feb 2008 Geoblox Puzzle Yes No
27 Feb 2008 Hold the Line Sport Yes No
21 May 2008 Hostile Spawn Shooter Yes No
01 Jul 2009 Kickabout League Sport Yes Yes
27 Feb 2008 Lexicominos Puzzle Yes No
27 Feb 2008 Miner Disturbance Action Yes No
27 Feb 2008 Monkey Puzzle 2 Puzzle Yes No
27 Aug 2008 Orb Defence Strategy Yes No
30 Jul 2008 Pixelate Puzzle Yes Yes
10 Sep 2008 Pool Sport Yes Yes
09 Apr 2008 Shattered Plans Strategy Yes Yes
27 Feb 2008 Sol-Knight Shooter Yes No
27 Feb 2008 StarCannon Shooter Yes No
13 Aug 2009 Steel Sentinels Strategy Yes Yes
26 Mar 2008 Stellar Shard Shooter Yes No
1 Sep 2010 Sumoblitz Action Yes No
27 Feb 2008 TerraPhoenix Strategy Yes No
27 Feb 2008 TetraLink Strategy Yes Yes
27 Feb 2008 The Track Controller Puzzle Yes No
27 Feb 2008 Thirty-Six Card Trick Puzzle Yes No
23 Jun 2010 Tomb Racer Action Yes Yes
16 Jul 2008 Tor Challenge Action Yes No
27 Feb 2008 Torquing! Action Yes No
12 Mar 2008 Transmogrify Puzzle Yes No
20 Nov 2008 Vertigo 2 Action Yes Yes
09 Feb 2009 Virogrid Strategy Yes Yes
15 Sep 2010 Void Hunters Action No Yes
27 Feb 2008 Wizard Run Action Yes No
23 Apr 2008 Zombie Dawn Strategy Yes No
05 Nov 2008 Zombie Dawn Multiplayer Strategy No Yes

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