Hold the Line
Genre Sport
Release 27th February 2008
Multi-player No

Hold the Line is a racing game released with FunOrb on 27th February 2008.


Players control their cars from a birds-eye view around various tracks in various environments. In Championship Mode, you race against three opponents and the aim is to complete the tracks in either first or second position, which will unlock the next track. There are four championships, each with four tracks. Around the tracks are various powerups, which can be used to help yourself, or hinder others.

There are also other play modes, including single player races and practices. Demolition Mode is won by destroying your opponents using various methods.


A vehicle can hold up to 3 power-ups, and collecting a 4th will replace the oldest power-up. Power-ups can also be lost in collisions or by being hit by a weapon. Collecting more than one of the same kind of power-up increases the power of its effect.

Power-up Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect 3 Colour
Weapons Mines Machine Gun Homing Missile Red
Speed Minor Thrust Afterburner Rocket Boost Green
Shields Shield Major Shield Invulnerability Blue
No Effect Space Holder Space Holder Space Holder Black

Note: Blue power-ups, in addition to providing shields, improve vehicle handling slightly.
Note: Using 3 blue power-ups, in addition to providing invulnerability, increases the vehicle speed slightly until the power-up ends.
The effect number refers to the number of power-ups the vehicle has. They also stack, so 2 red and a green power-up will give a machine gun and a minor thrust. Effect 3 is a super power, and activating it (with space or ctrl) will cause your 3 power-ups to scatter around the screen, so you can only use it once for every 3 power-ups you have of the same colour. Weapons can be fired with space or ctrl.

Game Modes

Hold the Line features 4 game modes: championship, single race, practice and demolition.


The championship mode requires the player to race through 4 courses against 3 AI racers. There are 8 laps per course, and each racer will be given a certain number of points at the end of the race, depending on the final standings. Finishing 1st will award 5 points, finishing 2nd will award 3 points and finishing 3rd will award 1 point. The player must finish each course in either 1st of 2nd place to qualify for the next course. After all 4 courses are completed, the championship is finished and the player will unlock the next one. The highscores only apply to championships.

Single Race

The single race mode can be played with either 1 or 2 players. The 1 player mode is just like the championship, but does not use the point system and can be played on any track. The 2 player mode is the same, but with 2 people racing each other. The 2 player mode has the option to turn on or off the 2 additional AI racers.


The practice mode allows the player to play without being limited by time or laps. It can be played with or without the 3 additional AI racers.


The demolition mode can also be played with 1 or 2 player mode, and the AI being optional on 2 player mode. This mode is played with a different set of courses designed for it. Each car has a health bar, and the goal is to bring an opponents health down to zero. The first person who demolishes 5 cars wins.

Courses & Cars

Course Classic - Grass and Tarmac Desert - Sand and Dust Alpine - Ice and Snow Night - Are You Afraid Of The Dark?
Car Formula 1 Touring Car Dune Buggy Dragster Snowmobile Snowcat Hatchback SUV
Power 3 3 3 4 4 2 5 4
Speed 4 3 3 4 4 5 5 4
Grip 3 4 2 1 2 5 2 4
Course Classic - Grass and Tarmac Desert - Sand and Dust Alpine - Ice and Snow Night - Are You Afraid Of The Dark?
1 A Bridge Too Far Spin Dizzy Ice Mountain Cloverleaf
2 Cruise Control III The Wastes Drifts Diversion
3 Forest Corners XrissXross The Road Less Travelled Flyover
4 Spiral Sand Blaster ToR The Driver's Playground
Demolition Eightfold Entropy The Rink Super Collider


Total Achievements: 16
Total Orb Coins: 33
Total Orb Points: 3300
[Secret Achievements] | [Hidden Achievements] [Halloween Achievements]

Image Name Requirement Orb Points Orb Coins Members? Sorter
Alpine Racer Alpine Racer

Complete all Alpine courses, with a total time less than 9 minutes, 40 seconds

100 1 Yes AE
By Will Alone By Will Alone

Win a race, collecting no powerups

300 3 No AN
Defensive Driver Defensive Driver

Win a race, collecting only blue powerups

200 2 No AM
Divine Intervention Divine Intervention

Win a race, having been in last place when entering the final lap

200 2 No AO
End Undead End Undead

Win a Demolition match during Hallowe'en by killing 500 zombies... again

300 3 No AP
Endurance Racer Endurance Racer

Complete all Desert courses, with a total time less than 10 minutes, 10 seconds

100 1 Yes AD
Faultless Navigator Faultless Navigator

Complete three consecutive laps without leaving the track on any Desert, Alpine, or Night course

200 2 Yes AH
Master Navigator Master Navigator

Complete three consecutive laps without hitting a wall on any Desert, Alpine, or Night course

100 1 Yes AG
Night Racer Night Racer

Complete all Night courses, with a total time less than 11 minutes, 20 seconds

100 1 Yes AF
Pacesetter Pacesetter

Gain a two lap lead over your closest competitor

200 2 No AI
Performance Racer Performance Racer

Complete all Classic courses, with a total time less than 7 minutes, 30 seconds

100 1 No AC
Racing Legend Racing Legend

Complete all Championships, with a total time less than 36 minutes, 30 seconds

500 5 Yes AB
Racing Veteran Racing Veteran

Complete all Championships

200 2 Yes AA
Hold the Line Speed Demon Speed Demon

Win a race, collecting only green powerups

200 2 No AL
Strangelove Award Strangelove Award

Hit three opponents with one missile

300 3 No AJ
Violent Tendencies Violent Tendencies

Win a race, collecting only red powerups

200 2 No AK
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  • The Divine Intervention achievement has a light shining on the car in-game, but in the achievement section of the website it does not.