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Miner Disturbance
Genre Action
Release 27th February 2008
Multi-player No

Miner Disturbance (a pun on "minor disturbance") is an action game that was released on 27 February 2008 with FunOrb. A major update was released on 19 March 2009, in which all of the original game was made available to free players, while a new "Super Volcano" (a more difficult and frostier version of Mount Magros) expansion was given to members.


Jagex's official description of the game is as follows:

Can you guide Moin through Mount Magros? You’ll have to mine the precious minerals and put the murmurings of mythic miner-munching monsters out of your mind! Will you be able to escape the molten magma to make him a truly eminent miner? Choose your equipment carefully. Will you grab the aqualung and forfeit the scanner? Can you afford to leave the gas mask behind? And what about the map? With so many decisions, random map generation and a variety of dangers along the way, Miner Disturbance is a game you will come back to again and again.


Players play as Moin, a dwarf miner, and must mine precious metals and gems from rocks in Mount Magros, a fictional volcano filled with gas and water, while avoiding mythical monsters, and find their way out of the volcano.


Left arrow - Move left
Right arrow - Move right
Up arrow - Jump/Swim up
S + Up arrow together - operate jetpack (Super Volcano only)
Down arrow - Swim down
Space bar + Direction keys together - Mine rock
Buttons around the 'S' key (Q, W, E, A, D, Z, X, C) - Alternative advanced mining method
Ctrl - Drop dynamite/charge
Shift - Fire rock blaster
Alt - Drop ice bomb (Super Volcano only)

You jump 2 tiles up but if you swim up from water you can jump up to 3-4 tiles.

Being coated in oil or walking on ice or snow makes you move faster, but you slide a little when you begin to move and stop moving.

You can't mine solid diagonal of you if there are solids around it. for example: you cant mine a solid up- right of you if there solids over and to the right of you. however, if you mine the solid right of you or the solid over you, you can mine the up-right solid.


There are three important things you should know before moving on:

The first is the score, which is shown at the top right of your screen

The second is the inventory, which shows all your current items (not ores)

The third is the seismograph, which shows how much disturbance was caused in the volcano. When a certain point is reached, the volcano erupts. During eruption, the screen starts shaking and magma starts appearing below. The following things affect the volcano, from the least to most affecting:

  • Using hydraulic fist on a cracked solid with a solid behind it (less than a mining a solid)
  • Mining a solid (almost unnoticeable)
  • Using hydraulic fist, Cracked solid falling (very little)
  • Burning oil (much more than falling solid but much less than monster explosion)
  • Explosions (strong effect, shakes screen, if solids are nearby it adds to the effect) note: each square of gas counts as one explosion when ignited

Miner Market

Before a game is started, players are given the option to select what items they would like to purchase in order to help them in their journey to collect minerals. There are 15 different items available in the shop or 20 items for the Super Volcano. Players are given 500 gold for Mount Magros or 600 gold for the Super Volcano, which they are required to spend before continuing. A "Basic Kit" consists of a torch, hard hat, dynamite, air tank and a gas mask for Mount Magros, or the same plus a woolly jumper for the Super Volcano.

Image Item Cost Description
Available for both volcanoes
Torch 100 The Torch extends the visible area by 1 square in every direction. Not as effective underwater or while covered in rocks. Having this item also increases creature aggression.
Hard Hat 100 Protects the miner from falling rocks.
Dynamite 100 Destroys rocks and damages earth in a 3x3 area around the stick of dynamite. Explodes instantly in burning oil but doesn't work underwater, causes effluvium gas to explode, oil to burn up, and kills living creatures, including you. Has a five second fuse. The player cannot have both a dynamite and a charge; if the player has the dynamite and collects the charge, the former will be replaced.
Aqualung 100 Increases the underwater breathing time by more than two times. NOTE: if an aqualung is picked up underwater, It won't decrease the air supply, it shows that because the item increases the maximum air supply. The player cannot have both an aqualung and a super aqualung; if the player has the aqualung and collects the super aqualung, the former will be replaced.
Gas mask 100 Allows the miner to breathe effluvium gas safely.
Scannox 5001.png
Scannox 5001* 100 Shows the location of creatures by surrounding them with a disk of light. Also reveals any ores hidden in rocks with a fainter colour than ores not hidden in rocks.
Hydraulic fist* 100 Activates by running into a solid tile. It cracks ice and earth and destroys snow and cracked ice and earth. destroying a solid with an ore will release the ore and when destroying a solid with a rock will create heavy rock. It can also be used to move emptied tiles along a flat surface.
Charge* 200 Destroys rocks and damages earth in a 3x3 area around the charge. Works underwater, causes effluvium gas to explode, oil to burn up, and kills living creatures, including you. Has a five second fuse with numbers visible when counting down. The player cannot have both a dynamite and a charge; if the player has the dynamite and collects the charge, the former will be replaced.
Micro drill* 200 Allows the miner to mine in mid-air or while swimming.
Rock blaster* 200 Fires a powerful explosive in the direction the miner is facing. Destroys rocks and damages earth in a 3x3 area around the tile of impact. Does not work underwater. As with all explosions, this will cause effluvium gas to explode, oil to ignite and living creatures, including you to die.
Magic map* 100 Displays a scroll on the right of the screen. The map shows tunnels you have dug in brown and magma in red. Layers that have been destroyed by the magma will shorten the length of the scroll. The white spot on the map represents where you're currently at. If you make it through deep enough layers, the map adjusts to the current depth you're currently at.
Climbing hooks* 300 Allows the miner to hold onto walls. The miner can just hold the up key to jump a wall indefinitely. These hooks cannot hold onto ceilings, however you are able to hook onto a wall and mine vertically. You can also hold the down key to drop down.
2x multiplier* 200 Multiplies the miner's score by 2. (Combined with the x3 multiplier, it will create a x6 bonus) This item can't be found in corpses.
3x multiplier* 300 Multiplies the miner's score by 3. (Combined with the x2 multiplier, it will create a x6 bonus) This item can't be found in corpses.
Available for Mount Magros only
Pre-dug shaft* 200 Creates a deep shaft to near the bottom of the volcano. This item can't be found in corpses.
Available for Super Volcano only
MD Woolly Jumper.png
Woolly jumper 100 Protects the miner from freezing water hypothermia.
MD Super Aqualung.png
Superior aqualung 200 Aqualung with twice as more maximum air capacity. NOTE: if a super aqualung is picked up underwater, It won't decrease the air supply, it shows that because the item increases the maximum air supply. The player cannot have both an aqualung and a super aqualung; if the player has the aqualung and collects the super aqualung, the former will be replaced. You must have the aqualung to pick up the super aqualung.
MD Crampons.png
Crampons 100 Provide the miner with grip on ice and while covered in oil.
MD Ice Bomb.png
Ice bomb 300 Turns water, earth, and living creatures, including you in 3x3 squares around the ice bomb into ice. Does not affect the stability of the seismograph, even if killing monsters with it.
MD Jetpack.png
Jetpack 300 Allows the miner to fly by pressing the "s" key and the up arrow key at the same time. jet pack has a recharging energy supply, shown by his inventory image (works like a meter, normal color is energy while darker means depleted). Ignites oil and causes effluvium gas to explode. If used while covered in oil, Moin will fly upward in a straight line very quickly, causing death unless there is a lot of room.
MD Greaseproof Jacket.png
Greaseproof suit 200 Allows the miner to swim through oil as easily as water. Prevents him from being slippery with oil. As soon as Moin climbs out of oil, the oil slips off, also protecting from accidental ignition with jetpack.

* This item was available to members only before the March 19, 2009 update.


MD Myth.png Myth
MD Walrus.png Walrus
MD Penguin.png Penguin
MD Bones 1.png MD Bones 2.png Corpses

There are three types of creature in the volcanoes: Myths, Walruses, and Penguins. Of all of these, only myths are found in Mount Magros.

A monster's presence will be indicated by a pair of blinking red eyes. However, not all such eyes belong to monsters. Myths move very well on land and swim on top of water. Myths can also grab on to walls like having the platinum climbing hooks, but can't repeat it as quickly. They can jump well and mine solids around them. Contact with a myth is instant death. Walruses move very well in water and move very slow and jump low on land (1-2 squares jump height). They are similarly fatal. Both creatures can be killed by dropping solids on their heads, by explosions, by magma and by burning oil; when they die, they also explode. This means that they can ignite gas if this explosion contacts it so be careful. There is always a dead miner corpse nearby, which can be looted for equipment or diamonds.

Penguins are harmless and can be collected for 1,000 points each. Unlike myths and walruses, penguins do not explode when they die.

Environment Objects

Normally, you will just deal with plain ground. However, you may encounter several other fluids (or solids) throughout your mine.

Image Material Effects
MD Ground.png Ground Basic ground. Sometimes contains ores. Can be destroyed with a pick or explosive, or by any hostile creature. Present in both volcanoes. When cracked, it falls after a short while if there isn't solid under it. Cracking it with an explosive will fall down immediately.
MD Rock.png Rock Found on top of all solid tiles (ground, ice, and snow). Sometimes covers ores. Can be destroyed by explosives, or pushed out of the solid by a hydraulic fist, but not creatures or picks. Present in both volcanoes. Rocks protects the solid from being mined by the player and from being destroyed by explosions.
MD Heavy Rock.png Loose Rock Similar to rock, but is not present at the beginning of the game. When the ground underneath is mined, it will instantaneously fall, but it cannot crush Moin. These are produced when the hydraulic fist is used to destroy solid under it, or cracking the solid under it (burning oil or jumping on snow) and let it fall. It is also found at the bottom of the mine shaft, if bought. If a pile of loose rock falls on another pile of loose rock, they will merge to form one pile of loose rock. Solids such as dirt and ice falling on heavy rock will combine and turn loose rock back into rock. Diagonal mining, water and gas are not blocked by loose rock.
MD Ice.png Ice Similar to ground, but is slightly slippery. This slipperiness can be prevented with crampons. Ice is produced when an ice bomb goes off next to water, freezing water, ground, snow and living creatures, including you. If freezing water is next to ground or snow for more than a few seconds, that tile will be converted into ice as well. Whenever ice is mined, it will melt a little into water. If any explosion goes off next to ice, it will melt into one tile of water. Ice tiles can be destroyed by creatures, explosions, and picks. When cracked, it falls after a short while if there isn't solid under it. Ice only exists in the Super Volcano.
MD Snow.png Snow Snow is similar to ground, but is much more delicate. Snow is recognizable by being much whiter in colour than normal ground. Snow cannot be double-tap mined: one tap destroys it. Instead, if you want to crack it and make it fall, you must fall on it from above (2 or 3 tiles higher), or run into it from the side when you are affected by slippery. Explosives melt it, and produce a small amount of water; mining does not. Creatures, explosives, and the mining pick can all destroy snow. when cracked, it falls after a short while if there isn't solid under it. Snow is only found in the Super Volcano.
MD Water.png Water Water is found practically everywhere. It can be produced by melting ice or snow; it is also found in various tunnels throughout the volcano. sometimes it is possible to find them in a large lake. If water is mixed with freezing water, the water will turn into freezing water unless it is greater than the amount of freezing water. As soon as you enter, you will see a round bubble: this is how much air you have left. If you stay under too long, you will drown. Your time underwater will be affected by whether you bring an aqualung or not.

Water will always flow down. However, the game only processes it when it is within a narrow vertical range around you. This is why if you fall down the mine shaft by dropping a rock on your head and then you climb back up, you may see water flow down every few steps. Any dynamite dropped into water will not explode, and rock blasters will not work in it. Charges and ice bombs, however, will. Any lingering ores or explosives will very slowly sink to the bottom.

MD Gas.png Effluvium Gas This green gas is both toxic and extremely flammable. It is usually found in pockets throughout the volcano. If you stand in it, you will see the same bubble to the one seen from going underwater, but the oxygen supply is reduced by half. Aqualungs will not lengthen your time in gas, though, and you'll die very quickly. Instead, you will need a gas mask, which filters out the toxins and lets you breathe the gas indefinitely. unlike water, gas goes up. gas can be also found in various tunnels around the volcano. Gas is created by effluvium whenever there is somewhere for it to flow to, so it is usually a good idea to either mine exposed effluvium ore or drop dirt to cover it or seal it in a chamber.
MD Freezing Water.png Freezing Water Freezing water acts almost identically to water. However, if you merely touch it, you'll see a thermometer pop up. If this drops, you will freeze to death. If you brought (or found) a woolly jumper, though, you won't be affected by the cold properties of the freezing water. It's probably best to take a jumper then face the cold because you freeze to death extremely quickly. You can still drown in freezing water even if you have or don't have a jumper. Your thermometer drops 2 times faster than your oxygen meter and refills much slower.

Freezing water will turn any snow or ground tiles it comes in contact with into ice tiles within a matter of seconds. Freezing water is only found in the super volcano.

MD Oil.png Oil Unless you have the greaseproof suit oil is extremely hard to swim through and will also stick to you, causing you to slip and slide. It floats on water and suffocates you in the same way, so must be taken into account when considering how long you can stay underwater. Avoid using the jetpack while covered in oil, as this will almost always kill you without the proper precautions. Oil flows much slower than water. Oil also reduces jump height. Only found in the super volcano.
MD Burning Oil.png Burning Oil Oil that has been set alight by explosions. As with all explosive/flammable objects, one tile of burning oil will ignite any other tiles of oil, any dynamite that hasn't gone off yet, any effluvium gas and all living creatures, including you. It also cracks all solids around the size of the source. Found only in the super volcano.
MD magma.png Lava Starts to come up when you set off the volcano by too much activity or if you reach the bottom. Lava spreads and melts everything and burns oil, explodes gas and kills all living creatures, including you. Earth slows it though and water and freezing water on top of the solids requires from the magma to evaporate the water slowly until it can break though. The super volcano's magma is much stronger than the magma at Mount Magros and will melt solids much faster.
MD EscapeRope.png Escape Rope Grabbing onto the escape rope ends the current game and doubles your final score. If your score is 0, you can't grab onto the escape rope unless you touch the highest part of the rope which is 3 cells above you.
GiantWorm 128px.png Giant Worm Only appears during the "eruption" when you have at least a total of 100,000 points during Halloween. Unlike lava, the Giant Worm doesn't spread but instead, the volcano-wide worm slowly rises devouring all solids and creatures along the way. Touching the teeth of the giant worm will kill you. If the worm approaches near the surface, he'll stop rising.

Layers of the volcano

While the volcano structure is random, there is a periodic nature of the ores.

Mineral Locations

Note: There is a phenomenon that occurs occasionally, causing "mineral-rich" mines. These are 3x8 squares that are unusually dense with a single mineral, except for diamonds.

Mineral Rarity Location
Iron Common Most areas; anywhere
Silver Common Usually 30-50 squares below peak
Gold Rare Below 'silver' layer
Effluvium Very Rare Below 'gold' layer
Freezium Very Rare Below 'effluvium' layer

Diamonds: These minerals do not have mineral-rich mines. They usually spawn inside debris near the middle of the volcano. That can also be found near the bottom of the volcano, free-standing, and not trapped inside any debris.

The layers

Iron: 100% chance at top, rare at deeper places. No rocks except for the 1 below the escape rope.

Silver: 100% after the iron layer at top, rare at deeper places. Contains lots of silver and some iron. Few rocks. Myths will start appearing here.

Gold, sliver and iron mix: contains equal amounts of gold, silver and iron. Some rocks. Usually a lake is there also.

Gold + effluvium + diamond: Usually has 3 or 4 diamonds and a few pieces of effluvium, but there is a lake in this level.

Lake: A large amount of water in one cave. Some rocks. Comes earlier in the super volcano. Watch out for myths or walruses in them!

Effluvium: Lots of effluvium with some rocks. Very large amount of water is here.

Hole: A large hole will be in the volcano. There can be a few diamonds and some gold.

Rock effluvium: about 80% of the solids in the layer are covered with rocks. also some effluvium with rock on.

Rock diamond: Common, some diamonds covered with rocks.

Rock diamond 2: Uncommon. Usually the layer right before the bottom of the volcano. There is a lake here that is almost always filled with gas because of effluvium. Over half the rocks here have diamonds in them, and if you have enough strength in your seismograph you can loot a lot.

Diamond base: Common, at the bottom of the volcano after the auto-eruption line. Sometimes there is double diamond base (semi-rare) and even triple (very rare). Alternatively, the auto-eruption line may contain large amounts of gold and effluvium.

Snow*: Lots of snow in one area. Contains some iron and silver. Almost no rocks.

Oil deposits*: Lots of iron and oil tunnels. Almost no rocks.

Silver freezium*: Contains lots of freezium, silver, and snow. Some rocks.

Water freezium*: Contains lots of freezium and water tunnels. Some rocks.

*= Super volcano only.


When you die, the game is over. You can die in one of several ways:

Image Type of death Caused by Death Animation Prevented by
Moin Explode.png Explosion Standing too close to the explosion radius of dynamite, charge, rock blaster, jetpack + oil combo, myth, walrus, or square of exploding effluvium gas. Moin will be blasted to the screen and slide down. Keep a healthy distance from explosions and don't use jetpack while covered in oil without proper precautions.
Moin Burning.png Burning Up Coming into contact with magma or burning oil. Moin will try to shake off fire from his feet as he disintegrates. Stay away from it. Oil burns can be put out by water, but you'll have to be fast because as on fire, you'll only be around for a second before you burn.
Moin Suffocate.gif Suffocation Spending too long in water, freezing water, effluvium gas, or oil. Respectively, Moin will turn blue and go unconscious, or turn into a gravestone. Getting out of inside the source(s). Aqualung and gas mask respectively delay and prevent suffocation from water/oil and gas.
Moin Crushed.png Cave-ins Ground landing on your head. Moin will crawl around as a helmet with exposed feet. Avoiding it or having the Hard hat.
Moin Eaten.png Digestion Touching a myth, walrus, or the giant worm during Halloween. Moin will look at the screen, frightened, as the scenery behind him turns black. Creatures caves can be spotted safely with the torch and the creatures can be detected by the Scannox 5001, and can either dodged or killed. See Creatures.
Moin Frozen.png Hypothermia Spending too long in cold water or coming in contact with an ice bomb. Moin will turn blue and slowly turn into a block of ice. Woolly jumper (cold water only). Keep a healthy distance from the ice bomb.
Moin Resign.png Ending The Game Hitting "End Game" in the pause menu. Moin will make a white flag and worriedly wave it. Ending the game is up to the choice of the player and is always avoided until they decide to do so.

If you manage to get enough points to satisfy yourself, or you fear that you are going to die soon, you ought to make for the exit. If you manage to leave the volcano by the rope at the top then your score will be doubled at the end.

Your gravestone (if you die) or certificate of success (if you escape) will list your ranking, name, category of death / success, a random epitaph, and a detailed breakdown of your final score.


To score as many points as possible in Miner Disturbance, it is crucial that you use both multipliers and make sure that you have a route out. Escaping with both multipliers gives a total multiplier of 12x the base value of the gems collected.

If you want to live long enough to make a decent score, you should probably go after myths and grab the equipment that they guard. The easiest way to kill myths (without the dynamite, hydraulic fist, charge, or rock blaster) is to make your way right above them, and to single-mine or crack a rock that will collapse and crush them. This is rather easy to do, as they single-mindedly follow you around under the rock until they get you or until they are killed. If you are playing the super volcano it will be easier with the ice bomb as it will not make the seismograph "spike" so you can use it as many times as you want.

List of Minerals

Image Mineral Value 2x Multiplier 3x Multiplier 4x Multiplier 6x Multiplier 12x Multiplier
Iron 100 200 300 400 600 1,200
Silver 250 500 750 1,000 1,500 3,000
Gold 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 3,000 6,000
Effluvium 750 1,500 2,250 3,000 4,500 9,000
Freezium (SVEP only) 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 6,000 12,000
Diamond 2,500 5,000 7,500 10,000 15,000 30,000

Effect of Minerals

Image Mineral Effect
Effluvium Releases toxic gas that will spread everywhere in the air located above the source (the ore), until the gas reaches the ore's level or if you mine the ore. This is especially dangerous when enclosed in a hard rock.
Freezium (SVEP Only) Turns all water it touches into freezing water. Always found in rocks or in snow, unless water around froze the snow into an ice block.


Mount Magros Super Volcano Score
Worm Chow
MD Rank Frozen Fodder.png
Frozen Fodder
MD MinorMiner Rank.PNG
Minor Miner
MD Insipid Explorer Rank.png
Insipid Explorer
Puddle Splasher
MD MeddlingMiner Rank.PNG
Meddling Miner
MD Chilly Caver Rank.png
Chilly Caver
MD MachoMiner Rank.PNG
Macho Miner
MD Rank Determined Diver.png
Determined Diver
MD MaestroMiner Rank.PNG
Maestro Miner
MD Ice Breaker Rank.png
Ice Breaker
MD MegaMiner Rank.png
Mega Miner
MD Boreal Brave Rank.png
Boreal Brave
MD MagmaMiner Rank.PNG
Magma Miner
MD Arctic Explorer Rank.png
Arctic Explorer
MD PitLord Rank.png
Pit Lord
MD Iceman Rank.png
MD 6MCrew Rank.png
6M Crew Member
MD Polar Prince Rank.png
Polar Prince
MD HRH Rank.png
H.R.H. (His Royal Highness) King of the Snowmen

Miscellaneous Information

- Damaged (one-hit) non-mineral containing squares will fix itself over time if there are any kind of structure supporting it. It will eventually turn into a regular non-mineral square which will require two hits to break down.

- Damaged, non-mineral containing squares will shake right before it will to fall down. This can be interpreted as a warning.

- The pre-dug shaft will lead all the way down onto near the very bottom of the volcano, which will start an eruption.


Total Achievements: 34
Total Orb Coins: 113
Total Orb Points: 11300
[Secret Achievements] | [Hidden Achievements] [Halloween Achievements]

Image Name Requirement Orb Points Orb Coins Members? Sorter
Mega Miner.png Mega Miner

Achieve the Mega Miner rank by scoring at least 100,000 points in the standard volcano

200 2 No AA
Magma Miner.png Magma Miner

Achieve the Magma Miner rank by scoring at least 200,000 points in the standard volcano

300 3 No AB
Pit Lord.png Pit Lord

Achieve the Pit Lord rank by scoring at least 500,000 points in the standard volcano

500 5 No AC
6M Crew Member.png 6M Crew Member

Join the 6M Crew by scoring at least 1 million points in the standard volcano

1000 10 No AD
Iron Pick.png Iron Pick

Mine 25 Iron

200 2 No AE
Silver Helm.png Silver Helm

Mine 25 Silver

200 2 No AF
Golden Rope.png Golden Rope

Mine 25 Gold

200 2 No AG
Effluvium Canary.png Effluvium Canary

Mine 25 Effluvium

300 3 No AH
Diamond Boots.png Diamond Boots

Mine 10 Diamonds

300 3 No AI
Slayer of the Myth.png Slayer of the Myth

Retrieve equipment from 5 former miners

300 3 No AJ
Volcanic Delver.png Volcanic Delver

Reach the base of the volcano

100 1 No AK
Aqua Miner.png Aqua Miner

Mine 25 gems from underwater

200 2 No AL
Demolition Miner.png Demolition Miner

Retrieve 25 nuggets from under rock and escape alive!

300 3 No AM
Minted Miner.png Minted Miner

Escape the mine with 10 Diamonds

500 5 No AN
Arctic Explorer.png Arctic Explorer

Achieve the Arctic Explorer rank by scoring at least 200,000 points in the Super Volcano

200 2 Yes AO
Iceman.png Iceman

Achieve the Iceman rank by scoring at least 500,000 points in the Super Volcano

300 3 Yes AP
Polar Prince.png Polar Prince

Achieve the Polar Prince rank by scoring at least 1 million points in the Super Volcano

500 5 Yes AQ
King of the Snowmen.png King of the Snowmen

Become King of the Snowmen by scoring at least 2 million points in the Super Volcano

1000 10 Yes AR
Freezium Lamp.png Freezium Lamp

Mine 25 freezium

200 2 Yes AS
Oil Sheik.png Oil Sheik

Earn 100,000 points while covered in oil

300 3 Yes AT
Frozen Blubber.png Frozen Blubber

Freeze 3 monsters with one ice bomb

500 5 Yes AU
Save the Walrus!.png Save the Walrus!

Make 100,000 points without harming a single walrus

300 3 Yes AV
Pick Up a Penguin.png Pick Up a Penguin

Pick Up a Penguin

200 2 Yes AX
Major Disturbance.png Major Disturbance

Trigger an eruption within 40 seconds

500 5 No BF
Found the King.png Found the King

Found the King of Rock and Roll in the Super Volcano

300 3 Yes AW
Snow Way Out.png Snow Way Out

Mine through 200 snow blocks

200 2 Yes AY
Taking the Mick.png Taking the Mick

Score more than 4,000,000 points in the Super Volcano

100 1 Yes AZ
Size 12 Carbon Footprint.png Size 12 Carbon Footprint

Burn enough oil to fill a swimming pool

300 3 Yes BA
Seen It All.png Seen It All

See all tutorial tips

200 2 Yes BB
On the Rocks.png On the Rocks

Create 500 ice blocks

300 3 Yes BC
Meteoric Rise.png Meteoric Rise

Use the Jetpack while covered in oil, and survive

300 3 Yes BD
Just For The Thrill.png Just For The Thrill

Reach the bottom of either environment with 0 points

500 5 No BE
Tremors.png Tremors

Get over 100,000 points and escape the worm during Halloween.

200 2 No BG
Play With Fire.png Play With Fire

Cause a 10-second long explosion and escape

300 3 No BH

All information for these achievements is stored on their respective pages, along with walkthroughs and tips for many of them. So, if you notice a mistake, or have a good strategy, go there!

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  • "6M" in the name of the achievement "6M Crew Member" stands for "Mhor's Mickaxe mof Massive Mining Multraness"
  • Miner Disturbance is currently the #6 most played game on FunOrb.
  • The miner's name, Moin, could be a reference to the Norse serpent of the same name, who gnaws at the World Tree Roots. It could also be a reference to Gloin, one of the dwarves from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. That, or it's simply a pun on the word "Mine".
  • The achievement Tremors is probably based on the movie of the same name
  • "Get rich or die tryin'" could be a reference to the 50 cent's album name "Get rich or die tryin'"
  • When you pick up some gear and then quickly get an ore, Moin holds up the gear, not the ore.
  • Miner Disturbance is one of two games which on the full game list is categorized as 'uncategorized'; the other is Bouncedown.
  • Miner Disturbance is a play on the word "Minor Disturbance".