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Orb Defence
Orb defence.png
Genre Strategy
Release August 27, 2008
Multi-player No

Orb Defence is a tower-defence style action game released on 27 August 2008.



The Norbs are coming to attack your orbs and it is up to you to stop them! Build up your defences to push back the Norb advance. If the orbs are taken over you will lose! Try defending your orbs now and save FunOrb!

Difficulty Levels

Image Name How to Unlock
OD FF icon.png First Fight No Requirement
OD P icon.png Pincer Pass wave 66 in First Fight. Members` only
OD B icon.png Breakout Pass wave 66 in First Fight. Members` only
OD D icon.png Dominion Score 1,000,000 points in either Pincer or Breakout (Tougho Achievement). Members` only
OD G icon.png Gridlock Pass Wave 66 in Pincer or Breakout (Orb Defender achievement). Members` only. The idea of this level is to build mazes with barriers.
OD O icon.png Orb Central Pass Wave 66 in Pincer or Breakout (Orb Defender achievement). Members` only.


Energy is like the currency, used to buy turrets for defence. Any active orbs will slowly feed energy to the player, but energy can also be gotten otherwise by destroying Norbs. Using the space bar to skip waves can give more energy, as explained below.

You get 50 extra points for each second you save by pressing space bar. Each 20 extra points you earned this way will store 1 energy into each orb you have left in the game.

In addition, boss waves give extra points which make the orb produce extra energy at the end of a boss wave, starting from a +2000 points prize for the Normo boss and increasing by 1000 for each new boss you meet.

You can work out the energy you will receive by watching the "+ number" that display next to your score. Divide it by 20 and you will have the current amount of energy stored into each orb. For example, if you have 5 orbs left and accumulated a bonus of +10000, you will receive 500 energy from each orb you have left, which is 2,500 energy.

Upon finishing a boss wave, you can launch the next wave by pressing the space bar; the time saved that way is also counted with the prize. The prize then immediately adds to your score, and the relevant energy is released from your orbs. For example, if you have +10000 bonus points then immediately press space bar after finishing the boss wave, you will save the 10 second waiting. The bonus will then be 10500 points which is 525 energy produced by each orb and not 500, as what the above explanation might say.



Orbs are the target of the Norbs, and are defended with towers. Norbs can destroy orbs with a single touch, and the place where the orb was will become a new spawn point for more Norbs. There are 5 orbs in First Fight and Dominion, 2 orbs in Pincer or Breakout, 3 orbs in Gridlock and 4 orbs in Orb central. The game ends if all orbs are lost or all waves are beaten. Any orbs you have will also give you 25 energy every 20 seconds or so.


As you progress in the game, you unlock different and stronger varieties of towers.
Clicking on a tower upgrades its power, and holding the "Shift" key allows you to upgrade them to their maximal level without having to click repetitively.

Ice turrets and Beam Blasts are unavailable on the Gridlock and Orb Central levels.

Barriers and Electroshock turrets are only available on the Gridlock and Orb Central levels.

Bold = Members Only

Image Name Level Description Power Range Size Cost (Upgrade/Total) Efficiency (Damage/Cost) Purchase Requirement
Fast blast 1.png Fast Blast I Cheap, but weak. 5 Damage 30 2x2 10/10 0.5 None
Fast blast 2.png II 10 Damage 30 10/20 0.5
Fast blast 3.png III 20 Damage 30 15/35 0.57
Turbo blast.png Turbo Blast IV 25 Damage 30 15/50 0.5 Beat Wave 44 Boss
Nitro blast.png Nitro Blast V 40 Damage 30 30/80 0.5
Chain shot 1.png Chain Shot I Short-ranged, yet bounces. 12 Damage 8 3x3 15/15 0.8 None
Chain shot 2.png II 16 Damage 10 20/35 0.46
Chain shot 3.png III 22 Damage 12 25/60 0.37
Thunder shot.png Thunder Shot IV 32 Damage 13 30/90 0.36 Beat Wave 55 Boss
Stormscraper.png Storm Scraper V 64 Damage 16 40/130 0.49
Big shot 1.png Big Shot I Powerful, with a large area of effect. 40 Area 20 3x3 30/30 N/A Beat Wave 11 Boss
Big shot 2.png II 50 Area 20 45/75 N/A
Big shot 3.png III 70 Area 20 60/135 N/A
Mega Shot.PNG Mega Shot IV 80 Area 25 90/225 N/A Beat Wave 66 Boss
Atomic Shot.PNG Atomic Shot V 100 Area 30 120/345 N/A
Ice shot 1.png Ice Shot I Slows down Norbs. 1 Ice 6 2x2 40/40 N/A Beat Wave 22 Boss
Ice shot 2.png II 2 Ice 6 75/115 N/A
Ice shot 3.png III 3 Ice 6 100/215 N/A
Ice Beam.PNG Ice Beam IV 4 Ice 6 150/365 N/A Beat Wave 77 Boss
Blizzard Wave.PNG Blizzard Wave V 5 Ice 6 200/565 N/A
Beam blast 1.png Beam Blast I The pinnacle of anti-Norb defences! 200 Damage 30 4x4 120/120 1.67 Beat Wave 33 Boss
Beam blast 2.png II 250 Damage 30 120/240 1.04
Beam blast 3.png III 333 Damage 30 120/360 0.92
Solarblast beam4.png Solar Blast IV 500 Damage 30 120/480 1.04 Beat Wave 88 Boss
NovaBlast.png Nova Blast V 1000 Damage 30 120/600 1.67
Electroshock 1.png Electroshock I Stuns groups of Norbs (and reveals Sneakos!) 5 Damage 3x3 40/40 Beat Wave 22 Boss
Electroshock 2.png II 10 Damage 75/115
Electroshock 3.png III 20 Damage 100/215
Lightning bolt.png Lightning Bolt IV 40 Damage 150/365 Beat Wave 77 Boss
Storm bolt.png Storm Bolt V 80 Damage 200/565
Orb Defence Barrier.png Barrier I Deters Norbs, but takes damage if attacked! N/A N/A 2x2 10/10 N/A None


Norb strength varies depending on mode and wave; the energy that they give off stays constant across the game, though.

Normal Norbs

Image Name Description
Normo Your plain, normal, norb.

2 energy per Normo

Swarmo Lower health than a Normo, but comes in larger quantities. Spawns in two places instead of one*.

1 energy per Swarmo

Zoomo enemy.png
Zoomo Average health, but very fast, making them harder to hit, and giving you less time to kill them before they reach your orbs. Zoomo is too fast for big shot, however, if it gets trapped behind slower norbs big shots can hurt it.

3 energy per Zoomo

Tougho Slow speed, but about twice as much health.

3 energy per Tougho

*For the swarmo boss, the swarmos spawn in four different places instead.

Nasty Norbs

Image Name Description
Flybo enemy.png
Flybo Fast, but not as fast as Zoomos. Additionally, big shots and beam blasts will not fire at them.

4 energy per flybo

Bombo enemy.png
Bombo When the Bombo dies, if it is too close to your turret, your turret will lose one upgrade level; if your turret is only on the first level, it will be deleted the bombo boss has a bigger range than normal bosses.

3 energy per bombo*

Chompo enemy.png
Chompo As long as the Chompo survives, it will "chomp" on one of your turrets. If the turret is "chomped" on for too long, it loses an upgrade level.

3 energy per chompo

Irono enemy.png
Irono Higher than average health. Additionally, it cannot be frozen by ice turrets or hit by a big shot.

4 energy per irono

Other Norbs

Image Name Description
Sneako Invisible unless hit with an electroshock turret! (2 energy per sneako)
Splitto Releases Swarmos when destroyed! (total energy of 26 energy per big splitto)
Ghosto Replaces Ironos during the Hallowe'en season.

* All nearby turrets lose one upgrade level. If they are only on the first level, they will be deleted. Because bosses, if killed, also do this (over a much larger area), the bombo boss will do this over a huge area.


Image Name Description
Awesome boss!.PNG Awesomeo King of all the Norbs, Awesomeo is the last boss you face on wave 99 (total of 500 energy) Note: Unlike other norbs, the Awesomeo boss doesn't die when it touches an orb.


Bosses appear every 11th wave, and are simply bigger versions of normal norbs. There is only one of each boss, except the Swarmo boss, of which there are four. The waves each boss appears on depends on the mode played. When a boss dies, you will generally gain access to a new type or level of turret. When it dies, it will explode like a giant bombo and degrade all nearby turrets by one level.

A simple swarmo boss. In the game, four of them come at once.

Wave First Fight-Dominion Gridlock Orb Central
11 Normo Boss
22 4 Swarmo Bosses Splitto Boss
33 Zoomo Boss Sneako Boss
44 Tougho Boss 4 Swarmo Bosses
55 Flybo Boss
66 Bombo Boss
77 Chompo Boss Splitto Boss
88 Irono Boss (Halloween: Ghosto Boss) Sneako Boss Irono Boss (Halloween: Ghosto Boss)
99 Awesomeo Boss


Ranks are awarded for completing a level, based on the number of Orbs surviving.

If you lose the game, this picture will show up.

If you win the game, this picture will show up.

Image Name Requirement Available in
Single Orb.png Win 1 Orb Survives All levels
Single Orb.pngSingle Orb.png Orbsome 2 Orbs Survive All levels
Single Orb.pngSingle Orb.pngSingle Orb.png Norbsome 3 Orbs Survive First Fight, Dominion, Gridlock and Orb Central
Single Orb.pngSingle Orb.pngSingle Orb.pngSingle Orb.png Chompolicious 4 Orbs Survive First Fight, Dominion and Orb Central
Single Orb.pngSingle Orb.pngSingle Orb.pngSingle Orb.pngSingle Orb.png Awesomo 5 Orbs Survive First Fight and Dominion


Total Achievements: 24
Total Orb Coins: 73
Total Orb Points: 7300
[Secret Achievements] | [Hidden Achievements] [Halloween Achievements]

Image Name Requirement Orb Points Orb Coins Members? Sorter
Noobo.png Noobo

Pass wave 66 with only a single orb after wave 33

200 2 No AA
Swarmo.png Swarmo

Pass wave 33 in First Fight

100 1 No AB
Zoomo.png Zoomo

Pass wave 66 in First Fight

200 2 No AC
Tougho.png Tougho

Unlock the Dominion level by achieving a score of one million points in either Pincer or Breakout.

500 5 Yes AD
Bombo.png Bombo

Pass wave 66 in First Fight with three of the five orbs intact

300 3 No AE
Flybo.png Flybo

Pass wave 66 in First Fight with all your orbs intact

300 3 No AF
Chompo.png Chompo

Pass wave 99 in First Fight

300 3 No AG
Irono.png Irono

Pass wave 99 in First Fight with all your orbs intact

500 5 No AH
Awesomeo.png Awesomeo

Pass wave 99 in Dominion

1000 10 Yes AI
Fast Blaster.png Fast Blaster

Kill 99 enemies with level 5 fast blasts

100 1 No AJ
Chain Shooter.png Chain Shooter

Kill 99 enemies with level 5 chain shots

100 1 No AK
Big Blammer.png Big Blammer

Kill 99 enemies with level 5 big shots

200 2 No AL
Beam Burner.png Beam Burner

Kill 99 enemies with level 5 beam blasts

200 2 No AM
Boss Splorber.png Boss Splorber

Defeat a boss wave in First Fight

100 1 No AN
Boss Blorber.png Boss Blorber

Defeat three boss waves in First Fight

200 2 No AO
Boss Annihorber.png Boss Annihorber

Defeat all the boss waves in First Fight

500 5 No AP
Playing with Fire.png Playing with Fire

Pass wave 99 without building any ice towers in First Fight

1000 10 No AQ
Orb Evasion.png Orb Evasion

Lose all but the front orb after wave 33 in First Fight

100 1 No AR
Shock Horror.png Shock Horror

Use electroshock turrets to stun 250 Norbs at once

200 2 Yes AS
On the Fence.png On the Fence

Use barriers to stop 30 Norbs simultaneously

200 2 Yes AT
Sneako.png Sneako

Let a Norb live for 4 minutes, without losing an orb

200 2 Yes AU
Splitto.png Splitto

Achieve a score of one million points in either Gridlock or Orb central

500 5 Yes AV
Orb Defender.png Orb Defender

Unlock the Gridlock and Orb Central levels by passing wave 66 in Pincer or Breakout

200 2 Yes AW
Ghost-free Zone.png Ghost-free Zone

Kill the Ghosto boss during Hallowe'en

100 1 No AX

All information for these achievements is stored on their respective pages, along with walkthroughs and tips for many of them. So, if you notice a mistake, or have a good strategy, go there!

Did you notice a missing achievement? You can help the FunOrb Wiki by making a page for it. Simply type the achievement name in this box to make a page for it.<createbox> width=30 break=no prefix=Orb Defence/Achievement: preload=FunOrb Wiki:Achievement Articles/Preloader buttonlabel=Create page </createbox>


OD Update.PNG
  • Orb Defence was updated on the 17th December, 2008, and Sneakos, Splittos, Electroshock Turrets, barriers, Gridlock and Orb Central were introduced to the game. Free players were given full access to First Fight, giving them accessibility to the Awesomeo boss.
  • When Orb Defence was first released, achievements online used the name "Blambo" instead of "Chompo". Also "Fast Blaster" was misspelled as "Flast Blaster". Those names are still used on the hiscores for some reason.
  • 'Norb' is a word created by the players of FunOrb, meaning new Orber, or newb. This is the first time Jagex has used a player-made word in FunOrb, although there is no mention of whether they took inspiration from the player-made word.[1]
  • FunOrb's censor censors the letter N in word "Norbs", but not in word "Norb".
  • A convenient way to give yourself as much time as you want to build/demolish towers is: Wait until one orb is about to be taken. Right before it is, turn the tutorial on. You will get a message, "You have lost an orb." Now turn off the tutorial; you will "save" the message. When you need a break to recuperate, turn the tutorial back on. You will still be able to build towers, but the timer won't be ticking. Outside of First Fight, you can turn the tutorial on by pressing Escape, then Tutorial to turn it on.
  • At the end of the game when you win all the turrets show a picture of the level 5 version. The chain shot picture is a level 4. This is also on the "Chain Shooter" achievement. Plus, the Blizzard wave's spikes are facing outwards, not inwards.
  • Most Norbs resemble something real or myth like, e.g. Zoomo looks like a bacteria, Normos/Swarmos look like jellyfish, Tougho is shaped as a bull and Awesomeo is a purple Gorilla with a crown on his head.
  • Some people have experienced a glitch where the Chain Shooter and Orb Evasion achievements are "hidden" behind the Ghost-Free Zone achievement. If one looks closely, they can see a Zoomo's head on the upper-left corner of the ghosto in the achievement image, and if you click the achievement, it shows the information for Chain Shooter instead of Ghost-Free Zone.