Pirate Empires
Release N/A
Multi-player Yes

Pirate Empires is a cancelled FunOrb game. It was the subject of the first four official FunOrb Developer Diaries. It then featured in several wallpapers in the Orb Downloads.

In the game, players would fight each other with their pirate ships. There is a port area where it is known that there is a dock, a shipyard, a market and a tavern.

The Game is a real-time game, as confirmed by Jagex.

Factions[edit | edit source]

There are three factions:

The Renegades

Sahn Feng

Las Banderillas

Renegades: American and English Pirates: not the brightest nor the most sophisticated bunch. They have enthusiasm, parrots and monkeys.

Sahn Feng: Japanese and Chinese Pirates: clever, and are a cross between pirates and ninjas.

Las Banderillas: Spanish and Portuguese Pirates: they carry rapiers and are very stylish, but they are killers.

Cancellation[edit | edit source]

On 4 June 2010, Jagex announced that the game's development had ceased.

On a sad note, we've had to make a tough choice about Pirate Empires, which turned out to be a far larger project than we have the resources for at the moment. It was a hard decision to cease development of the game, but we realised we were essentially trying to produce a mini MMORPG, and we would have had to devote almost the entire development team to it in order to finish it. This would have meant putting all other projects on hold. - Mod Gabriel

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