Genre Shooter
Release 27th February 2008
Multi-player No

Sol-Knight is a shooting game released on 27 February 2008, together with the release of FunOrb.


A massive asteroid field has been sighted heading directly for Earth. Use the weapon systems installed throughout the solar system to whittle down their numbers and save the planet.


Earn combos by destroying asteroids in quick succession or by maintaining accuracy. Combos unlock extra powers that are vital to your survival.

A large asteroid field is heading for Earth and the only hope are the eight sol-knights. Each sol-knight is equipped with a different weapon to combat the threat.


Aim: Mouse
Fire: Left Mouse Button
Pause: Esc


Level Planet Weapon Weapon Description
1 Pluto
Cannon The most basic weapon in the game. Fires in a straight line, damaging the target it hits.
2 Neptune
Scatter Rockets Divide into multiple warheads in proximity to a target.
3 Uranus
Guided Missiles Fly towards the mouse pointer for the first two seconds of flight.
4 Saturn
Torpedoes Slow to fire, but explode damaging everything in a large radius near by.
5 Jupiter
Rail gun
Rail Gun Fires very quickly but not too powerful. Focus on the important asteroids only.
6 Asteroid Defense Grid
Pulse Laser Can shoot through small asteroids and damage multiple targets. Target the center of the asteroid for maximum damage.
7 Mars
Plasma Bolt Fires streams of bolts before recharging. The bolts hone in on the mouse cursor at high speed.
8 Earth
Fusion Beam
Fusion Beam Takes a short time to charge before firing where you cannot move the gun. The beam causes massive damage to everything it hits.


Total Achievements: 16
Total Orb Coins: 48
Total Orb Points: 4800
[Secret Achievements] | [Hidden Achievements] [Halloween Achievements]

Image Name Requirement Orb Points Orb Coins Members? Sorter
Combo Bonus Combo Bonus

Get a x10 Combo

100 1 No AJ
Combo Champion Combo Champion

Get a x10 Combo on every level

500 5 Yes AL
Combo Collector Combo Collector

Get a x10 Combo on four levels

200 2 Yes AK
Mega Bonus Mega Bonus

Get a x25 Combo

200 2 No AM
Mega Champion Mega Champion

Get a x25 Combo on every level

1000 10 Yes AO
Mega Collector Mega Collector

Get a x25 Combo on four levels

300 3 Yes AN
Order of the Galaxy Order of the Galaxy

Gain 40,000 points

300 3 No AD
Order of the Moon Order of the Moon

Gain 10,000 points

100 1 No AA
Order of the Planet Order of the Planet

Gain 20,000 points

100 1 No AB
Order of the System Order of the System

Gain 30,000 points

200 2 No AC
Order of the Universe Order of the Universe

Gain 50,000 points

500 5 No AE
Solar King Solar King

Destroy 100% of the asteroid cluster

500 5 Yes AI
Solar Knight Solar Knight

Destroy 30% of the asteroid cluster

200 2 No AG
Solar Prince Solar Prince

Destroy 60% of the asteroid cluster

300 3 Yes AH
Solar Squire Solar Squire

Destroy 10% of the asteroid cluster

100 1 No AF
Ultimate Bonus Ultimate Bonus

Get a x50 Combo

200 2 No AP
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  • Even though the definition of a planet reclassifying Pluto as a dwarf-planet was put forth in 2006, two years before the release of FunOrb, when losing the game at Pluto, the reason supplied is: "Because of the loss of the planet Pluto by Asteroids".