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Steel Sentinels
Steel Sentinels
Genre Strategy
Release 13th August 2009
Multi-player Yes

This page is for objective, encyclopaedic content. There is a separate forum page to discuss tactics and strategy.

Steel Sentinels is a strategy game on FunOrb. It was a much-discussed topic on the forums before its release on 13 August 2009. In the game, players choose from various components to build their robot, or sentinel. They evaluate statistics such as shielding, weight, weapon capabilities, and degrees of freedom. Weapons are selected based on reloading speed, range, damage, area of effect, energy usage, and additional effects. Modules are selected to give the sentinel protection and shielding, maneuverability, extra power, or more complex effects. The player may choose to head out into a multiplayer game and earn solarite, which is used to buy more complex and powerful components, or to head into campaign mode and steal technology from the enemies.


Basic Controls

System 1

  • Movement
    • A - move left
    • D - move right
    • S - stop moving
  • Jumping
    • W - hold and aim jump with mouse; release to jump
    • SHIFT - hold to aim jump with mouse; press SHIFT + LMB to jump
  • Weapons
    • Q,E - switch weapons
    • LMB - fire weapon towards mouse pointer
  • Camera
    • Hold RMB and drag mouse - move camera
    • V - center camera on your sentinel

System 2

  • Movement
    • Z - move left
    • C - move right
    • X - stop moving
  • Jumping
    • RMB - hold and aim jump with mouse; release to jump
    • SHIFT - hold to aim jump with mouse; press SHIFT + LMB to jump
  • Weapons
    • Q,E - select current weapon
    • LMB - fire weapon towards mouse pointer
  • Camera
    • W,A,S,D or cursor keys - move camera
    • V - center camera on your sentinel

For further information, play the first tutorial.

Advanced Controls

  • ALT + LMB - Target lock enemy (requires the targeter module)
    • ALT + RMB - Drop target lock
  • F - Melee (requires the thunder-blade arm, storm-hammer arm or fusion-blade arm)
  • F1 - Fire EMP bomb (requires the EMP bomb module)
  • F2 - Teleport (requires the EDD module)
  • backtick (`) - show sentinel preview screen


Campaigns are a series of battles against computer controlled opponents. The player is given a sentinel for each mission, which cannot be customized. Sentinel parts, modules, and weapons can be unlocked after you finish each mission. When you finish enough missions, you will unlock a sentinel.

Training Iolian Incident Silver Gold Solarite War Silver Gold
Moving and Shooting First Strike 3:30 2:13 Opening Skirmish 5:30 3:45
Rocket Combat In Cold Blood 5:00 3:20 The Aviary 8:06 5:25
Slave Field Test Cracked Shell 3:00 2:00 Laser Nest 4:42 3:20
Thrust and Energy The Long Crawl 5:14 3:30 Venomous Reprisal 6:27 4:30
Laser Field Test Blue Fire 3:45 2:30 Sting of Defeat 4:26 3:09
Targeting Flashing Blade 4:33 3:05 Ground Zero 7:07 4:59
Aquila Field Test Crisis 6:40 4:32 Lunar Sea 6:20 4:26
Ballistic Weapons Eagle's Talon 4:30 3:01 Nowhere to Run 3:45 3:17
Ballistic Field Test Hold the Line 6:21 4:15 End of the Road 4:42 3:15
Flak Firestorm 5:31 3:40 Our Darkest Hour 5:30 5:02

Italics = Members only

Times given are the maximum known time needed to achieve the star for that level. If you have a time that is greater than those mentioned, please amend the table. Bold times are 100% certain.


The mission briefings all address the player with a particular rank, starting with "recruit", which advances as you complete more missions.

1. Recruit

2. Cadet

3. Ensign

4. Commander

5. Captain

6. Major

7. Colonel

8. Brigadier

9. Admiral

10. General

11. Field Marshal

12. Your Majesty


Sentinels are player controlled machines, used to destroy the enemy. Sentinels can be modified in the Configuration screen. More powerful sentinels and better equipment can be unlocked in two ways - by completing certain campaign missions, and by buying them with solarite, which is earned in multiplayer games. There are 12 sentinels, 6 of which are available to free players. For a list of sentinels and their components, see this article.


Steel Sentinels features 6 distinct maps to fight on.

Free for all Maps

On these maps, there are no teams. The player with the most points when the game ends wins. Sudden Death is declared when any player reaches 1,000 points in a Standard game, or 2,000 points in an Advanced game. After sudden death is declared, if you die you will not respawn. Any sentinels respawning (dropping from the sky) when Sudden Death is declared will deploy as usual. The game ends when there is either only one player left after Sudden Death, or a certain amount of time after Sudden Death begins.

War Zone (Free to Play)

Standard Free-For-All action and available to Free Players. This map always has at least four players, two or more humans and the rest computer-controlled. Drones will also spawn from the ends of the map.

Ba'al Lord of Ilolia may also spawn on this map. Ba'al is a gold coloured Babel with much higher tech than is available to players. The requirements for Ba'al to appear are that the players have to be "worthy" - the exact nature of this is unknown, but may relate to all players having relatively high scores. He can be faced many times, however players have to "reprove" their "worthiness" each time. Mod Thomas Previously, if Ba'al was going to appear in a map, the border around the list of players and their scores will be yellow instead of black; now players have to play through the game and see if he appears. When he dies, he says one of various declarations (including "Destiny!", "I thirst!", and "Not yet!") in golden text. He has other declarations if he wins the battle. If Ba'al gets 2000 points, Sudden Death will be activated.

Killing Ba'al grants the "Boss killer" tag, and the Conqueror achievement.

During Hallowe'en, the map is darker, and the usual Warzone drones are replaced with flying bats-drones. These are similar to other drones, but they give points when killed, and there is a bat-kill counter in the in-game scoreboard. There is a Hallowe'en achievement for winning 13 "Most bat kills" tags. A large number of bat-drones are spawned at the onset of Sudden Death.

City (Free to Play)

Free for all, and available to Free Players. Large buildings stop long distance shots unless you fire over them. There is a power up called the MGFN which slowly increases your score over time at a rate of around 3 points per second. When the sentinel carrying the MGFN is killed, the power-up is dropped and anyone may collect it. If a sentinel has a Walton Mirage Device while holding the MGFN, it will be visible on the main screen but not the minimap. In a match with an odd number of people, the middle one will spawn directly on top of the MGFN power-up.

Moon (Free to Play)

Free for all, and available to Free Players. There is a crashed ship in the center of the map, which is surrounded by a large energy shield. The edge of the shield absorbs energy and EMP damage (but not damage from energised kinetic weapons, nor from EMP bomb). Players gain points at a rate of about 1 a second while they are inside this shield. it is possible to earn points whihe not in the shield so you may fire plasma and such. If a sentinel has a Walton Mirage Device while inside the shield, it will be visible on the main screen but not the minimap. Upon hitting the shield, power-ups will disintegrate. Like in fleet, there is decreased gravity on this map, so projectiles will go farther, you will jump and thrust higher, etc.

Team Maps

In team games, the team with the highest score at the end of the game wins. The team's score is the sum of the scores of all the players on that team. Damaging teammates will cause you to lose points.

Lost Planet (Free to Play)

This team game has a timer on the upper right corner of the screen. It goes from green to yellow to orange to red over ten minutes. At the end, a spaceship will crash into the battlefield, killing everyone and ending the game. This is called 'Calamity'.While the timer is in the green section, nothing special happens, but further into the game spaceships will fly overhead and shoot lasers, plasma, and missiles at the ground. They can also crash into any sentinels when they are flying too high.

NOTE: It is possible to avoid the Calamity by holding the 'Impervious' power up. This will give you the 'Sole Survivor' tag if no one else survives as well. You can also fly or jump to one of the top corners (The one that the ship doesn't crash from) and avoid the Calamity, but it is unlikely that this will work. However, the Calamity will still end the game. If a sentinel has lost half of its health or more to a player, the Calamity will destroy them but a kill message will be displayed saying that the player was killed by the one that took over half of their health. It is also possible, even though highly improbable, to acquire the "Sole Survivor" tag without the "Impervious" power-up, but it requires you to kill the last bot right before the ship hits the ground, meaning you must manage to kill the target relying only on the mini-map (since the screen locks to the falling ship), have a Targeter module locked on your opponent while firing targetable weapons, or just have lots of luck. You can also hold 'v' on your keyboard, letting you be able to focus on your sentinel than the ship, thus being able to kill the last opponent sentinel. you can also survive it if you are in your landing pod where you cant take damage and no one else is.

Star Fleet (Free to Play)

This team game is set in space. Each team starts on a spaceship on opposite ends of the map, with asteroids in between. Any player that dies will respawn on their team's cruiser. This is a Capture-the-Flag game. Reaching to the other team's ship then back without dying will cause your ship to shoot an "Enormo-Laser" at the other ship. Three hits are required to destroy a cruiser, which leaves that team's players unable to respawn. The first hit will take out the cruiser's energy shield. When the laser takes out the energy shield, plasma with damage equivalent to a Fusion Cannon will rebound out of the cruiser that was hit. The second hit will damage the cruiser and its occupants in the middle. The damage of the hit is equivalent to a Destructor Rocket. The third and last hit completely destroys the cruiser and damages the players on it with damage comparable to a destructor rocket, although a Babel-class sentinel could survive it easily. The last hit will also destroy sentinels that are currently respawning, rendering them unable to participate in the game and making them spectate the game until it ends. The game ends when all players from one team are destroyed and unable to respawn (meaning that their cruiser is already destroyed), or when everyone on one of the teams resigns. When a cruiser is destroyed, the other team's players are awarded 1000 points each, but the winning team is the team with the most points at the end, regardless of which cruiser was destroyed, although the 1000 points generally makes whoever destroyed the first cruiser the winner.


  • Each time someone energises their ship, all other energised sentinels on that team become unenergised. this is so that the game cannot end in under 30 seconds, because if the one energise did not remove the rest on that team than the game would be so fast paced that nobody would play it.
  • The ships slowly move closer together. When they are close enough, both ships will begin to fire automatically. If one ship has been hit more than the other it will be destroyed by this. If both are equal then both may be destroyed. This is way that the game will end if there are no energises (unless one team resigns). The team with the most points will shoot first by a margin of around 5 seconds.
  • Asteroids are destroyed by the ships as they move. This can significantly change the availability of blind spots and alter weapon reach. A player that is standing too close to an exploding asteroid will receive the explosive damage equivalent to a Destructor Rocket; if they are standing on there in the first place, they probably can't fly so usually they fall to their doom.
  • After one cruiser has been destroyed, the remaining cruiser's Enormo-Laser will target any remaining opponents. It deals damage of a similar magnitude to the nuke (although it deals significantly less than a nuke). The Enormo-Laser will home in on the targeted player, even if that player carries a Walton Mirage Device.
  • Due to the fact that the Enormo-Laser will follow the player wherever they go, it is possible for the player to hide on the remaining cruiser so that the laser reaches them, it will also damage the cruiser. The cruiser can only be destroyed if it has been hit twice already, or if you have a sentinel that can survive a hit from the Enormo-Laser or jump out of the way fast enough to escape the laser and destroy the other crusier. You can also hide under the back part of the cruiser, thrusting to stay up.
  • The back-tick (`) is used to view the other team's sentinels, as most ordnance weapons (the most common weapons in fleet) are visible on medium to high screen resolutions. even heavy weapons are able to be seen depending on what they are.
  • The person who scores a charge also gets points for any members of the opposing team killed in the blast, and loses points for teammates killed, the same points as if they had been killed normally.

Co-op (Members Only)

This map is only available in unrated games but any tags you gain here ARE recorded and the Solarite gain is that of a rated game. Two players work together to fight increasingly difficult waves of AI, ending after 42 waves, where you confront a single Babel. Destroying every wave and beating this campaign will give you the 'And It Costs How Much' achievement, and unlocks the right to purchase the Golem Death Nuke for 1,000 Solarite Cubes. Relying heavily on energy usage is not recommended.

NOTE: You will earn more points by having a very low tech value.


Tags are awarded for fulfilling certain requirements during a game. Players who resign do not receive any tags. Tags obtained in rated and co-op games are saved, those obtained in unrated are not. After 250 of one tag is collected in Rated games, gaining that tag is no longer recorded in the Achievements menu; instead, the counter simply reads "MAX". All tags, exception made to the "Most kills With Atomics" tag, are available for free players.

Image Name Requirements
MostKillsTag.PNG Most Kills Make the most kills.
MostDamageTag.PNG Most Damage Dealt Deal the greatest total damage, but must have caused at least 1,500.
LongestKillingStreakTag.PNG Longest Killing Streak Make the greatest number of kills in succession without dying.
FirstKillTag.PNG First Kill Make the first kill in a match.
SSentinels Fewest Deaths Tag.PNG Fewest Deaths Die the least number of times.
PerfectTag.png Perfect "Don't die, Kill someone, Don't resign, Don't kill a teammate, Be more perfect than everyone else." - Mod Thomas

If more than one player and at least half of the players fulfill the conditions required to get a Perfect tag, nobody will get it, and they will then get a Fewest Deaths tag instead.

SoleSurviverTag.PNG Sole Survivor Be the only sentinel alive at the end of a game.
SSentinels Longest Flight Tag.PNG Longest Flight Spend the longest continuous thrust-time in the air (without touching anything that stops you in the air).
HighestScoreTag.PNG Highest Score Have the highest score of any individual player (a gold star will appear behind your sentinel on the score screen).
InterceptionsTag.PNG Most Interceptions Intercept more rockets, missiles and/or bombs than any other player.
BestKillCombo.PNG Best Kill Combo Make the longest sequence of kills where each is separated from the next by no more than 5 seconds
SSentinels Most Melee Kills Tag.PNG Most Melee Kills Make the most kills with a melee attack.
SSentinels Most Gun and Flak Kills Tag.PNG Most Gun/Flak Kills Make the most kills with guns and flak class weapons.
SSentinels Most Cannon and Mortar Kills Tag.PNG Most Cannon/Mortar Kills Make the most kills with cannons and artillery.
RailGunTag.PNG Most Rail Gun Kills Make the most kills with rail guns (energised kinetic weapons).
SSentinels Most Beam Kills Tag.PNG Most Beam Kills Make the most kills with lasers, EMP Weapons, and the enormo-gun fired from your cruiser on the Fleet map. (The enormo-gun kill will count as yours if you were the one who energised the cruiser.)
MostPlasmaKillsTag.PNG Most Plasma Kills Make the most kills with plasma or splash from first shot of the enormo-laser.
RocketMissileTag.PNG Most Rocket/Missile Kills Make the most kills with rockets and missiles.
SSentinels Most Kills With Atomic Weapons Tag.PNG Most kills With Atomics Make the most kills with the nuke.
SSentinels Most Ship Energises Tag.png Most Ship Energises Energise your ship on the Fleet map more times than any other sentinel.
SSentinels First to Energise Ship Tag.PNG First to Energise Ship Energise your ship on the Fleet map before any other sentinel.
KMEETag.PNG Killed Most Energised Enemies Kill more energised enemies on the Fleet map than anyone else.
SSentinels Finished With MGFN Tag.PNG Finished with MGFN Finish the game with the MGFN found in City maps.
MostKillsWhileHoldingMGFNTag.PNG Most kills while holding MGFN Kill the most sentinels while holding the MGFN found in City maps.
SSentinels Most time with MGFN Tag.PNG Most time with MGFN Have the most total time holding the MGFN found in City maps.
HighestScoringTeamTag.PNG Highest Scoring Team Be on the team with the highest score.
SS Boss Killer tag.png Boss Killer Be the one who hits the final blow on the Babel boss on Wave 42 of Co-Op mode, or Ba'al if he appears in a game.
SSentinels Best Sniper Accuracy Tag.PNG Best Sniper Accuracy Be the most accurate at sniper shots (minimum 50% accuracy). A sniper shot is a long distance shot with a ballistic weapon (cannons and artillery). Your accuracy is the proportion of sniper shots you made that were a direct hit upon an enemy.
MostPowerUpsTag.PNG Most Power-ups Collect more power-ups than any other sentinel, not including the MGFN.
SSentinels Most Kills of MGFN Sentinels Tag.PNG Most kills of MGFN Sentinels Kill the most enemy sentinels while they are holding the MGFN found in City maps.
SSentinels Longest Time in Energy Shield Tag.PNG Most time in Energy Shield Be in the energy shield found in Moon maps for the longest total time.
Battag.png Most Bat kills Kill the most bats in the war zone during Hallowe'en event.


Main article: Steel Sentinels/Epitaphs


Total Achievements: 39
Total Orb Coins: 147
Total Orb Points: 14700
[Secret Achievements] | [Hidden Achievements] [Halloween Achievements]

Image Name Requirement Orb Points Orb Coins Members? Sorter
Ballistics Master.png Ballistics Master

Use rockets to hit a target 10 times in a row. (Rated only)

200 2 No AA
Missile Assault.png Missile Assault

Hit enemies in the air with 10 missiles during a game. (Rated only)

200 2 No AB
Ballistic Assault.png Ballistic Assault

Hit enemies in the air with 10 shells and/or rockets during a game. (Rated only)

200 2 No AC
Missile Defender.png Missile Defender

Collect 100 'Most Interceptions' tags in Rated games

100 1 No AD
Counter Attack.png Counter Attack

Destroy an enemy sentinel by intercepting a missile or rocket. (Rated only)

200 2 No AE
Air Defender.png Air Defender

Destroy an enemy sentinel while it is in the air. (Rated only)

100 1 No AF
Mechavity.png Mechavity

Unlock the Mirage device by completing the members' campaign.

500 5 Yes AG
Steel Sentinels Perfection.png Perfection

Collect 100 'Perfect' tags in Rated games.

1000 10 No AH
Smelter.png Smelter

Personally destroy two opponents within 5 seconds. (Rated only)

200 2 No AI
Steel Sentinels Master of War.png Master of War

Win a 12-player game with the highest score. (Rated only)

500 5 No AJ
Tag Rampage.png Tag Rampage

Collect 100 of each of the following tags in Rated games: 'Most Kills', 'Most Damage', 'Killing Streaks' and 'First Kills'.

200 2 No AK
Gunning for Tags.png Gunning for Tags

Collect 100 of each of the following tags in Rated games: 'Most Gun Kills', 'Most Cannon Kills' and 'Most Rocket Kills'

200 2 No AL
Fusion Tag.png Fusion Tag

Collect 100 of each of the following tags in Rated games: 'Most Beam Kills', 'Most Plasma Kills' and 'Most Rail Kills'.

200 2 No AM
Tagged It.png Tagged It

Collect 100 tags for 'Most melee kills' in rated games.

500 5 No AN
Energising Tag.png Energising Tag

Collect 100 of each of the following tags in Rated games: 'Most Ship Energises', 'First to Energise' and 'Killing Energised Enemies'

500 5 No AO
Team Tagger.png Team Tagger

Collect 100 'Highest Scoring Team' tags in Rated games.

500 5 No AP
Iron Sentinel.png Iron Sentinel

Win a Rated game.

100 1 No AQ
Steel Sentinel.png Steel Sentinel

Collect 5 of one tag.

100 1 No AR
Alloy Sentinel.png Alloy Sentinel

Win 25 Rated games and collect 10 tags from 5 different categories.

200 2 No AS
Titanium Sentinel.png Titanium Sentinel

Win 50 Rated games and collect 20 tags from 10 different categories.

300 3 No AT
Adamant Sentinel.png Adamant Sentinel

Win 150 Rated games and collect 40 tags from 20 different categories.

500 5 No AV
Comeback.png Comeback

Win a game from a losing position at the start of sudden death. (Rated only, 2-player)

300 3 No AX
Platinum Sentinel.png Platinum Sentinel

Win 100 Rated games and collect 30 tags from 15 different categories.

500 5 No AU
Vengeance.png Vengeance

Destroy the sentinel who last defeated you the next time you meet. (Rated only, 2-player)

100 1 No AZ
Steel Sentinels Defender.png Defender

Earn 100,000 points in the co-op game.

100 1 Yes BA
Master Defender.png Master Defender

Earn 250,000 points in the co-op game.

300 3 Yes BB
Boomerang.png Boomerang

Destroy the sentinel who just destroyed you, while they are gloating. (Rated only)

300 3 No BC
Slingshot.png Slingshot

Destroy a sentinel that has four times the tech value of your own (Rated only)

300 3 No BD
And It Costs How Much.png And It Costs How Much

Unlock the Golem-class DEATH nuclear warhead by completing the co-op game

1000 10 Yes AY
The Big Red Button.png The Big Red Button

Destroy everyone in a game with a single nuke, including yourself... (Rated only; at least four Sentinels)

300 3 Yes BE
Ilolian Hero.png Ilolian Hero

Complete the Ilolian Incident campaign.

200 2 No BF
Silver Winner.png Silver Winner

Get 5 stars for campaign missions

300 3 No BG
Gold Winner.png Gold Winner

Get 10 gold stars for campaign missions

500 5 No BH
Silver Hero.png Silver Hero

Get 15 stars for campaign missions

500 5 Yes BI
Gold Hero.png Gold Hero

Get 20 gold stars for Campaign Missions

1000 10 Yes BJ
Steel Sentinels Conqueror.png Conqueror

Destroy Ba'al

1000 10 No BK
Diamond Sentinel.png Diamond Sentinel

Win 200 Rated games and collect 50 tags from 25 different categories.

1000 10 No AW
Destroyer.png Destroyer

Personally destroy four opponents within 5 seconds. (Rated only)

300 3 No APM
Pterocide.png Pterocide

Collect 13 tags for 'Most bat kills' in Rated games at Hallowe'en.

200 2 No BL

All information for these achievements is stored on their respective pages, along with walkthroughs and tips for many of them. So, if you notice a mistake, or have a good strategy, go there!

Did you notice a missing achievement? You can help the FunOrb Wiki by making a page for it. Simply type the achievement name in this box to make a page for it.<createbox> width=30 break=no prefix=Steel Sentinels/Achievement: preload=FunOrb Wiki:Achievement Articles/Preloader buttonlabel=Create page </createbox>


Technology values

  • The minimum technology value is 400.
  • The maximum technology value for non-members is 6100.
  • The maximum technology value for members is 31674.
  • The minimum technology value to be classified 'Advanced' is 6112


  • When Steel Sentinels first came out, you could see the "Diamond Sentinel" achievement if you hovered over a correct spot. It was fixed around a week later.
  • Aeruak Stabilisers used to be referred to as Air Stabilisers on redundancy warning messages.
  • The Stormhammer arm used to be referred to as the doom-hammer in the chassis blurb.
  • When Steel Sentinels first came out, non-members could play advanced games by leaving the technology level setting unchanged. When it was changed to a different technology level, however, the option to play advanced games was nullified unless you started up a new game. This was soon fixed.
  • If you go into a campaign mission, then into the test field, the test field will stretch. The test field will go back to normal if you go on a training campaign map, or you go out and back into the game.
  • It was occasional that free players utilized the "asteroid" glitch in fleet mode. It was made possible by flying under the rock underneath a spot, and soon just "phasing" into the top of the rock, this has yet to be fixed.


  • "Aquila" is the Latin word for eagle. It was also the name of the first small battlefield drone developed in the US in the 1970s
  • "Bertha" refers to the Big Bertha, a cannon used by the German army in WWI.
  • "Valhalla" is an eternal feast where Viking heroes who died in battle were taken
  • "Babel" was the Hebrew name for a city with a symbolic tower in a Biblical story; a fictional fish (invented by Douglas Adams) named after the story; and other miscellany named after the fish.
  • "Ba'al" is a Semitic word for "Lord", which was used to refer to certain gods or demons.
  • "Walton Mirage Device" is named after Ernest Walton, an Irish Nobel Prize-winning physicist that worked with smashing atoms into smaller pieces. Walton lived in Cambridge (where Jagex is located).
  • "MGFN" is an abbreviation for 'MacGuffin', a term used by Hitchcock to describe an element that is required for the plot, but whose exact nature is irrelevant.
  • "Rapier" is a surface-to-air missile system developed for the British Army and Air Force.


  • Steel Sentinels is currently the #5 most played game on FunOrb.
  • When released, only 31 tags were known despite there being 32 tag slots available.
When the game was released, it was speculated that the 32nd slot was preserved for future use, whether it may be a seasonal-only tag or upcoming expansion, or even a next-page button for loads more tags. Others speculated that it may just have been because Jagex intended only 31 tags, and because the number of slots has to be even, that last slot is there. The Hallowe'en 2009 event brought the 32nd tag: Most Bat kills.
  • This is the fourth game with custom cursors.
  • The blue bar at the right of the title screen will fill up based on how many achievements you have and how many sentinel parts you have engineered. As it increases, the icon next to your name in the multiplayer lobby is enhanced. There are 10 different icons, and for every 10% increment that you complete this bar, your lobby icon will level up, and you must max out the bar (that means every achievement and part) to gain the highest one.
  • Mod Thomas has stated that there is a Dune reference somewhere in the game.Funorb Forum.
  • It is possible to stack the bonuses of some modules even after the bottom detail bars are filled (e.g. shields, energy storage and generators).