This is an incomplete list of messages received upon death in a Steel Sentinels multiplayer game.

Light Weapons

  • <Victim> was perforated by <Killer>'s minigun (Minigun)
  • <Victim> was melted by <Killer> (Plasma spray)
  • <Victim> was incinerated by <Killer> (Fire bombs)
  • <Victim> was lasered by <Killer> (Pulse Laser)
  • <Victim> fell into <Killer>'s flak (Flak Repeater)
  • <Victim> felt <Killer>'s electrostatic force (Gauss Gun)
  • <Victim> was electrocuted by <Killer> (Electron Cannon)

Heavy Weapons

  • <Victim> was perforated by <Killer>'s heavy gun (Heavy Gun)
  • <Victim> fell foul of <Killer>'s artillery (Mortar)
  • <Victim> got erased by <Killer> (Rail Repeater)
  • <Victim> decided to catch <Killer>'s shell (Heavy Cannon)
  • <Victim> was sniped by <Killer> (Rifled Sniper Cannon, no extra damage)
  • <Victim> met <Killer>'s magic bullet (Rifled Sniper Cannon, at the range when the projectile glows and does extra damage)
  • <Victim> fell into <Killer>'s heavy flak (Flak Cannon)
  • <Victim> was taught about the power of light by <Killer> (Laser Beam)
  • <Victim> was vaporised by <Killer> (Plasma Cannon)
  • <Victim> caught <Killer>'s lightning (Lightning Cannon)

Ordnance Weapons

  • <Victim> stared into <Killer>'s sun too long (Solaris Laser)
  • <Victim> rode <Killer>'s shell (Doomsday Cannon)
  • <Victim> had death rained down from <Killer> (Howitzer)
  • <Victim> looked down the barrel of <Killer>'s ultra gun (Ultra Gun)
  • <Victim> received serenity from <Killer> (EMP Cannon)
  • <Victim> was turned to slag by <Killer> (Rail Cannon)
  • <Victim> was atomised by <Killer> (Fusion Cannon or Plasma rebound from the first enormo-laser attack, on Fleet)

Small Rockets and Missiles

  • <Victim> couldn't dodge <Killer>'s missile (Rapier Missile)
  • <Victim> was pierced by <Killer> (Piercer Rocket)
  • <Victim> was fragged by <Killer> (Airburst Rocket)
  • <Victim> was short circuited because of <Killer> (EMP Rocket)

Large Rockets and Missiles

  • <Victim> was engulfed by <Killer>'s rocket spread (Multirocket)
  • <Victim> got a present from <Killer> (Heavy Rocket)
  • <Victim> failed to avoid <Killer>'s missile (Air Death Missile)
  • <Victim> was lost when <Killer>'s rocket found its mark (Destructor Rocket)


  • <Victim> fell to <Killer>'s judgement (DEATH Nuke)

Melee Attacks

  • <Victim> was shocked to see <Killer>'s blade (EMP Laceration, Thunder-blade Arm)
  • <Victim> was destroyed in <Killer>'s mighty shockwave (Hammer Strike, Stormhammer Arm; "destroyed" changes to "caught" if victim dies to drone/falling in fleet/rock in fleet)
  • <Victim> was eviscerated by <Killer>'s fusion lance (Fusion Blade Arm, Fusion Reaver)

Module-caused Kills

  • <Victim> was destroyed by <Killer> (EMP Bomb)
  • <Victim> was too close to a rocket/bomb/missile intercepted by <Killer> (Interception of respective explosive)
  • <Victim> was obliterated in <Killer>'s nuclear fireball/explosion (Experimental Reactor, explosion on death; "obliterated" changes to "caught" if victim dies to drone/falling in fleet/rock in fleet)

Map-specific Deaths

  • <Victim> got a present from <Killer> (Rocket Strike power-up)
  • <Victim> couldn't find cover in time (Air strikes - Lost World)
  • <Victim> was roadkill (Ship collision - Lost World)
  • <Other epitaph> ... and plummeted like a stalled brick (falling down off the map - Fleet)
  • <Other epitaph> ... and was finished off by a rock (caught in an exploding asteroid and dies from fall without taking any other damage afterwards - Fleet)
  • <Other epitaph> ... and was finished off by a drone (killed by a drone - War Zone)
  • <Victim> couldn't avoid the mighty enormo-laser (Hit by the enormo-laser explosion, not the plasma rebound - Fleet)


  • <Victim> got careless (Killed by one's own attack, including Rocket Strike Power-up)
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