Stellar Shard
Genre Shooter
Release March 26, 2008
Multi-player No

Stellar Shard is an arcade shooter game on FunOrb. It was the second newest game after the original release.


This game involves shooting asteroids and alien ships, and collecting various weapon and shield powerups. There are 50 levels in the members version, but only the first 10 can be played in the free version. After a player has reached a level, they can restart their game from that level the next time they play the game.


Italic = Members Only

Icon Power-Up Type Effect
Shields Ship Shield Shield Restores your shield to 100%.
Tri Gun Tri Gun Weapon Fires three normal bullets at once.
Ion Gun Ion Gun Weapon Fires four red and orange bullets per shot. Using the Ion Gun increases the chances of the Ion Cannon appearing.
Bounce Gun Bounce Gun Weapon Shoots small pill-shaped bullets that bounce off of the obstacles they destroy.
Heavy Cannon Heavy Cannon Weapon Shoots bullets which are almost the size of the ship, and grow as they move. On impact, the bullet fires smaller shots in all directions. Using the Heavy Cannon increases the chances of the Super Cannon appearing.
Laser Laser Weapon Shoots a laser straight ahead of the ship. Using the Laser increases the chances of the Lightning Gun and Mega Laser appearing.
Wave Gun Wave Gun Weapon Shoots a slow wave in front of the ship. The wave becomes wider as it moves.
Ion Cannon Ion Cannon Weapon An upgraded Ion Gun, firing six colour-changing bullets per shot instead of four red and orange bullets. Each bullet also does more damage. The bullets start yellow,and change to green,then a light blue.
Super Cannon Super Cannon Weapon An upgraded Heavy Cannon, firing a blue Heavy Cannon bullet with two small versions at its side. Each bullet also does more damage.
Nuke Nuke Weapon Does damage to everything on-screen, but leaves remains behind. It is used the moment it is obtained, and does not affect the weapon used at the time.
Phase Shield Phase Shield Shield Temporarily causes your ship to be completely unaffected by any enemies (or powerups). Restores your shield to 100%.
Invulnerability Invulnerability Shield Shield Temporarily prevents all damage to your ship. Restores your shield to 100%. There is a short period of invulnerability at the start of each session.
Phoenix Device Phoenix Device Shield Temporarily causes short range flames to surround your ship, killing most enemies quickly. Restores your shield to 100%.
Flame Cannon Flame Cannon Weapon The Flame Cannon uses a powerful, fast, short range attack to hurt the enemies. It can easily destroy anything, but affects turning negatively. It is also a rare for it to appear.
Lightning Gun Lightning Gun Weapon A powerful, fast weapon that causes lightning strikes in the area immediately ahead of you.
Mega Laser Mega Laser Weapon The Mega Laser fires a slow, medium-sized laser straight ahead of the ship. It is the most powerful weapon in the game, but destroys power-ups rapidly.

Starting Weapons

If the game is loaded from certain levels, the player may start with a different gun. The higher the level, the better the starting gun.

Level Starting Weapon
1-10 Normal Gun
11-20 Tri Gun
21-30 Bounce Gun
31-40 Ion Gun
41-50 Heavy Cannon


Total Achievements: 14
Total Orb Coins: 46
Total Orb Points: 4600
[Secret Achievements] | [Hidden Achievements] [Halloween Achievements]

Image Name Requirement Orb Points Orb Coins Members? Sorter
Crazy Pilot Crazy Pilot

Reach level 10 picking up no shields

300 3 No AG
Fireball Fireball

Earn 1000 points in phoenix mode

200 2 Yes AB
Fusion Gunner Fusion Gunner

Complete 5 levels with mega laser

200 2 Yes AE
Golden Beamer Golden Beamer

Complete 5 levels with lightning gun

200 2 Yes AD
High Spirits High Spirits

Collect 20 sensor ghosts in one game during Hallowe'en

100 1 Yes AN
Insane Pilot Insane Pilot

Reach level 20 picking up no shields

500 5 Yes AH
Master of Arms Master of Arms

Collect all weapons in 1 sitting

500 5 Yes AF
Plasma Gunner Plasma Gunner

Complete 5 levels with the flame cannon

200 2 Yes AC
Shard Annihilator Shard Annihilator

Reach level 50 from level 1

1000 10 Yes AK
Shard Destroyer Shard Destroyer

Reach level 10 from level 1

200 2 No AI
Shard Fighter Shard Fighter

Destroy 20 alien ships

200 2 Yes AL
Shard Obliterator Shard Obliterator

Reach level 30 from level 1

500 5 Yes AJ
Shard Warrior Shard Warrior

Destroy 10 alien spinners

300 3 Yes AM
Super Gunner Super Gunner

Complete 5 levels with super cannon

200 2 Yes AA
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  • When Level 6 is reached,the blue objects may look like the Yellow Orb in the Runescape minigame,Great Orb Project.

The resemblance between the two