Genre Action
Release 27th February 2008
Multi-player No

Torquing! is a single-player platform game released on 27th February 2008, the release date of FunOrb.


A player must roll a hamster around a set of increasingly challenging courses, collecting sunflower seeds on your way to the exit. There are a variety of obstacles and deadly traps that the player must evade to make it through to the finish and guide the hamster to safety.


Logo Number Name Description Number of Levels Number of Power-Ups
Torq1Logo 1 Nursery Slopes Roll for Victory! 3 17
Torq2Logo 2 Squared Away A Square Route for Everything! 5 31
Torq3Logo 3 Next Steps Step Lightly and Carry a Big Parachute! 5 46
4 Straight and Narrow Breaking the Rule Might Be Worth It... Or Not! 5 55
5 Amazing Time Might Not Be On Your Side! 5 108
Torq6Logo 6 Circuitous Route Round and Round, Up and Down! 5 51
Torq7Logo 7 Bombing Along Things That Make You Go Boom! 5 35
Torq8Logo 8 Leap of Faith Look Before You Leap!? Boring! 5 73


Image Item Description
TorqSeed White Sunflower Seed Gives a score bonus. Different colours award different scores.
TorqTime Brown Hourglass Gives extra time. Different colours award different times.
TorqSpikes Spikes These improve the hamster's grip.
TorqGyro Gyroscope Instantly stops the hamster from spinning when 'Insert' or 'Ctrl' is pressed. Can be used to brake.
TorqRotate Rotate Rotates the terrain by 90 degrees. Can have positive or negative effects.
TorqLetter T Letters Spells "TORQUING". Collect all for a 2x score multiplier. Each letter is worth 1000 points
TorqSkin Soccer Skins One skin is found in each world. Disappears if the player dies or completes the world. Each skin is worth 1000 points
TorqBomb Bomb Explodes on contact. Kills the hamster.
TorqShield Shield Allows the hamster to survive one bomb. However, the bomb will still cause the hamster to be knocked into the air.
TorqExit Exit The goal of each level: to bring the hamster here.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds come in 4 different colours. Each colour has different score bonuses.

Image Colour Score Given
TorqSeed Orange Orange 200 or 250
TorqSeed White White 25, 50, 100 or 500
TorqSeed Gold Gold 750 or 1000



A cluster of hourglasses from level 5-5

Hourglasses come in 7 different colours. Each colour has different time bonuses.

Image Colour Extra Time Given in Seconds
TorqTime Black Black 1, 2 or 5
TorqTime White White 10
TorqTime Brown Brown 15
TorqTime Red Red 20
TorqTime Blue Blue 25
TorqTime Green Green 30
TorqTime Gold Gold 45


Each letter is worth 1,000 points. Regardless of the red letter images shown, they will cycle colours.

Image Letter World Level
TorqLetter T T 2 3
TorqLetter O O 3 2
TorqLetter R R 4 1
TorqLetter Q Q 5 3
TorqLetter U U 6 1
TorqLetter I I 7 2
TorqLetter N N 8 1
TorqLetter G G 8 4


If you die whilst using a special skin found on a level, it will be lost and you will return to using the normal hamster skin. Also, if you complete a world, you will also revert to the normal hamster skin.

Image Skin World Level
TorqSkin Default Default Skin Default
TorqSkin Tennis Tennis Ball 1 3
TorqSkin Soccer Soccer Ball 2 4
TorqSkin Marble Marble 3 5
TorqSkin Bearing Ball Bearing 4 4
TorqSkin Apple Green Apple 5 4
TorqSkin Atom Atom 6 3
TorqSkin Beach Beach Ball 7 4
TorqSkin FunOrb FunOrb Plasma Ball 8 5


Image Surface Description
TorqSurface Standard Standard Not bouncy at all. Good grip.
TorqSurface Ice Icy Has no grip at all unless the hamster has spikes.
TorqSurface Polished Polished Less grip than most surfaces.
TorqSurface Bouncy1 Fairly Bouncy You will bounce a little when you hit it.
TorqSurface Bouncy2 Very Bouncy You will bounce off it at the same speed you hit it.
TorqSurface Bouncy3 Insanely Bouncy You will bounce off it faster than when you hit it.

Level Guide: Free Worlds

World 1: Nursery Slopes

Torq1-1 Torq1-2 Torq1-3

Level 1: Look out for Level Exit; Extra Time; Score Bonus

Level 2: Try the slippery slopes surfaces with and without spikes. Spikes give you a better grip.

Level 3: Try jumping onto each of the bouncy surfaces. Gyroscope acts as a brake when you hold CTRL or INS. Notes: The tennis ball skin is on this level.

World 2: Squared Away

Torq2-1 Torq2-2 Torq2-3 Torq2-4 Torq2-5

Level 1: Follow the green brick road. Notes: It is possible to jump from the hamster's starting position up to the finishing flag, though it is quite difficult to do.

Level 2: Mind the gap. Notes: You can jump using enter or space. If you misjudge jumping over a tree, you could be knocked off course.

Level 3: Look out for: (T) The first letter needed to spell TORQUING for a big bonus.

Level 4: In for a bumpy ride. Notes: The football skin is on this level.

Level 5: Time to step it up a bit. Notes: It's possible to complete this level without using enter or space to jump, but it's not easy.

Level Guide: Member-only Worlds

World 3: Next Steps

Torq3-1 Torq3-2 Torq3-3 Torq3-4 Torq3-5

Level 1: Take the high road.

Level 2: Kill your speed, not your hamster. Notes: The letter O is on this level. The level "tag" is a reference to a UK road safety slogan.

Level 3: Get ready to roll. Notes: There's a difficult shortcut from the bottom of the first slope straight to the exit. The section where the path is on a slant can be crossed by moving along it at a moderate speed and tapping up when you come close to falling off.

Level 4: Life has its ups and downs. The ice mountain mainly has ups. Notes: Be careful when jumping to ensure that you're not touching a vertical wall, or you might jump away from that rather than the horizontal surface.

Level 5: Twist and shout! Notes: The marble skin is on this level. Collecting the hourglass and 1000 point sunflower seed near the exit is very hard: the key seems to be to go out along the left edge and return along the right.

World 4: Straight and Narrow

Torq4-1 Torq4-2 Torq4-3 Torq4-4 Torq4-5

Level 1: Greet sage: reggae set gets eager. Notes: The letter R is on this level, although it's not easy to find. There is a hint in the level...

Level 2: More holes than a piece of Swiss cheese. Notes: The narrowest level in the game. The level can be easily completed by holding the up button, then holding down the jump button just before falling through the first hole.

Level 3: Flying is something / Hamsters never learned to do / Too late to learn now

Level 4: Look out for: Bomb. Try not to hit these. Notes: The ball bearing skin is on this level.

Level 5: Maybe it's time to hire a stunt double?

World 5: Amazing

Torq5-1 Torq5-2 Torq5-3 Torq5-4 Torq5-5

Level 1: Balancing acts can be strangely rewarding... Notes: The Knife-edge skillster achievement can be obtained on this level.

Level 2: Control is the name of the game. Notes: This level is unique in having no normal surfaces at all.

Level 3: A question of priorities. Notes: The letter Q is on this level.

Level 4: Check that your oxygen tanks are full... Notes: The apple skin is on this level.

Level 5: What goes down can't go back up. Notes: This level holds the record for the number of hourglasses, but they're quite hard to get to.

World 6: Circuitous Route

Torq6-1 Torq6-2 Torq6-3 Torq6-4 Torq6-5

Level 1: It's good to torque. Notes: The level "tag" is a pun on a British Telecom slogan. The letter U is on this level. To collect all of the powerups it's necessary to be fairly skilful with the gyroscope.

Level 2: Slalom in a half-pipe. Notes: With the exception of the first one (2 seconds), the hourglasses on this level give you only 1 second.

Level 3: Twice upon a time, there was a little spiral... Notes: The atom skin is on this level. The level "tag" appears to reflect an intention that to collect the skin and complete the level you would have to go round twice, but it is in fact possible to collect the skin without falling back to the start.

Level 4: Sometimes one spiral just isn't enough...

Level 5: Jump! Notes: "X marks the spot" from which to roll left to reach the exit.

World 7: Bombing Along

Torq7-1 Torq7-2 Torq7-3 Torq7-4 Torq7-5

Level 1: Beware: unexploded ordnance.

Level 2: Look out for: Shield. Each shield you collect allows you to survive one bomb explosion. Notes: The letter I is on this level, on the far side of the bomb arrow.

Level 3: What do you get when you cross a bomb with a trampoline?

Level 4: Explosions may be hazardous to your health. Notes: The beach ball skin is on this level.

Level 5: Look out for: Rotate the world.

World 8: Leap of Faith

Torq8-1 Torq8-2 Torq8-3 Torq8-4 Torq8-5

Level 1: Will you fall for it? Notes: The letter N is on this level.

Level 2: Now recruiting for an experienced bouncer.

Level 3: Adverse camber.

Level 4: The shortcut that wasn't. Notes: The letter G is on this level.

Level 5: So near, yet so far. Notes: The FunOrb plasma ball skin is on this level.


Total Achievements: 17
Total Orb Coins: 62
Total Orb Points: 6200
[Secret Achievements] | [Hidden Achievements] [Halloween Achievements]

Image Name Requirement Orb Points Orb Coins Members? Sorter
Diviner of Secrets Diviner of Secrets

Collect 'TORQUING'

500 5 Yes AM
Expert Explorer Expert Explorer

Complete the first three worlds

200 2 Yes AB
Expert Hoarder Expert Hoarder

Collect all the powerups in the first two worlds

100 1 No AJ
Extreme Explorer Extreme Explorer

Complete the game

500 5 Yes AD
Ghostlit Ghostlit

Collect all of the glowing pumpkins during the Halloween season

400 4 Yes AQ
Hoarder Hoarder

Collect 80% of the powerups in the first two worlds

100 1 No AI
Junior Explorer Junior Explorer

Complete the first two worlds

100 1 No AA
Junior Torquester Junior Torquester

Complete the first five worlds without dying

500 5 Yes AG
Knife-Edge Skillster Knife-Edge Skillster

Do the knife-edge jump

200 2 Yes AO
Master Explorer Master Explorer

Complete the first five worlds

300 3 Yes AC
Master Hoarder Master Hoarder

Collect 80% of the powerups in the first four worlds

200 2 Yes AK
Master Survivor Master Survivor

Complete the first three worlds without dying

300 3 Yes AF
Order of the Golden Torque Order of the Golden Torque

Complete the game without dying, collecting 'TORQUING' en route

1000 10 Yes AP
Skin Artist Skin Artist

Collect all skins

300 3 Yes AN
Survivor Survivor

Complete any non-tutorial world without dying

200 2 No AE
Torquester Torquester

Complete the game without dying

1000 10 Yes AH
Virtuoso Hoarder Virtuoso Hoarder

Collect all the powerups in the first four worlds

300 3 Yes AL
All information for these achievements is stored on their respective pages, along with walkthroughs and tips for many of them. So, if you notice a mistake, or have a good strategy, go there!

Did you notice a missing achievement? You can help the FunOrb Wiki by making a page for it. Simply type the achievement name in this box to make a page for it.


  • Upon release anyone who achieved the Knife-edge Skillster achievement lost it after they logged out. Jagex confirmed the problem fixed on 2nd April 2008. Similar problem appeared with Order of the Golden Torque, but it was fixed immediately.
  • This was the only game to have an achievement that is worth 4 orb coins, until the release of Kickabout League.
  • The sound when you collect hourglass is reused in Arcanists for Cuckoo clock spell.
  • Torquing! is in the same genre as Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball.
  • The skins for the hamster may have been reused in Kickabout League as default balls for different types of pitches or cheats that change the ball.
  • Torquing! is arguably the hardest game to play on Funorb. It also boasts (also arguably) the hardest achievement to get, Order of the Golden Torque.