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Zombie Dawn
Zombie Dawn.png
Genre Strategy
Release April 23, 2008
Multi-player No

Zombie Dawn is a puzzle/strategy game released on 23rd April 2008. Players take the role of a Zombie Overlord, who commands zombies to go around and assimilate humans, turning them into zombies as well. On 1st April 2009, an expansion for the game titled "Zombie Dawn:The UK Levels" was released, which takes place in London, England. There is also a sequel entitled: Zombie Dawn Multiplayer: Fight of the living dead.

List of Levels

ZD DC Icon.PNG Washington D.C. Levels
The Mall
1 Introduction 2 Lower Mall 3 Sports Store 4 Supermarket 5 Upper Mall 6 The Cinema 7 Bonus Level
Power Plant
1 Power Plant 2 Main Reactor 3 Nuclear Waste Zone 4 Lower Offices 5 Backup Generator 6 Laboratory 7 Bonus Level
Police Precinct
1 Police Precinct 2 Archives 3 Holding Cells 4 Cafeteria 5 Fifth Floor 6 Jailbreak 7 Bonus Level
White House
1 The White House 2 Press Conference 3 Ballroom 4 Rose Garden 5 Situation Room 6 The West Wing 7 The End
ZD London Icon.PNG London Levels
Terminal 5
1 Touchdown 2 Baggage Claim 3 Ground Crew 4 Immigration 5 Duty Free Mauling 6 Arrivals 7 Bonus Level
1 Into the Woods 2 Scout Camp 3 Riverside 4 Hunting Ground 5 Cornfields 6 The Farm 7 Bonus Level
The Labs
1 Lab Entrance 2 Lab Offices 3 Databanks 4 Test Chamber 5 Containment Cells 6 Security Control 7 Bonus Level
The Palace
1 Main Gate 2 Hallways 3 Panic Room 4 Royal Ballroom 5 Servant Quarters 6 Throne Room 7 The End


  • Left Mouse Button (On zombie): Select zombie/Use Power Up on Zombie (While Power Up is selected)
  • Left Mouse Button (On map): Send selected zombies to the cursor/Use Power Up (While Power Up is selected)
  • Left Mouse Button (On Power Up): Select Power Up
  • Left Mouse Button (Hold down and drag): Creates a box around several zombies, allowing you to select more than one.
  • Right Mouse Button: Unselect zombie(s)
  • Right Mouse Button (Hold down and drag): Move camera
  • Arrow Keys: Move camera
  • W, A, S, D: Move camera
  • Shift + Left Click: Selects a zombie. Click on different zombies to select them all
  • Ctrl + A: Select all zombies on the map
  • 'Z' 'X' 'C' 'V' 'B' 'N' 'M' ',': Select Power Up
  • Esc: Pause Menu


When taken, power-ups are shown on the bottom of the screen. To activate them, the player must click on the power-up, then on the chosen target.

Icon Name Effect
Detonate Explodes the selected zombie, causing nearby windows, doors and any zombie standing in the way to be destroyed. Also knocks down humans, making them unable to move or shoot, but they still have to be assimilated.
Speed Doubles the movement speed of the selected zombie
Disguise Wears a disguise to blend in with the environment, causing humans not to move or shoot. It loses its effect after the disguised zombie assimilates 1 human. Male zombies put on a trenchcoat and hat, while female zombies are disguised as trees.
Screech Generates a sonic scream for 15 seconds to scare humans, making them unable to move or shoot. While screeching, a zombie cannot move. The scream goes through walls. Does not affect soldiers.
Phantom Creates a ghostly imprint of the selected zombie where it is currently standing. The phantom cannot be interacted with by the play in any way, but they will scare people like normal zombies. The zombie will also lose the disguise it has if it is equipped with it.
Tough Allows the selected zombie to survive two bullet hits or explosions and allows them to run through constant laser beams once.
Meltdown Melts the selected zombie into a puddle of goo that slows humans who run through it. Does not affect other zombies.
Curse Instantly turns a chosen enemy into a zombie.

UK only power-ups

Icon Name Effect
Quake Tremors from underneath knock down all humans on the level for about 10 seconds, while also shattering any glass windows and doors to smithereens. Found in all the Terminal 5 levels except for Immigration and the bonus level.
Zombie Dawn Miasma.png
Miasma Creates a barrier of acidic gas which zombies and humans cannot move or see through.
Fear Instil fear into your enemies! Any zombie affected by this power-up will cause anybody, even the bravest security guard, run in fear. Trembling and shaking, they won't even be able to shoot you. Does not affect soldiers.
Shockwave A supersonic blast, throwing absolutely everybody nearby off their feet for a while. It can also break down doors and windows. They might also get tossed around a bit. A so called adult version of quake.
Breach Bring down the walls! Let your zombies reach new areas by dissolving the walls. Seen only in the level Databanks, Test Chamber and Security Control only.
Shackles Oh, the sins... Slow your enemies down with the weight of their past deeds and just as your conscience is eternal, this power-up never wears off! Seen in the level Into the Woods and the levels that follow


Image Name Points Description
Mallrat 10-15 Basic human; easy to assimilate if cornered. Can be found anywhere.
Bat Man + Bag Girl.PNG
Bat Man/Bag Girl 20 Can knock back zombies who come near them, but can only knock back one zombie at a time. Can be found anywhere.
Gangster 25 Carry low-ammo, inaccurate guns and only shoot if cornered. Only four appear in the entire game: two each in Washington D.C. (the Mall, level 6) and London (the Palace, level 3). The Gangster with a cap wets his pants when he runs out of ammunition and the other gangster cries when she runs out of ammunition.
Scientist 15-25 Similar to Mallrats, but run even slower. Only appears in the Power Plant (US) and The Labs (UK). Some also appear in the second level of the Police Precinct and Terminal 5.
Police 40 Similar to gangsters, but have higher accuracy and more ammo; also, they will fire a few shots before running away. Mainly appear in Police Precinct but can be found in Power Plant. In the UK levels, they are found throughout. Also, police in the UK levels will only shoot when cornered and will run when they see your zombies except for patrolling police. More are in each level in hard mode in the UK levels. The fat policeman will take off his hat and cry when he runs out of bullets. The other police officer will panic like in a screech power up. Police will run out of bullets commonly in Jailbreak (Precinct - Level 6).
Detective 50 Similar to police, but have more ammo and run much faster. Only appears in Police Precinct in the US levels, but appears quite often in UK levels.
Men in Black.png
Men in Black 70 Are not afraid of zombies (they still run away from zombies and drop their guns and bite their nails when they hear screech), fire fast, run very quickly, and carry a lot of bullets. Appear mostly in White House but can be found in the last non-bonus level of Power Plant. Many are found in the Lab levels in the UK.
Soldier 0 * Only spawn on time-limited missions; when the time hits zero, they throw a grenade through a trapdoor on the level, killing nearby zombies, before climbing out with rapid-fire machine guns (possibly M16s); it is virtually impossible to complete many levels if they start to appear. Even if you do manage to kill all of them they just respawn. In the White House and UK levels, they will shoot disguised zombies. Only Curse, Miasma, Shackles and Meltdown can affect them.
Washington D.C. Only
Turret Soldier.png
Soldier on Turret 0 * Appears only in the Police Precinct Bonus Level, guarding the White House's front door alongside 2 Men in Black. Stands on a large, fixed machine gun that highly rapidly shoots bullets at zombies, similar to the Queen in the final cutscene of the UK set. Does not give the "Bullet Catcher" achievement.
London Only
ZD Suit People.png
Suit People 25 Suit People are similar to Mallrats, but are worth more points and run slightly faster.
ZD Hunter.png
Hunters 70 Only found in the Countryside levels. Hunters can hear your zombies moving through the woods. They will chase you down and destroy you if they can. Hunters will run as fast as MiB and shoot as fast as MiB too.
ZD Grenadier.png
Grenadiers 500 Only found in the Palace levels. Grenadiers will fire exploding rounds that are powerful enough to blast up to 26 zombies. As shown in the first Palace level, even one is capable of wiping out 100+ zombies. They do not run away.
End Victims
Zombie Dawn President.PNG
The President Normal: 600
Hard: 1000
Carries two pistols. Seen only in Washington D.C.'s final level.
ZD Queen.png
The Queen Uses a gattling gun. Seen only in London's final level.

Rivals (UK only)

Image Name Description
ZD Mutant Strains.png
Mutant Strains From the Countryside levels onwards, you will find rival zombie teams, known as Mutant Strains, just like Zombie Dawn Multiplayer. They take humans, just like you would, and if too many humans are taken by them you won't be able to complete the level. Certain survivors, such as guards, detectives, and MIB can kill them for you. Luckily, they can't pick up power-ups. Sometimes Mutant Strains are just decoration, like in the Test Chamber.
ZD Alien Cage.png Aliens During the Lab levels, you will also encounter aliens. They can be found in containment boxes with a yellow striped danger zone marked out in front of them. They will grab one human - or one of your own zombies - at a time, if they pass the yellow zone. This will mean one less human you can feed your zombies with. If you aren't careful, your zombies might go hungry. Not that they have working stomachs... Note that on the fifth level of Labs, there is a large yellow alien cage that contains two aliens. Be careful around there so that you don't lose too many zombies or humans to it.


Total Achievements: 32
Total Orb Coins: 111
Total Orb Points: 11100
[Secret Achievements] | [Hidden Achievements] [Halloween Achievements]

Image Name Requirement Orb Points Orb Coins Members? Sorter
Legless.png Legless

Get a score of at least 2,000

100 1 No AA
Mostly Armless.png Mostly Armless

Get a score of 5,000

200 2 No AB
Braaaains.png Braaaains

Get a score of 10,000

300 3 No AC
American Consumer.png American Consumer

Assimilate all 250 humans on the Mall bonus level.

500 5 No AD
Undead End.png Undead End

Get 50 zombies across the road on the Powerplant bonus level

500 5 No AE
Re-Animator.png Re-Animator

Assimilate all the humans on the Precinct bonus level

300 3 No AF
Bullet Catcher.png Bullet Catcher

Assimilate an army soldier

500 5 No AG
Soul Collector.png Soul Collector

Complete the basic game

500 5 No AH
Plague Spreader.png Plague Spreader

Complete the Mall

100 1 No AI
Generation Z.png Generation Z

Complete the Powerplant on Hard

300 3 No AJ
Assault on Precinct 15.png Assault on Precinct 15

Complete the Precinct on Hard

500 5 No AK
The Stench of Corruption.png The Stench of Corruption

Complete the White House on Hard

1000 10 No AL
Pumpkin Eater.png Pumpkin Eater

Consume 100 pumpkin-heads in a single game during Halloween

500 5 No AM
No Heart, No Foul.png No Heart, No Foul

Get a score of at least 16,661

500 5 No AN
There and Back Again.png There and Back Again

Stealthily retrieve the Quake and Speed powerups in Touchdown, in that order, using the same zombie

200 2 Yes AO
My Feet are Killing Me.png My Feet are Killing Me

No Pain, No Gain. Keep your zombies healthy through excercise.

100 1 Yes AP
Stamp Collecting.png Stamp Collecting

Get through the Terminal 5 bonus level with more than 400 zombies

300 3 Yes AQ
The Blanks of Their Eyes.png The Blanks of Their Eyes

Zombify all the hunters in Hunting Grounds

300 3 Yes AR
Into the Barn.png Into the Barn

Herd at least 120 humans into the barn in the Countryside bonus level

300 3 Yes AS
I Know a Shortcut.png I Know a Shortcut

Open all doors in the Labs Entrance within 2 minutes

200 2 Yes AT
Fat Alien.png Fat Alien

Feed 20 victims (not including enemy zombies) to aliens in a single level

200 2 Yes AU
Running Zombie.png Running Zombie

Get out of the Labs bonus level in less than one minute

300 3 Yes AW
Insider Information.png Insider Information

Open the doors to the Palace

100 1 Yes AX
Long Live the Queen.png Long Live the Queen

Take over the Palace

500 5 Yes AY
Zombie Plane.png Zombie Plane

Complete Terminal 5 on Hard

200 2 Yes AZ
Zombie Pigs.png Zombie Pigs

Complete Countryside on Hard

300 3 Yes BA
Zombie Helix.png Zombie Helix

Complete the Labs on Hard

500 5 Yes BB
Zombie Throne.png Zombie Throne

Complete the Palace on Hard

1000 10 Yes BC
London Calling.png London Calling

"I hope Mr. Harris got to say his goodbyes."

200 2 Yes BD
In Through the Back Door.png In Through the Back Door

"Doris should really stop placing powerups in the oven."

200 2 Yes BE
They're Hiding Under the Stairs.png They're Hiding Under the Stairs

"Miss Potter thought she would be safe in there."

200 2 Yes BF
Alien Revenge.png Alien Revenge

Feed a man in black to an alien

200 2 Yes AV

All information for these achievements is stored on their respective pages, along with walkthroughs and tips for many of them. So, if you notice a mistake, or have a good strategy, go there!

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  • The portraits of previous Presidents, such as Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, are randomly spread around the White House levels.
  • On the Mall level "The Cinema", if you put sound on and turn the music off you can hear that the sound effects in the cinema are from another FunOrb game Dr Phlogiston Saves the Earth.
  • Until March 2009, you could keep assimilating soldiers for 100 points each. Soldiers are no longer worth points.
  • On the Security Control level, in the southern room full of humans, there are what appear to be pulse maggots from the game TerraPhoenix contained in test jars.
  • The news post announcing the UK levels began, "Never mind the British, here's the zombies," in apparent reference to the Sex Pistols' album "Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols". Alternatively, it may be a reference to the common cry "The British are coming!".
  • If you turn off the music but leave the sound on in Terminal 5, you can hear what seems to be a person talking over the intercom (which is heard as mumbling), followed by some screaming and then being assimilated.
  • The Turret Soldier's minigun on the Precinct Bonus Level used to be invisible, only the tripod is visible but now you can now see his gun.
  • On the 1st of April 2009, free players were given full access to the Washington levels and London levels were an expansion for members.
  • When the UK Expansion was added, in the trailer on the Home Page, in the Flight Listings scene, the flight number for London was "ZD666". "ZD", could stand for "Zombie Dawn", whilst "666" was the symbol for the Devil. The terminal was called "Terminal 13" and the time of departure was "13:13", "13" is seen as an unlucky number.
  • In the UK expansion release trailer, one of the Flight Listings was a flight to Havana, despite the fact that travel from New York to Cuba is prohibited.
  • In the very first level, one of the cars is the A-Team van.
  • Most/all levels in the Palace have portraits of Zombies reaching for the queen.